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    KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS pull up with the information and slang revolution to the people. In today's society masculinity is an endangered species. The black community is crippled by a lack of strong male leadership andit's getting worse by the minute. The media tells us the we should accept homosexuality with open arms and be more tolerant, we are bombarded with homo messages, fashions and imagery. Americas natural fear of the strong heterosexual Black has turned into a never ending crusade to eliminate, eradicate or incarcerate us. There are several factors that contribute to our manhood being on the run some of which are self inflicted wounds. How do we stop this evil empire? Why does AMERICA hate the black man so much? Why won't Sherriff CLARKE shut the f#%+? up? Tune in tonight as we have an important discussion on the neutering of Black masculinity

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    WWDC, Apple makes old ideas sound like new, Net Neutrality -aka- Neutering

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    We discuss some of the gems from WWDC.

    DarkGeekious and the cyncial BigBabaRob discussing their notes from Apples WWDC Presentation

    We discuss Net Neutrality or it is Net Neutering?

    We'll also open TBG Barbershop and talking about stuff that people talk about.

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    The Rob Nugent Show -TNR - Trap,Neuter,Release....

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    Trying to curb the number of feral cats in public population by trapping, neutering and releasing the cats back into their habitat, to live out their lives. Our guests will be speaking about the numbers of cats in shelters that get euthanized every year, there are 30% more cats than dogs euthanized in the shelters. Contrary to belief , farel cats make excellent pets,we would like to educate our listners on the positive changes, how to get get involved and maybe start their TNR programs. We also want to speak to the public to step up and lobby to the government to the towns,cities and counties that say farels are illegal and have them euthanized immediately. The show will be live , if you wouild like to be the voice for the cats , please feel free to call the show and voice your opinion, 001-646-716-6583.Show starts Thursday July 17th, at 4:30EST , 9:30 BST , this show will be archived so you can listen at a later date.

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    Voices Carry for Animals #2

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    This show will be co-hosted by Dahmer

    Every year, millions of abused and abandoned animals are gassed to death, or chemically killed.  As usual, instead of going after the CAUSE of these claimed overpopulated animals, we instead kill off large numbers of them.  We react instead of being pro-active.

    While it is true that pet owners need to have their pets spayed and nuetered, this process is so cost prohibitive in many cases that owners simply cannot afford to have it done. 

    The average  cost of spaying and nuetering across the country is 85.00 to 150 dollars.  The cost of euthanizing these same animals is as much or more.  Wouldn't it make better economic sense to offer low cost spay and nueter, and avoid the costly euthanizing? 

    Every year organizations claiming to exist to protect animals from abuse, neglect and possbile euthansia, collect millions upon millions of dollars in donations.  Instead of funding kill shelters, would we not be better served to fund free or reduced cost spay and nueter clinics? This would reduce unwanted populations of animals that eventually are held in shelters waiting to die. I know the animals would appreciate it.

    Join us as we discuss our unsavory acceptance gas chambers and other methods of killing off unwanted animals.


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    Bark Out Loud - Pet Overpopulation in Kern County

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    This week on Bark Out Loud, our special guest is Jackie Cameron, Director of Spay and Neuter Division at Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue.  Please join us to hear the latest news on pet overpopulation in Kern County California and what is being done about it. And to get an inside view from a rescue, on how effective spaying and neutering is, and how you can help the mutts!

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    Pet Adoption

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    Animals.  The world's got plenty of them.  And all of these animals need homes and the love of caring families.  As we see all too often, too many animals are without good homes due to abandonment or owners not spaying and neutering.  This episode addresses the importance of pet adoption and discusses those times when pets seem to adopt us.  We'd love to hear your pet adoption stories.  So join hosts J and D, as they explore this topic, live on The Missy Show.

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    Community Voices - For the Love of Animals

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    Today on Community Voices we have the honor of talking to Patty Amoroso, Executive Director, of Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic about “For the LOVE of Animals” and this very special Fundraiser.

    All donations are deeply appreciated, To Donate: http://furryfriendsadoption.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Furry-Friends-Adoption-and-Clinic/481102265284338

    To Read a Full Blog post & Learn more go to:


    Interviewer,Producer: Carly Alyssa Thorne
    Website: www.CarlyAlyssaThorne.com

    DISCLAIMER: We don't tell our guests what to say, they are expressing their own personal opinions. We do not discriminate against any one Religion, Faith, or ethnicity and are of the belief we are all interconnected. Any advice or subjects we discuss are of our own Personal experiences. Please seek proper counsel from Your own personal advisors whether it be Your Doctor for medical and or health issues, an Accountant for Financial Advice or any Professional you deem necessary.


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    Get Your Body Into Balance with Melissa Karpel

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    Today hosts Theresa and Michael have an in-depth conversation with Melissa Karpel. Melissa while working at PETA spearheaded PETA's ABC (Animal Birth Control) campaign, promoting adoption and spaying and neutering as ways to bring an end to our nation's animal overpopulation crisis.
    She has traveled all over the nation (and even to Pamplona, Spain, to protest the Running of the Bulls) holding demonstrations and speaking to the media about various animal rights issues, including veganism; the use of fur, leather, and wool; the exploitation of animals in entertainment; and animal experimentation.
    Melissa lives in rural Michigan with her fiancé (who she met on a past Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise), rescued cats and dog.

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    New Orleans Lab Rescue

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    NOLA Labrador Retriever Rescue is a volunteer run, nonprofit (501c3) organization (ID# 27-3198157)dedicated to placing Labrador Retrievers into approved, loving homes and promoting responsible pet ownership.   Our mission is to provide: - permanent adoptive homes for unwanted, abandoned or abused labs; medical care and foster homes for rescued dogs; - education to pet owners regarding spaying/neutering and responsible pet ownership; and - public information about irresponsible breeding practices and animal abuse in an effort to end to both.  

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    Pet Talk radio 9 - Spay-Neuter: Pros and Cons

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    Neuter and Spaying - Pros and Cons
    Our next show we will discuss the pros and cons of neutering and spaying your pet.  Of course there are many issues surrounding spaying and neutering.  Although we have an open mind to spaying an neutering, when is comes to world of rescue, neutering and spaying should be mandatory.

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    PMZ - Paranormal Mayhem Zone with Will Scoville

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    Equality, Peace, Love, Good Karma, Unicorns, Cotton Candy, Polka Dots, Positive Energy, Ice Cream and SELF NEUTERING!  Will our host coduct a Para Eunuchtarian DRUM CIRCLE?  Did BIZARRE rituals take place at the Haunted Magnolia?  Who will win the weekly psychic challenge?  SCORE:  Will 28, Psychics 0!   Talk about TABOO, You've NEVER heard these topics on paranormal radio, EVER!  
    ALL NEW SEGMENT!  Alyssa Onyx joins the mayhem each week with her hot new topic, "My Paranormal Diary".  Following Alyssa as she chronicle's her paranormal life.  www.darkdollparanormal.com
    Join "Voice of the Unknown" Director, Will Scoville and his motley crew of co-hosst A&E Biography's My Ghost Story, Robbie Prince of RIPCrew and Shelley Wade, RJ Warren and Shannon Autry.
    Don't miss this week's paranormal news with our local ParaDiva, Shawne Groves! Witness the epic mayhem as they unveil the new wave of paranormal talk! News Views, Rumors, Controversy, and more!
    Visit our fb page!  http://www.facebook.com/ParanormalMayhemZone

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