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    Esoterically Speaking -- Saturn enters Sagittarius part 2

    in Spirituality

    Join astrologer Shellie Enteen for another look at the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius, including the effects on each Sun Sign and Ascendant. This show is a continuation of information from the Weekly Astro-Forecast from Dec. 22 which is in the archives. Please listen to that show for more information.  

    Shellie is an Interfaith Rev and has practised astrology for over 30 years. She can be found on Facebook via her Astralessence and her Esoterically Speaking Network pages where you can contact her for more information about her spiritual services. More can be found on her website, www.astralessence.com, on the Forecast/News page.



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    Personality Speaking Radio Show - "Ask Karen"

    in Relationships

    Personality Speaking radio show presents "Ask Karen" with Karen Ward - Certified Personality Trainer. This segment gives you an opportunity to ask your personality related questions pertaining to relationships. This week we will talk about anything that is on your mind. I will also discuss various topics; such as handling grief, dealing with player haters, reconciling relationships and managing conflict.

    Whitney Houston passed away Feb. 2012 and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown died July 2015.  It is difficult enough to deal with the loss of one family member but the loss of young person must be really difficult.  Call in and share your stories of grief and how your personality dealt with it.
    Are there people in your life that can't seem to be happy for you? Are they talking about you behind your back?  How does your personality handle the player haters?
    Reconciling relationships can be difficult, especially when only one of you is trying?  How are you managing the conflict in your life?

    This episode airs on Thursday, August 6, 2015 @ 8 PM EST. Get your questions ready for this thought-provoking dialogue. Call into the show on 929 477-1876 (Press 1 to comment and ask a question) or log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking to comment in our chat room.

    Personality Speaking is designed to help you to reconcile your relationships, one personality at a time. To purchase a personality assessment log onto www.beyondtwollc.com.

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    Personality Speaking "Ask Karen" segment

    in Relationships

    Are you ready for "Ask Karen".  Understanding our personalities and the personalities of others is crucial to building strong relationships.  Our relationships are important to God.  The bible says, "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you". Eph. 4:32  I will give my listening audience an opportunity to ask questions regarding "The Personalities" and relationships.  This could include relationships with your mate, children, friends, ministry, co-workers, etc.  You can log onto blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking to ask your questions in the chat room or you can call in on 929 477-1876 (Press 1 to ask your question or make a comment).  If you want to remain anonymous, you can send an email to KarenWard@beyondtwollc.com.  Whether you are having challenges or just want a better understanding of the people in your life, 60 minutes will be devoted to answer your questions and take your comments.  Personality Speaking airs every Thursday evening at 8pm EST.

    Karen Ward, Certified Personality Trainer, is available to speak and train on "The Personalities" (Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy, and Peaceful Phlegmatic) for your business, social events, ministry and retreats.  Follow me on Twitter.com/PerSpeaking and Facebook.com/PersonalitySpeaking and follow me here on blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking for future show information.

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    Prophetically Speaking w/TBM

    in Christianity

    The BIRTH of something great!

  • Prophetically Speaking w/TBM

    in Christianity

    The Assignment of birthing....

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    Prophetictically Speaking w/TBM

    in Christianity

    Today we discuss the reality of Spiritual Birthing....

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    Esoterically Speaking -- Measuring Time

    in Spirituality

    Join astrologer Rev. Shellie Enteen for a look at our beliefs about time, the seasons, and when the New Year begins. Cycles are operating within cycles and our Gregorian calendar is not the only way to time our lives.

    Shellie is an interfaith Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love and has been an astrologer and metaphysician for over 30 years. Her Weekly Astro-Forecast airs on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. You can find daily forecasts and more on her Astralessence Facebook page. BlogTalk shows are posted on the Esoterically Speaking Facebook page and you can get a free e-newsletter through her website, astralessence.com where you can also contact Shellie about her spiritual services through astrological and tarot readings.. 

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    Prophetically Speaking w/TBM

    in Christianity

    Today we continue our discussion on the Birthing place, " The Promise "

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    Prophetically Speaking w/ TBM

    in Christianity

    Prophetically Speaking with TBM

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    Prophetically Speaking w/TBM

    in Christianity

    Continuing our series on birthing, today's topic "Promise on Pause"