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    East Tennessee Spay & Neuter

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    They are a small nonprofit all-volunteer group that provides transport to regional low-cost clinics and education about proper pet care. They are working toward providing a low-cost spay & neuter clinic for East Tennessee, and also a non-profit multi-purpose pet center for adoptions, vet care, training, grooming, and boarding of cats and dogs.

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    Conservative Report: RINOs Neuter Paul Ryan, RNC & 2016 GOP Field

    in Politics Conservative

    Join the Founder of Conservative Report tonight as Patrick Read details how the GOP Congress neutered Paul Ryan, the RNC & 2016 field. Will Candidates finally take the Tax & Spend RINO Congress to task?! The 2015 GOP Wave Election Won on Social Issues!

    CBO Reports Tsunami of Debt, Cruz Exposes Debt Surrender, Rand Must Ditch Mitch, the People’s House, Coburn’s 14 Wastebook

    Cruz Pisses off Marxist Media, Grimm Reminder: PPact’s Organ Cartel, What Would Ben Carson Do? Reject Govt Religion, Choose Cruz or Lose America

    RNC Removed from negotiating further debates. After a dismal 2012 election, its time to bring back Newt - this time to Chair the RNC!

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    Meet MN Spay Neuter Assistance Program

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    Dana Andresen, Executive Director of Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MN SNAP) joins me tonight talking about the work MN SNAP is doing in providing high-quality, affordable and accessible spay and neuter services to Minnesota shelters, rescue organizations and the companion animals of the low-income community. MN SNAP reaches pets in neighborhoods where cost, transportation or the absence of veterinary services is an obstacle to obtaining animal health care and spay/neuter services. Talk2theAnimalsRadio Holistic Pet Wellness Expert Shannon Benecke shares a holistic tip to help keep your animal companion healthy and happy. Ever wondered if grooming plays a role in dog training? Find out what Talk2theAnimalsRadio Expert Dog Trainer Marilyn Tokach has to say about that! Of course we have an animal guest and tips and ideas on how U2CanTalk2theAnimals!
    Thank you, supporters for tonight's episode! MadDog Delivers, delivers your pet's desires, Dr. Rebecca Amstutz of Perpetual Motion Chiropractic - you will soon be saying: “My pet is acting like herself again!” and Fred's Audio Visual, preserving those special memories for a life time to come!

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    Pet Talk radio 9 - Spay-Neuter: Pros and Cons

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    Neuter and Spaying - Pros and Cons
    Our next show we will discuss the pros and cons of neutering and spaying your pet.  Of course there are many issues surrounding spaying and neutering.  Although we have an open mind to spaying an neutering, when is comes to world of rescue, neutering and spaying should be mandatory.

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    Championing The Cause For Animal Rights

    in Spirituality

    Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circuses and zoos. Many of us bought our beloved “pets” at pet shops, had guinea pigs, and kept beautiful birds in cages. We wore wool and silk, ate McDonald’s burgers, and fished. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights?

    Featured Guests Include

    03:11 – Jane Velez Mitchell / Journalist & Fonder of JaneUnchained

    11:50 – Shaw Simmons / Kitty Bungalo

    15:16 – Randy Orloff / Spay Neuter Love

    29:13 – Mariann Sullivan / OurHenHouse.org

    41:15 – Patti Gibbons / Animal Communicator

    59:30 – Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor, Psychic Medium Laura Lyn, Psychic Medium Lisa Caza

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    PCCC Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Services

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    The Philadelphia Community Cats Council (PCCC) and The Pennsylvania SPCA opened one of the nation's first permanent clinics devoted to providing basic veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats.
    With the daily TNRM program, PCCC will be able to reach out to more feral cat colony caretakers, providing basic care and much needed spay/neuter surgeries for thousands more feral and abandoned cats in need!

  • Voices Carry for Animals #58

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    GUEST WILL BE:  JESSICA LAWSON - Florida SPCA -  Director of Marketing and Communications 

    Founded in 1979, SPCA Florida is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Lakeland. Dedicated to improving the lives of pets and people in the community, SPCA Florida provides caring, compassion and hope to more than 6,000 homeless cats and dogs entering our doors each year. Open to the public, our McClurg Animal Medical Center is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility that heals and helps 50,000 patients annually. SPCA Florida’s veterinary clinic offers affordable spay/neuter services, vaccinations, Hyperbartic oxygen therapy. Thousands more pets and people are served through our community outreach and education programs.
    SPCA Florida exists to eliminate animal suffering and to engage the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals.
    SPCA Florida accomplish's this by advancing model programs to promote the adoption of healthy animals, prevent dog and cat overpopulation, provide veterinary medical services for animals in the community and keep animals in homes through relinquishment intervention strategies





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    Pro's & Cons Of Spay/Neuter Your Pet

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    Tuesday 06/14/2011 8pm EST


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    Advisor Profiles with Matt Spay, PPC, AIF

    in Business

    Today we begin our first in a series of interviews with 401k Advisors around the country.  We will chat with Matt Spay who is a Retirement Plan Consultant at Spay & Associates.  We will discuss how his practice works with Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants as well as the reason he decided to enter the role of being a 401k Advisor.

    Discussions in this show should not be construed as specific recommendations or investment advice. Always consult with your investment professional before making important investment decisions. Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., registered broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC.

    Spay & Associates and Cambridge are not affiliated.

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    Pit Bull Spay and Neuter - End Run Around State Bans on BSL?

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    Attorney Fred Kray and his co-host Jo Staats will discuss with attorney and rescuer Dawn Capp, Esq. how mandatory spay and neuter of Pit Bulls is and has been used as a tactic to get around state bans against BSL. The San Francisco experience will be explored. Colleen Lynn's second appearance in front of the Austin, TX Public Safety Commission will be explored in that context. Regular weekly segments will include:
    Recap of the last show Weekly News Update Best PBLN FB posts BSL Alerts with Jodi Preis Dogbite investigation with Jim Crosby Dog Park Diary

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    You Get What You Pay For Version 2

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    Dr. Roger discusses case examples he recently saw in his animal hospital, of the troubling aftermath of discount canine and feline spay/neuter clinics in his area.  Many dog and cat express spay and neuter clinics market themselves as cheaper alternatives to general animal hospitals that offer the same level of service.  Realistically, however, many discount spay and neuter clinics are able to offer spays and neuters at the prices they do because they cut corners in a number of dangerous ways.  Listen and find out why, as with most things in life, when it comes to veterinary surgery, you get what you pay for.  E-mail question or comments for Dr. Roger to aaddress on the air to comments@web-dvm.net.