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    Social Networking in Schools – Can Schools Demand Passwords

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    Employers are not the only ones demanding social media passwords – schools are doing so too.  There has been lots of media attention about this – resulting in a surge of legislative activity on the issue.  In Illinois, a new law went into effect this year allowing school officials to have access to passwords to students’ social media accounts in certain situations.  The concern, of course, is how this impacts a student’s right to privacy under the Constitution and state laws.  This podcast with Kelly Anderson will explore the new law and how it could affect your children.

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    Is Spanking Your Kids A Necessary Evil?

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    Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we'll be discussing spankings and the questions we're asking is clean cut "Is spanking your kids sometimes necessary for disciplinary action purposes? To listen in by phone dial 347-838-9540

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    The Exceptional Schools Fair

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    Every year a special group of schools convene to showcase their schools for children with special needs.

    One of the hardest things as a parent isfinding the  "right school".  Althoough the options have grown in the past 10 years, the business of specialing in special needs has been historically EXCEPTIONAL.

    Come to the Fair.....

    Exceptional Schools Fair

    American University Katzen Center on

    Sunday, November 16th, 2014.

    11:am - 1:00 pm


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    Minneapolis Public Schools don't alert parents about abductions

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    There is a white male, maybe more than one abducting little black girls in Minneapolis. Co-host Ronald A. Edwards called the Minneapolis Public Schools and asked why an “AMBER ALERT” or “ROTO-CALL” was not done. School officials said it did not meet the threshold. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools have failed children of color one to many times. Join us as we talk about education, some history about Minnesota and current events.

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    Beauty Schools And Failing Students

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    Welcome to Beauty Chat radio.

    9:15 PM EST ,Guest this evening Khadijah Davies Muhammad from #Hollywoodteam

    Questions of the evening

    Do you think its fair you have to pay 1000's of dollars in addition to these schools for a refresher course? 
    Do you think the test is too hard?
    Should there be a requirement for GED ?
    What steps do you take after you fail the test???


    What to be a guest or a sponsor? Contact Rosa at www.rosasresources.biz


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    Lenon Honor: Is spanking a child a form of child abuse?

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    Lenon Honor asks the controversial question "Is spanking a child a form of child abuse?"

    My name is Lenon Honor and I grew up experiencing various levels of child abuse.  Now that I am a father of 5 children I have made the decision not to inflict any level of physical pain onto my children.  My wife and I have learned that parents can discipline a child without causing physical pain.  Our oldest child is 10 and our youngest child is 3 and we have not observed any negative behavioral issues that would suggest that our child rearing approach is in error.

    Recently there have been several stories in the news concerning domestic violence.  There has also been a high profile child abuse case involving NFL player Adrian Peterson.  This child abuse case has sparked national debate concerning whether or not corporal punishment or spanking a child is an appropriate means of disciplining a child.

    Do you believe that children must be spanked in order to be properly disciplined? 

    Do you believe that spanking a child is a form of child abuse?

    Do you think that there should be limitations on the levels of physical pain that a parent can inflict upon a child?

    Lenon Honor is a writer, musician, video producer, talk show host, and counselor.  His website www.lenonhonor.com has provided a wealth of information and inspiration in regards to manhood, fatherhood, marriage, children, family, and personal growth.

    You can send a donation via pay pal to:  lenonhonor@yahoo.com

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    Starlee Coleman formerly of The National Public Charter Schools Association  has set me up with Bob Bowdon who is an expert on school choice  and runs "Choice Media' and we are going to discuss the stae of Philly and I don't mean Pennsylvania. I'm a K-12 grad of Philly Public Schools and we'll get some good insights from Bob.

    Thanks Starlee!?

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    Asadah Kirkland, Author of "Beating Black Kids" Helps Parents Discuss Spanking

    in Women

    "Spare the rod, spoil the child" is the Biblical quote commonly used to justify the use of corporal punishment. But the author of "Beating Black Kids", sister Asadah Kirkland, explains some things that may help parents re-think that old time philosophy. What are we really teaching our children when we hit them? What are we saying about ourselves? What behavior will we see them manifest later on in life as a result of being hit as a child as a behavior control technique?  And what happens when parents disagree about the use of corporal punishment? Is the one who hits seen as the "bad guy?"  Is the one who doesn't hit seen as "weak?" When does "spanking" become "child abuse?" Who decides when punishment is too harsh? How should parents discuss this issue and what should they base their decisions on? Is disagreement about spanking or hitting children a deal breaker for couples who are considering marriage? Should it be? 

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    Ken Johnson: Unbroken Circles for Schools

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    National Conflict Resolution Day was October 16th.

    On Today's Episode, you will meet…Ken Johnson. We will discuss current issues of student conflict, performance, and behavior in the school system. 

    Unbroken Circles for Schools, deals with issues of student conflict, performance, behavior, etc. in the school system.  In America we arrest over 2 million juveniles a year.  Florida is a top arrester of children with 58 thousand being taken into custody every year . . . most tried on felony and misdemeanor charges for rather trivial offenses that no adult would ever be charged with.  The #1 reason an incarcerated person leaves a juvenile detention facility is to be transported to an adult prison to finish out the rest of their sentence.

    Ken Johnson is a culturist and conflict dynamics specialist with over 16 years experience in the criminal justice system and previous teaching experience. Starting college at the age of 16, he holds a BA in Social Sciences from the University of West Florida and an MBA from Saint Leo University.

    He serves as the Principal Chief of the Florida Tribe of Cherokee Indians, has served on numerous government boards, and was commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky as a Colonel. His op-ed pieces on culture and conflict have been featured worldwide and he was even asked to be a contributor to a UN paper on conflict issues in Africa.

    For Info: 



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         Have you heard of the COOL CRITICS?  We cover the spectrum and universe of conversation.  Recently, the discipline, (SPANKING) given to his son, by Adrian Peterson, has brought attention to people spanking their kids.  A lot of the older populus, has been spanked, from bush limbs, to tree branches, brushes, belts, hands, iron cords, (not chords, I don't think there is any harmony from an iron CHORD/CORD)  The attention that the NFL has placed on this starting with the Ray Rice syndrome, has everyone chiming in - why should THE COOL CRITICS be any different????  347-205-9366 - voice your opinion!!!

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    "Separation Of Church & Schools-Pt.2-Does Government Interference Work?"

    in Lifestyle

    Continuing on with our discussion about the age-old fight regarding religion being allowed in public schools. The lines of freedom of religion are seriously crossed if a ban is approved, as it protects those who choose no religion against those who have one they practice. But is the problem in the invasion of public rights of Americans, or is it the government's interference into our private ones? With the double-edged swords of free access to sexual activity, contraception, abortion, child protective services and adult driver's licenses without a parent's consent, while still holding the parents of underage children accountable for the messes these government-sanctioned permissions create...could the confusion of the Catch 22 be the root problem? Join in tonight at  10:30 by calling347-327-9967

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