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    A Specific Purpose Comes From The Heart

    in Self Help

    We all have a purpose in life and we hear so much about finding our purpose. There is a general purpose and a specific purpose that we all have to carry out. Tune in and get more information. Also, get ready to give your opinion as you listen to "What's Up With That?".   While preparing for success take the time to discover your specific purpose in life.  Increase comes when we fall in line with our greatest purpose in life. Learn how to add high impact to your goal setting.  Get the book to follow along and participate.  Finally, set goals that are clear and achieveable.  Repeat show with information to plan for 2015.

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    100 *specific* Ways To Get An Organized Home + Meredith, Founder of Toola

    in Lifestyle

    I don't know anyone who doesn't want to be more organized, less cluttered & better at staying that way. Whether it's keeping the family calendar, or keeping the car clean, it's always a struggle, especially for busy moms (with a TypeA personality). Who me?

    So what do we do now? Well I've listed 100 *specific* Ways To Get An Organized Home on the blog today and we learned solid tips from our #MommyMonday Twitter Chat earlier. Now let's put it into a listen-when-you-can show. I know I don't NEED another magazine or bunch of scrap-papers.. Even bookmarks on my browser or saved emails that I want to get to some day. 

    Tonight's podcast on 100 *specific* Ways To Get An Organized Home will be here for us all to revisit anytime, PLUS I'm scooping one of my fave items you are allowed to bring into the house from our friend Meredith of ToolaStyle.com We need to cut back on the junk, and add more items that multi-task & keep us on top of things, instead of feelign burried underneath them.

    For the entire list to share with friends & some of my personal tips with links & pics, go to the blog now--> The Curve by Kristin Cruz & iHeart Moms

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    K9 Konversations - Breed Specific Legislation is not just a problem in the US

    in Pets

    Imagine if you were subject to all kind of restrictions when you went out in public simply because of your race color or religion. Would you rebel and say "why should I wear handcuffs and leg irons in public when I have done nothing wrong?" I know I would! Well my friend, if you would rebel, if you would stand up and say "that simply isn't right!" then you are against BSL! What is BSL you may ask? Well, during today's show we will be discussing BSL (Breed Specific Legislation, also known as Breed Discriminatory Legislation.) and why this type of law is problem legislation. BSL laws are not just a problem in the US, they are a problem globally.  

    Some countries have significantly tighter restrictions on certain breeds of dogs than the restrictions we see in the US and Canada.  We'll be looking at those restrictions, how they affect dog owners, and how we can all work together to overcome this blatant discrimination of dog breeds that is based purely in ignorance.  As always, please feel free to join the conversation by calling (646) 716-6583.

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    Guidelines for Knowing the Will of God for a Specific Situation Part 1

    in Christianity

    The following is an objective approach to hearing from the Lord concerning specific issues. Knowing you have consistently followed certain steps often takes the emotion and doubt out of going to the Lord and increases our confidence that we have truly heard from Him.

    1. Acknowledge and remind yourself of your spiritual identity in Christ. Who you truly are, a spirit being, already knows the answer to whatever your question is!

    2. Review the central means of guidance in the previous series, “General Methods of Guidance according to Grace.”

    3. DO THE RESEARCH! Seeking divine guidance is not a way to get out of your decision-making responsibilities.

    4. Decide what YOU want to do. You can’t submit your desires to God until you “own” them; you can’t truly give to God something that doesn’t belong to you.

    5. Adjust your beliefs and expectations until you can take an objective stance regarding the issue. It’s difficult to hear from the Lord when we already have an opinion.

    6. Ask specific questions. Having done your research and self-evaluation, phrase the issue into specific questions, rather than asking the Lord general questions.

    7. Establish a time frame for when you need an answer; by noon on Thursday, for example. Be realistic, and develop an expectation of His response.

    8. Set aside time specifically to wait on the Lord regarding the issue.

    9. When your deadline comes, if you have specifically heard from the Lord, acknowledge the direction specifically. If you haven’t heard specifically, go ahead and make a decision!

    10. Set a final deadline. Wait on the Lord, giving Him an opportunity to change your mind. “Lord, tomorrow I’m going to accept that position. If you don’t want me to, let me know.”

    11. Act on your decision, taking responsibility for the guidance received.

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    "BSL" Breed Specific Vs Breed Neutral Legislation

    in Education

    Breed Specific Vs Breed Neutral Legislation

    Your host: Michelle, Chris & Barbie

    Featured Guest Speaker: Jeff Theman Producer/Director of "Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent"

    What is a breed-specific law (BSL)?

    What kinds of dogs are included in these laws?

    Why not just enforce the laws we already have?

    What are the most common types of breed-specific laws?

    How does a city enforce a breed-specific law?

    Call in with your questions, suggestions & comments. (347) 215-8016

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    The Hot Spot (Is Domestic Violence Gender Specific)

    in Entertainment

    With the recent leak of NFL player's Ray Rice domestic violence video, opinions are all over the place. Social media has a lot to say and so does the team at iCandi Radio. Join us on The Hot Spot as we discuss Ray Rice's consequences, the video, theNFL, and most importantly, domestic violence. Is domestic violence gender specific or does it apply to all genders? 


    Hotstedbt Coah Ced, MsiCandi, Ms Mocha & More


    7:00pm est

    Thursday Sept 11, 2014

    Call in number 619-393-2813

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    "Discovering Your Specific Purpose" (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

    in Christianity

    Purpose. Lots of people talk about it these days. For some, it has become a buzz word they simply tune out. We encourage you instead to tune in to discovering what you were specifically created to do with your life. Yes, specific just to you. There’s a difference between a “general calling” for all humanity and a “specific calling” for each of us. Have you discovered your specific purpose – your divine assignment? Do you know who you truly are?

    In this episode, Jory and co-host Jennifer Miller discuss how to realize what it means to have purpose in your life. They also explore different ways to tap into your purpose, no matter your stage of life or how far you feel you’ve wandered off-course. Learn how to know if you’re on track with the life God created specifically and uniquely for you and how to make the years to come joyfully on-purpose.

    Jennifer Miller is a Christian pastor, counselor, and author who has dedicated her career to helping individuals, couples, and families strengthen their faith and their relationships.

    Her new book, “No Longer Two: A Guide to How God Created Men, Women, and Marriage,” available on Amazon, is a compilation of all the wisdom she has gained and shared over the years on what truly makes relationships work.

    In addition to teaching and writing on marriage and family topics, she serves as the Co-Executive Director of The Center for Living Well, a nonprofit Christian wellness ministry, based in Phoenix, Arizona with divisions in Canada and Michigan.

    Learn more about Jennifer at www.nolonger2.com and www.centerforlivingwell.org.

    [Solo Piano by David Nevue]

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    Should There Be Specific Sales Training Just for Minorities?

    in Culture

    This will probably be one of the craziest shows I've done in a long time. I was presented with a question the other day, but in reality, it was a hypothesis, that minorities need a different type of sales training to be successful.

    As some of you already know, I'm always listening to what people say.  My first response to the question was "why would say this?" So I left the conversation shaking my head.

    I want to hear what you have to say about this subject.

    First, the sales industry is not for everyone to begin with. So why would someone say that minorities are a subset of an industry where the majority of people do not like sales?

    Second, a sales concept is not black, white, Latin, or Asian. Why does sales training need to be conceptualized uniquely for minorities?

    What would this alternate, conceptualize sales training include?

    Let's talk about this subject.

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    Very Specific Premier League Predictions, Part One

    in Soccer

    Daryl and Taylor make some very specific predictions about the upcoming EPL season.

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    Q&A: Questions about specific shows or The Neighborhood Platform itself

    in Writing

    Questions about a specific show or post? Plot twist needs further discussion or source of inspiration? Or questions about The Neighborhood platform itself? Collaborations or selection and use of artists' songs and visual art? Q&A is the show for you. 

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    Stopping Breed-Specific Legislation Against Pit Bull Type Dogs

    in Pets

    On this week's PittieChat, we'll have special guest Kris from the website Stop BSL. Kris will talk to us about why breed-specific legislation (BSL) is ineffective, current BSL policies and how pitbull parents and dog lovers can combat it. Questions can be tweeted to us @PittieChatRadio or called in at 347-989-0974.

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