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    John Carver Show - Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Inside her Mind

    in Self Help

    This show is audio from Oprah WInfrey's Master Class.  Hear her own words as she looks back at her amazing career.

    Per Oprah's website: In an intimate and surprising interview, Dr. Condoleezza Rice reveals how her background, ideals and vision ultimately gave her a front-row seat to history. Where does she find her sense of strength and conviction to succeed? How does she face a difficult decision? From her childhood in racially charged Birmingham, Alabama, to her years in the Bush administration, the former secretary of state reflects candidly on the lessons she's learned.

    I love the last sentence in this show from Dr. Rice, ""I welcome your opinions but not your uninformed ones." 

    Read more: http://www.oprah.com/own-master-class/Oprah-Presents-Master-Class-with-Condoleezza-Rice_1#ixzz3kKvaWxlw

  • Spiritual Teacher Robin Rice: Reaching the Second Half of the Mountain

    in Spirituality

    Robin Rice is an internationally published author, spiritual teacher, social change artist and mentor. 

    THERE COMES A TIME on each unique journey when the sojourner must stop to reassess. The common path has run out. The way ahead is not clear. The inner mountain reveals itself. The terrain changes, both formidable and exciting. THE QUESTION ARISES, AS IT MUST: What's Next?

    Be Who You Are Productions, Inc., offers social change projects. This year's project is "Life Is Sweeter Without Sugar" using what we have learned about neuroscience and change to help reduce or eliminate sugar through an online "camp" experience. 

    She founded the 70,000+ member Awesome Women Hub. She and 150 women created a music video tour “What The World Needs NEXT.” 

    YourHolidayMom.com gives LGBTQ youth a loving mother's support between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. 35,000 interactions in the first 40 days, the project is in the third season.

    Robin created the worldwide #StopTheBeautyMadness campaign at StopTheBeautyMadness.com, offering a stark look at the madness through intense graphic ads and an audio series.  

    She is working on a fiction trilogy that brings real magic, soul purpose and social change to YA entertainment.

    Linda Lombardo hosts. 

  • Maureen Riordon & Shane Rice (Prime FS Promoter)

    in MMA

    Maureen "Babyface" Riordon talks to Funky Monkey MMA Radio about competeing in Invicta Fighting Championship, and being the event manager for Glory World Series kickboxing. In addition to her tenacious skills in the ring, Maureen hosts an incredible podcast which you can find online at http://babyfacepodcast.com/. Step behind the curtain and into the mind of Maureen Riordon!

    In addition, Dustin Hill from one of our favorite shows The Sports Cage, catches up with promoter Shane Rice from Prime Fight Series. 

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    Radomir Luza Does Not Speak Spanish

    in Poetry

    North Hollywood's Poet Laureate Radomir Luza called in the studio to discuss the inspiration behind writing I Do Not Speak Spanish and sending it for consideration to make it in the No Se Habla Español anthology. Also we talked about NoHo Lit Crawl coming up as well as his monthly Unbuckled Open Mic (next date is October 3rd) and his extensive collection of books (he's just published 27 books, that's all!)

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    in Lifestyle





    Laura is the creator and host of Full Body Frequency, a radio show celebrating plus-size women through the exploration of beauty, fashion, health and wellness, art and culture, travel, and love.FULL BODY FREQUENCY (https://soundcloud.com/fullbodyfrequency/full-body-frequency-episode-1-a-fresh-start-with-your-genes-in-your-jeansy)

    A one-hour, weekly radio show talking fashion, art & culture, health & wellness, beauty, travel, and love in celebration of the lives of fabulous, full-figured women everywhere. TUNE IN..LIVE TALK RADIO!

    LIVE CALL IN 646-200-0948


    What does Full Body Frequency do?

    explode the myths that fat women are sedentary and self-loathing

    explore the truths of how we live, love, take care of ourselves and our bodies, and engage with a global world

    Women sizes 14 and up make up more than 30% of the female population in the United States. So nobody – not mainstream media (television, radio, movies, magazines) – gets to silence us or make us invisible. This radio show is the platform through which listeners, full-figured women and their supporters will dialogue about moving through this world fully-engaged with passion and purpose.

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    The Helios Biblios Hour : The Holy Office of the Spanish Inquisition /Jesuit

    in Current Events

    Papal supremacy. The supremacy which the Pope claimed not only over the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but over all other Christian princes. The theory was that they stood to the Pope as feudal vassals [servants] to a supreme lord; as such, the Pope claimed the right to enforce the duties due to him from his feudal subordinates through an ascending scale of penalties culminating in the absolution of the prince's subjects from the bonds of allegiance [our note: the infamous Roman Catholic recusancy], AND IN THE DISPOSITION OF THE SOVEREIGN HIMSELF. The papal supremacy was overthrown in England by acts of the Parliament which met in 1529 and was dissolved in 1536, ending in the Act of Supremacy which substituted the King for the Pope. (Black's Law Dictionary, Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern by Henry Campbell Black, "If the Pope is in conflict with a secular ruler, then he can put the ruler's subjects under interdict in order to put pressure on the ruler. It works. The ruler's Catholic subjects put pressure on him to submit to the Pope, so that the Pope will remove the interdict.Why the relentless war against the so-called "W.A.S.P." (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)*?  Is it possible that someone has not forgotten what happened in 1517 (the Protestant Reformation)? And is it possible that someone has not forgotten the Counter Reformation? ...Why don't we hear insightful quotes about Roman Catholic Christopher Columbus being "the first slave trader in the New World" People who control textbooks and education have power to teach whatever to--what a startling statement--Education as a Weapon of the Counter Reformation Counter Reformation: Rome's 

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    Dr. Fred Says ..... Spanish Call: Porque tiene sentido tener tu propio negocio

    in Business

    "Dr. Fred Says .... " with Dr. Fred Valdes from Miami, FL

    Join us today at 3 pm CST for our Spanish Call:  Porque tiene sentido tener tu propio negocio 

    Translated to English: "Why it makes sense to have a Zija business" 

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    NFL Preseason Week 3 Recap - Next Fan Up - 8/30/15 with Ramona Rice of SGP

    in Football

    In this Next Fan Up we recap all the games from week 3 in the NFL Preseason. Mark Sitko, the Eagles Superfan, is joined by Rob Koller (Browns Superfan) and special guest Ramona Rice - host of Sports Gal Pal (http://www.sportsgalpal.com/), a podcast that has recently featured all of the superfans previeing their team's season.

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    Week 2 NFL Recap - Next Fan Up with Special Guest Ramona Rice - 9/21/15

    in Football

    In this episode our superfans Monty (Raiders), Nick (Chiefs) and Samuel (Giants) join your Sunday host Mark Sitko (Eagles) along with Special Guest Ramona Rice from Sports Gal Pal to recap the NFL games from week 2. We also bring you a superfan battle for the Monday night game, Andrew (Jets) vs. Dan (Colts).

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    The Keno Trice Show featuring Comedian Chelsie Rice

    in Comedy

    If it's happening, it's relevent, or if no body cares let's talk about it. Creative insight on what's going on with me, you, and everyone else. Come listen to the voice of an Atlanta comic trying to make sense of this crazy journey that we call life. Interesting guest stopping through for the ride. Just take a listen and get hooked! I'm here for the long haul.

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    Robin Rice: Entrepreneur author, speaker, shaman healer

    in Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Today, host Christine Monaghan introduces you Robin Rice. She is an exceptional individual who speaks to creation from the inside out...If you are stuggling to make things happen, this show is for you... 

    To connect with Christine, email her at ckmoyp@gmail.com

    To receive your complimentary WHY session, go to http://dailylifemastery.com/30minute

    This show is sponsored by http:starofgold.com