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    Singing For Your Soul

    in Spirituality

    Singing For Your Soul. Kimberly Harrison, M.M. will explore the wonderful world of the human voice, music, and sound healing. Learn how improving your voice for singing and speaking helps you literally raise and tune your vibrational frequency, improve health, self-confidence, and self-expression, and grow in many areas, including spirituality, creativity, emotions, finances, relationships, and life path. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    TRIP on BLAST (Vol. 2)

    in Culture

    TRiP On Blast! brings it to you LIVE and on LOCATION from the cannabis community across California and BEYOND!

    This week TRiP Boone is in Sacramento at the ORBIT show! Follow @WeedAllStatLLC on IG for the secret location & details ! This show has some of the most exclusive and best cannabis products there is to offer! From Food, to Dabs, To Flower, To Slushies! It really a site to see and an event we are happy to be apart of ! DJ Selektah Lou on the 1's & 2's bringing you the choice cutz and fresh sounds! Hope to see ya there if not tune in and be a part of the action! We will be playing a clip from a CCHI event this past summer in Berkeley where Chris Conrad, one of the contributers into the actual writing of CCHI spoke, we will replay his speach . We weill also feature some new music from Charles the 1st!

    Get Your Weight Up

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    Episode 374: Is there still Free Speech in America?

    in Politics Conservative

    How the soundbite, talking point, agenda driven liberals in America are trying to get rid of one of your fundimental rights!

    SPONSOR “If I Were A” story by Dan Clements illustrated by Lori Clements

    Why Christians Need to Love Muslims by Wes McAdams

    Even in America, You Can’t Say That! By Mick Hume at spiked-online

    Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay | Playing For Change

    Surprise speech with Ryan T. Anderson - The Cost of Equality / ACL Conference

    LGBT Activists Arm For Further War On Free Speech by Stella Morabito


    in Entrepreneur




    -EARLY MORNING PRESS! (4 Keys To Success)

    -Adveristy And Acheivement; The Wills, The Won'ts, and The Can'ts! (Enrichment Thoughts)

    -Team Huddle (Coach With A K Talks, Al Pacino Speach)


    Feel Free To Visit Us At Our Website... www.kwizmatixINK.ne



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    Have Your 10 Second Elevator Speach READY!

    in Business

    Did you know that people choose whether they are going to do business with you within the first 7 seconds? Knowing this, how important do you think your answert to 'what do you do?' is? That 10 second 'elevator speach' is everything!

    Persistent Practice Leads to Perfect Presentation

    Learn how to craft a powerful 10 second elevator speach, and when & where to use it!

    A Success Tip from professional Network Marketer, Melanie Milletics.

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    The Book of Proverbs

    in The Bible

    Bible Study

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    Tutorial & Muslim Teaching by Raheem Jones

    in The Bible

    Teaching others how to use blog talk.

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    in Entertainment

    Come KiCC it with da IM $O HOOD FAM as we talk bout da Charleston SC shooting viCtims funerals and Obama speaCh today than we going into da LATE NITE JAM wit b&Dj $ma$h so if dont got nothin to do join us tonite at 11:00 p.m-12:30 a.m ET all guest Callerz dail 516-531-9811 to join us and Call in to request a song

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    Change: What are we Afraid of?

    in Lifestyle

    President Roosevelt's famous inaugural speach stated, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself!" But many people are entagled in fear. From homes to workplace environment people resist change. Why? On today's broadcast Linda will discuss the fear of change, its symtoms and tips to help you towards recovery.

    It's Matters of the Heart Monday. Our heart affirmation for the week is: "For God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7).

    Mandate word of the Week: Transfrom - to change (something) completely and usually in a good way (See Romans 12:2)

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    #TeamChaplainShow - Healthy, Vision and Speech Awareness

    in Radio

    #TeamChaplain will discuss the importance of Healthy Vision and Speech Awareness

    http://www.fitness.gov/    President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

    May 1, 2015 - Presidential Proclamation -- National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, 2015

    May 1, 2015 - May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: A Statement from PCFSN Executive Director Shellie Pfohl

    May 1, 2015 - President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Announces 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

    Asthma Overview    


    Asthma is a disease of the lungs in which the airways become blocked or narrowed causing breathing difficulty. This chronic disease affects 25.9 million Americans. Asthma is commonly divided into two types: allergic (extrinsic) asthma and non-allergic (intrinsic) asthma. There is still much research that needs to be done to fully understand how to prevent, treat and cure asthma. But, with proper management, people can live healthy and active lives.


    American Speach Hearing Awareness For 2015, the theme is "Early Intervention Counts"


    Join Chaplain Jones, Nancy Brunett, LaShanda Lewis, Crystal Bates and Patrina Smalls on www.kgcmradio.com

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    Presidential Speach

    in Lifestyle

    We look at President Michael Sata's speach to Parliament. "The Patriotic Front government appreciates the critical role local government plays as an engine for delivering services, infrastructure and development to the local communities.

    As a signatory to the habitat agenda and the Istanbul declaration of 1996, Zambia committed herself to promoting decentralisation through democratic local authorities and strengthening their financial capacities."