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    Back to Spanish Cooking...

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    Ola from Flavor Living Radio...  There's a Spanish Theme in today's show. Listen in to Scoff and Quaff... and have your maracas,peppers and spices ready.  Spanish show with wine expert @colinonwine calling in from Moraira, Valencia with in the studio Nick Blythe, @paellafellawww.paellafella.co.uk , cooking up paella & more , & co-presented by Russell Burton-Lawrence. Sponsor...New E-Book at www.flavorliving.com  Author Shirley Wiggerman writes  The Folly of Performing Without A Rehearsal Short Stories and Food Thoughts...



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    #TweetTheTable—Rest of the Best, Ep. 20 (August 20, 2015)

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    As the Spanish Announce Table podcast grew, so did the number of responses to their Twitter hashtag, #TweetTheTable. While they tried to keep up with the response, the number of Tweets became too large. Captain Awesome and T-Mac were forced to leave some Tweets unread.

    The listeners became restless. A sponsor reached out. A supplemental podcast was born: #TweetTheTable--Rest of the Best. Do you have an opinion of--or a question about--or a critique of anything related to pro wrestling? Stick #TweetTheTable at the end of your Tweet, and these two guys are contractually obligated* to read your Tweet.

    There are a million different wrestling podcasts out there. This one reflects the views of the people in a fun and unique way, with a production quality that is second-to-none, especially in the realm of professional wrestling radio.

    *No contract was ever actually signed.

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    Show #88 - Live the Life of your Dreams with Coach Alexandra Villarroel Abrego!!

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    ALEXANDRA VILLARROEL ABREGO is an author, international speaker, columnist, certified life coach and relationship and personal development expert. She is also the CEO of A.V.A Enterprises, a coaching, consulting and production company that has the mission to teach and inspire women to unleash their true potential, gain confidence in themselves, and find a balance between their personal and professional life so that they may finally live the life of their dreams. 

    ALEXANDRATV is a weekly YouTube show full of #motivation, #inspiration, #advice and #strategies to live your best life, created and hosted by Alexandra Villarroel Abrego. The show is broadcasted in English, Spanish and French and watched by men and women in over 134 countries and counting. 



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    En Vivo - Domingo 16 de Agosto del 2015, a las 05:00 P.M. UTC-06:00 (Hora de El Salvador), ó 06:00 P.M. UTC-05:00 (Hora DST México) ya equivalente a CDT (Hora Central de los Estados Unidos), serán las 06:30 P.M. de Venezuela.


    INVITADA ESPECIAL: Tulsi Valentina Romani

    28º Programa En Vivo. 23/08/2015.
    En el Mundo, En Vivo:

    3pm - Alaska.
    4pm - Los Ángeles.
    5pm - El Salvador.
    6pm - México, Colombia; Chicago y Houston.
    6:30pm - Venezuela.
    7pm - Atlanta, Miami, Bolivia y República Dominicana.
    8pm - Argentina y Uruguay.
    12am - Reino Unido.
    1am - (Ya del Día Siguiente) España, Francia, Alemania y Suiza.

    ¡Ayúdanos a correr la VOZ! ¡TODO el Mundo está invitado!
    ¡Bendiciones! ¡Te esperamos!

    Los Episodios se pueden escuchar En Vivo a la hora señalada para tu País, pero también los puedes escuchar en Diferido - fuera del aire - ya sea consultando el archivo que quedará grabado en el mismo link de internet; y lo puedes descargar a tu computadora.
    ¡Y otra opción que tienes es buscarlo en iTunes como un Podcast y descargarlo gratuitamente! Sólo búscanos como "Voces Paganas" o como "Witchschool" en el iTunes Store, en la herramienta de búsqueda. Es muy rápido y sencillo.

  • The Helios Biblios Hour: Pactum De Singularis Caelum / Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ

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    The United States will come to talk to us when you have a black president and the world has a Latin American pope.”

    – Fidel Castro speaking to the international press in 1973

    The original appeared in Spanish:

    “Estados Unidos vendrá a dialogar con nosotros cuando tenga un Presidente negro y haya en el mundo un Papa latinoamericano”.For Castro to be correct the embargo must be ending because of the Black president and Latin American Pope. This unfortunately is not the case. The quote implies that the embargo ends due to the anti-bourgeois position of the president and the Pope. Both President Obama and Pope Francis have declared their support for capitalism over socialism.It seems almost certain that the embargo has ended with some kind of serious capitulation by Cuba. Laws are currently being changed that would allow Americans to send more money to relatives. Other measures include allowing U.S. banks to set up shop in the country. Allowing foreign imperialist capital to begin making headway into a country is a sure way to have it subverted. 

    In our times, the common good ///

    It is therefore necessary for the international community to adopt adequate legal instruments to prevent and counter criminal activities, by promoting international judicial cooperation on criminal matters.

    In ratifying numerous international conventions in these areas, and acting also on behalf of Vatican City State, the Holy See has constantly maintained that such agreements are effective means to prevent criminal activities that threaten human dignity, the common good and peace.

    With a view to renewing the Apostolic See’s commitment to cooperate to these ends, by means of this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio, I establish that:

    1. The competent Judicial Authorities of Vatican City State shall also exercise penal jurisdiction over:a) crimes committed against .

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    South Centers' Chat Features Estafania James Ecuador, August 19, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    in Education

    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-e_GEInQuc

    Radio:        or Live Channel 17 Rio Grande Cable Access

    3:00 Wednesday  August 19, 2015 SOUTH CENTERS CHAT with Tom Worley, Director of The Ohio State University - South Centers will feature Estefania James, Program Coordinator of the Aquaculture Boot Camp at The Ohio State University South Centers. Estefania is a native of ECUADOR, South America who will share the culture and its people living in Ecuador. This is a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. In the Andean foothills at an elevation of 2,850m, Quito, the capital, is known for its largely intact Spanish colonial center, with decorated 16th- and 17th-century palaces and churches. This will be a very informative discussion about life in this county.


    Estafania James

    Program Coordinator

    The Ohio State University South Centers



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    PTRN ~ Voces Paganas En Espanol (Pagan Voices) ~ El Tarot de Fénix Assenir

    in Spirituality

    6 P.M. C.S.T. U.S.A. & MEXICO  /  5 P.M. U.T.C.-06:00 (El Salvador) / 6:30 P.M. de Venezuela


    PTRN Presenta - Voces Paganas, tu conexión radial en Español para explorar temas y tendencias del Paganismo contemporáneo, rituales, entrevistas, noticias y comunidad!!

    Estamos aquí cada semana, todos los Domingos por la tarde.

    Conecta con nosotros vía nuestro Perfil de Facebook “Voces Paganas”, o nuestra cuenta en Twitter “Voces_Paganas”, y llámanos En Vivo al Programa.


    Contáctanos y envía tus sugerencias a vocespaganasradio@gmail.com

    HOY PRESENTAMOS: El Tarot de Fénix Assenir / Y mucho más


    27º Programa En Vivo. 16/08/2015.


    PTRN Presents – Pagan Voices, your Spanish radio connection for exploring contemporary Pagan subjects and trends, rituals, interviews, news and community!

    We’re here every week, on Sunday's afternoon.

    TONIGHT: El Tarot de Fénix Assenir / And much more

    SPECIAL GUESTS: Fénix Assenir

    27º Show! Live! August/16/2015.

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    Growing up - Ensom meant that as we got older there were serious decisions to be made towards getting ahead in a ever changing culture who’s time had come for new faces in different places- 1981-1992 When visiting visas flooded the Reagan administration opened the gates even wider than ever - Ensom saw a disproportionate exit rate to the States- That being said many who were on the sidelines waiting to rise to prominence in Football, TT,NNetball and Cricket grabbed a spot held almost too long by the more established crew who although could have lived elsewhere stuck around - Thank got for small mercies as a core group maintained and guarded the flame …..moving no further than Eltham Park in a true show of Spanish Town Roots and Ensom PRIDE


    When my time came in 1994 to migrate I had secured quarters near Sydnyham and I reluctantly exited the scene ..Long Live Ensom Past Present and Online

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    Life's Journeys Gods LOVE Part1

    in Lifestyle


     Overcoming hardships, staying positive, Open your heart, Understanding

    We live in a time where there is no time for family, mariage, or anything that is Important spiritually speaking. Everything is always 100 miles per hour We dont take time For God or even time to smell the roses of Life. Relationships are being made by social media, How the internet has stolen our peace of mind,Relationships,and social being. Why  these last 4 decades  we ar losing  moral values.

    I have overcomed many other things in my life, I am a walking Bible testimony. I'm still  overcoming many issues  and changes in my own Life. Even at the age of 59,  I would like to share it with you, During this time of discussion , I will open my heart to you, It will be a healing process  for us both. Be set free express your feelings talking about what is in your heart helps the soul. It will be a blessing.

    This discussion will be also in parts in Spanish. Stay tuned when it will start.



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    Style with Trysh ~ Trish Morrissette

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    Prophet. Wife. Mother. Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur.

    Trish Morrissette is a powerfully, anointed woman of God who preaches, teaches, motivates, inspires and prophesies just as God gives it to her. She is also a partner of Kingdom Agenda International Ministry with Pastors Anthony and Zenovia Andrews in Panama City, Fl.  There, she serves as the Director of the Prophetic Ministry and Prophetic Training.  Prophetess With a global mandate on her life, Prophetess Trish Morrissette is determined to use her voice to bring change to communities and nations all around the world.

    In addition to being a prophet, Trish Morrissette is a successful business owner. She is President & CEO of her own translation company called Professional Translations, Inc.  She is also Co-Owner and President of Fresh Aura Inc., a fashion consulting company. She graduated from Troy University in Troy, Alabama with a double major in Spanish and English.  She taught Spanish International Baccalaureate classes for 8 years. From there, she went into the sales industry working in insurance sales as well as pharmaceutical sales.

    Prophetess Trish Morrissette has been married to her high school sweetheart, Minister Derrick Morrissette, for over 12 years.  They have 2 beautiful children, a son and a daughter.



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    The Helios Biblios Hour : Celebrating Bwa Kayiman with Ezili Danto

    in Current Events

    The Afrikan warriors at Bwa Kayiman did what Spartacus could not do. What the Biblical Jesus Christ never even tried to do. The Haitian warriors at Bwa Kayiman led a revolution that abolished slavery after 1200 years of Arab enslavement on the African continent and 300 years of European slavery in Haiti.224 years ago, on August 14, 1791, Haitian men and women at Bwa Kayiman held the Vodun ceremony and war council that began the Haiti revolution. The Haitian Revolution challenged, condemned and abolished the practice of slavery, a feat not even the Christians’ most revered Jesus, ever did. This, set a new moral path for humanity on planet earth. The men, women and children who fought the Haiti revolution where the first to bring liberty into application in nation form after the Christian destroyers had begun their genocide rampage in the Americas. The profit-over-people nations, are still mercilessily  beating up Haitians to a pulp, to this day, in the vain hopes of eradicating the accomplishments of the Bwa Kayiman warriors and Haiti Revolution. But we’re still resisting tyranny. We’re still here to mark August 14th every year until eternity and to reach for the Ancestral force running in our DNA that keeps us fighting the terror of the imperialists and their agents.”Bwa Kayiman August 14, 1791 was the Vodun war council and gathering that began the great Haiti revolution which started August 22, 1791 and where Afrikans beat, in combat, the French, the Spanish and the English to abolish slavery, colonialism, forced assimilation and European Triangular Trade.

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