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    My Synopsis of "Justice or Else"

    in Culture

    I embark on deciphering the seemingly blunt title to the Million Man March (10/10/15). Eventhough it appeared blunt the words are very vague and left into interpretation. I do know Mr. Farrakhan personally. I believe him to be a man of great Moral character. However I believe just being a great speaker or using pathos to convey your message is out dated. 

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    'America's Next Top Model' cycle 22 episode 15: Lacey, Mikey the final two

    in Pop Culture

    According to the synopsis for cycle 22 episode 15, the upcoming episode will depict a lot of drama when it is revealed that one of the cast members hooked up with one of the models. The synopsis further mentions that one of the contestants will have a breakdown when the news travels

    This week's episode will also capture a shoot for Zappos. The photoshoot, which takes place by the pool, features an extremely confident Nyle. We predict that he might win Tyra's heart in this competition.

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    Empire’ recap Season 2, Episode 8: ‘My Bad Parts’

    in Pop Culture

    There are still two more episodes left before the midseason finale and a lot is likely to go down before the events of the finale unfold. Cookie's (Taraji P. Henson) sister Candace (Vivica A. Fox) will be introduced in episode 8, while Hakeem will have an epic rap battle against Lucious's new prodigy Freda (Bre-Z).


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    Radio Drama "Fahrenheit 451: Act One, Episode Three Finale (Redo)" - 3pm PST

    in Entertainment

    Act One, Episode Three Finale (Re-Do.  This is NOT an encore)


    Synopsis:  In a world where literacy is outlawed and people are dependant on technology, a fireman who burns books for a living eventually changes his perspective and strives to do something about it.  The final part of Act One, Episode Three has Guy Montag finally learning the truth about what lead to the demonization of books.  But sometimes truth is darker than fabrication and he will have to make a decision that will not only alter his life but also the life of his wife, Mildred.

    Rated:  PG-13 for Strong, Scary Images and Violence

    Written By:  Ray Bradbury

    Adapted By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Starring:  Tim Pylypiuk and Maria Illiou

    Music By:  The Gentleman Losers and Joe Raposo

    Mildred Drawing By:  Chicaaaaa (courtesy of DeviantArt)


    Fahrenheit 451 available where books are sold

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    Thirller author James Hankins discusses writing on Authors on the Air LIVE

    in Books

    Authors on the Air Global Radio Network host Pam Stack welcomes thriller novelist James Hankins.  I truly enjoy having James visit the show. He's a savvy guest, a terrific writer and a wonderful guest host (listen to his podcast with Daniel Palmer).  Tonight we will discuss the craft of writing a thriller novel and James's writing process.  He will also talk about his current release, THE PRETTIEST ONE.  Here's a little synopsis:  "When Caitlin Sommers finds herself alone in a deserted parking lot with blood on her clothes and no memory of the past few months, it seems like one of the nightmares that have tormented her for years…but it’s all too real. Desperate to learn the truth about where she’s been and what has happened to her but terrified of what she may find, Caitlin embarks on a search for answers. Her journey takes her from the safe suburban world she knows to a seedy town she’s never heard of, where a terrible truth from her past lies hidden—a truth she can’t quite remember yet can’t completely forget." Learn more about James by visiting http://jameshankinsbooks.com/.

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Find us in social media and send a Tweet to @authorsontheair and @PamStackHost.

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    Writer's Block "Steady Ships" 10am PST/Radio Drama "Grooming Hour" - 11am PST

    in Culture

    Writer's Block 10am PST to 11am PST

    Tim Pylypiuk and Bob Delaney pick up from last month's episode by delving further into Language in Writing with a look at Frank Herbert's Fictional Universe of Dune.  Then Bob takes the spotlight by talking about the editing process with Tim as conversation before concluding with observations on vocabulary uses, Big Words, and how authors succumb to putting intellectual verbosity in fictional children.

    Radio Drama 11am PST to 12pm PST

    Synopsis:  Cut writing passages, screeds (sparks) that inspire creativity and early previews is what its all about as Tim presents "The Grooming Hour".

    Rated:  Public for all ages

    Fahrenheit 451 Written By:  Ray Bradbury

    Adaption By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Performed By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Father and Son Written By: Tim Pylypiuk


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    21 Questions with K Sherrie featuring Jai Wright

    in Books

    Join me for my very first offical 21 Questions interview via Blogtalk radio.  We will be getting to know the author Jai Wright and discussing her novel  A Sister's Battle:  Neliah vs Nyah.

    Synopsis:  Twin sisters Neliah and Nyah Stokes have always dreamed of having that sisterly bond that most twins are born with. Unfortunately their mother Pam had separated them as little girls while favoring Neliah over Nyah.

    Now at twenty-seven years old Neliah and Nyah are living separate lives not having much to do with one another. Neliah being the calm, poise and elegant sister is planning her dream wedding with a wealthy CEO and Nyah who is use to being ostracized by her mother and family is enjoying her independent and single life.

    When Wyatt Moore and Taryn Walters enter their lives the men bring the sisters together in a way they could have never imagined and the Stokes Sisters begin questioning their identities that their mother forced upon them.

    Available Now @ http://www.amazon.com/Sisters-Battle-Neliah-Nyah-ebook/dp/B0134VGAP0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446306282&sr=8-1&keywords=A+sisters+battle++by++Jai+Wright

    Check out my review of A Sister's Battle: Neliah vs Nyah @ http://ksherrie2014.webs.com/reviews-by-k-sherrie

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Laura T. Johnson & The Soul Of A Man 2 Pre-Show

    in Books

    Our special pre-show will showcase some of the men behind the upcoming release, The Soul Of A Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler. As the synopsis reads: “This book may not change the world, but it will change someone’s world, and will give the world a new view, vantage point, and keen insight on what lies in the heart and souls of men.” The Q-Spot is honored to welcome Zach Tate, Navi Robins, H.M. Trey, Rickey Teems II, Robert Grant, Maurice M. Gray, Jr., Alvin L.A. Horn, Brian Ganges, and Shakeim Edmonds.

    # # #

    Laura T. Johnson's debut novel was titled Where Would I Be. She resides in Memphis, TN, where she attends college pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Social & Criminal Justice with a minor in forensics.

    In 2006, Laura was the victim of an abusive relationship that lasted for two and half years. In 2009, Laura began to write. Laura attended online writing seminars taught by Terry McMillan. She spoke with others such as Sharon Cullars, Novelist Junnita Jackson, and many others. She has recently released Unbalanced, and is looking to soon release To Love Again. You can reach Laura by email at ltjauthor@gmail.com.





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    Cosmic Awakening- Show Secret Anatomy Of D.C. With Robert Homrich

    in Spirituality

    Join host Michelle Walling as she interviews author and occult investigator Robert Homrich about the deep anatomy secrets of Washington, D.C.. The infamous Masonic square and compasses that appear in the layout of Washington DC are the keys to unlocking this secret code that overlays scaled diagrams of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and more onto a map of the city in perfect harmonious unison, revealing some of the greatest and most closely guarded secrets of Freemasonry. Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church got into such a fuss over Dan Brown's "fictional" novel, The Da Vinci Code? This elegant, yet profound geometric code has never been explored in any previous literature, simultaneously sheds new light on multiple age-old mysteries, and has the potential to shake the very foundations of all that we have been led to believe about our origins, our past, our present, and even our future.

    Robert's book, The Vitruvian Code, can be found on Amazon.com. A synopsis of the book can be found here: https://www.createspace.com/5761966. Robert's Facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/R0Bnoxious. Robert's YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdJafw5Y8dLOx2brI7optg/videos.

  • Suicide: The Ripple Effect; A film about Suicide Prevention

    in Health

    Kevin Hines, author of 'Cracked not Broken' joins me today to talk about his advocacy for suicide prevention and awareness as well as to promote his new film being released shortly.

    Suicide: The Ripple Effect


    A #Film about the devastating effect caused by suicide, and the powerful, positive ripple effect caused by hope that can help people heal & stay alive!

    Ways to help the #Campaign


    1-Promote link to indiegogo film funding page online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube...etc.

    Here is our new Teaser Trailer from our forthcoming film, Suicide:The Ripple Effect...Enjoy, tweet, retweet, Like, & Share



    2-Contribute any amount...literally any amount on or after the launch, Nov 1, new link to come for that page. I will send you the link on the day of our launch November 1


    3-Share link to the page I will provide with family and friends so they can share with more friends.


  • Waking Up His Wife, by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E. Legend, Signed for Movie.

    in Writing

    Note: Kristan is rescheduled Monday, Nov. 23rd at 2:00 pm Eastern.

    Former WWE/TNA superstar, Joe E Legend, a superstar on South Africa TV, and his co-author, Kristal McKerrington, have signed with Shawn Cain CEO of Shawn Cain Films to have their nove, Waking Up His Wife, made into a movie. It runs along the same lines of the WWE's show, Total Divas. One of the best-selling books that Kristal McKerrington and Joe E Legend have released is set to go into production with some former WWE superstars.

    Blurb: Anna wakes up married to Adam yet can't remember, how or when. Nothing comes to her about the night before. Her brother is on the way to lay his wrath down onto Adam for taking advantage of his sister. Adam is battling against the clock and against Anna to convince her that she loves him. A group is going to be sent on a spiral that will not feel like its going to end any time soon. 

    Synopsis: Anna has been the agent to Adam for years and has been a part of the wrestling world since her brother dragged her into it. Over the years her and Adam have grown closer, both never letting themselves give into their emotions. One night with alcohol ends with Anna marrying Adam. Only she wakes up the following day where she can't remember anything. 

    The group is sent into a tail spin over Adam and Anna's union. News of their union soon reaches her brother Drake who works on the other side of the country. He starts to make his way towards them. Relationships are strained while Adam tries to win Anna over and make her remember why she loves him, that she does. 

    Kristal began working with Joe E Legend from 2013.