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    Magical Experiments: Space/Time Magic

    in Spirituality

    Join Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments as he and Erik Roth discuss space/time magic. Erik roth will turn the table on Taylor and interview Taylor about his work with space/time magic and where that work is going as well as how to integrate space/time magic into your spiritual practice.

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    Shifting through Infintiy - the illusion of time & space

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Conscious Contact Radio, with Scott Mendoza & Reymond Colson discuss shifting through time and space, what it means, how it works, and how to get the best use from this knowledge. We will also be taking questions from callers on this topic about everyday situations and seeing what answers come up on our round table.  1/6/2016 at 7pm EST we will be taking callers for our first show this year. Call in at (646) 716-6386 via phone or skype, or ask in the chat room via Blogtalk radio through your blog talk account!  Be sure the enter #1 to enter the que if you have a question.

    Host - Scott Mendoza

    Co-Host - Reymond Colson

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    Is time travel possible? Travel to the past to change my future…

    in Paranormal

    "I say time travel is possible. I also believe everyone has traveled through time." I know this is a bold statement. This statement will immediately generate controversy. My entire career in the supernatural and paranormal is based on our creation. Once people actually listen to my theory. Then if people can make it passed judgement. You will find many have shared experiences based on my theory.

    Stephen Hawking: "Time Travel to the Future is Possible"

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    Jumpstarting Your Year

    in Business

    Are you ready for this new year? It rolled in pretty quickly and time is still flying by. If you're not ready, maybe it's because you're not quite sure how to prepare and dive in, or maybe all you know is you don't want the new year to look like the last one. Let me share with you how you can jumpstart your year and get 2016 off to a great start.

    I'm going to share some simple yet effective planning tips with you and give you a way to continue to move forward with those plans and show you how to create a system that will support you in getting from to-do to done on a dialy basis. Join me!


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    Robert X...The 12 Gates, Time Travel, CERN

    in Politics

    Robert X will discuss the 12 centers in the brain, time travel, cern, your personal time travel abilities and much more...Listen and Learn

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    Ghosts, Aliens,and Holes in Space and Time

    in Paranormal

    Guest: William Hall

    Featured book: The Haunted House Diaries – The True Story Of A Quiet Connecticut Town In The Center Of A Paranormal Mystery

    Website: http://www.williamjhallauthor.com

    Experience a ‘paranormal crossroads’ where entities, spirits, cryptids, and UFOs all converge in an area that remains active to this day.

    Nestled deep in Litchfield Hills Connecticut, a 1790 farmhouse sits near the epicenter of a paranormal flap. The family regularly encounters its own ancestors and strangers – human and non-human – as they seemingly occupy the same physical space while still in their own parallel worlds. When famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, they dubbed it “Ghost Central.”

    Bio: WILLIAM J. HALL author of the paranormal best-seller The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street, returns with another profound investigation into the unknown. Hall is professionally equipped to recognize trickery: After more than 25 years as a performing magician, he knows how to create and recognize illusions. He is also an experienced researcher of the unexplained, from folklore and urban legend to fortune telling, the pyramids, and other mysterious tales. His syndicated column, “Magic and the Unknown‚” ran for six years in multiple newspapers. Hall has two sons and resides in Plainville, Connecticut.

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    Hang in there … It’s going to be a bumpy ride. – Time Travel

    in Current Events

    Time travel. Is it possible? A theme quite popular in science fiction, representing among the biggest challenges in contemporary science. 

    Time travel is the physical idea or concept of movement (often by a human) between different points in time and in area, typically using a hypothetical mechanism known as a time machine. 

    That was a mouthful, right?  Because it’s a bumpy ride, remember.

    Other topics of discussion will consist of Einstein's general theory of relativity and time dilation, quantum mechanics and its relation to causality and time travel. Our goal here at Apocalypse Nana is to explain and discuss all hypothetical possibilities of time travel to a broad audience, as well as to introduce new developments in experimental physics of time travel:.

    Let’s  explore the mysteries of time travel  with specific case studied. The incredible Map of the Creator, a 120-million-year-old, aerial map that paints of picture of time travel by using Antarctica as a key. Weather controlled by time travel. Micro-sized objects found in Russia that believe only exist through time travel. Did Alexander the Great really help by time travelers, and if so, how? And what about the mysterious plague of Athens, how is it related to time travel? Join us at Apocalypse Nana for this bumpy ride through time travel and all of its facets. Special note: Wormholers and Persons of Retrocasualties must be mandatory attendees!   

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    Time Travel

    in Paranormal

    TMV Cafe Radio presents Pairanormal with special guests, Stephanie Osborn (NASA Rocket Scientist and Author) and Allan Gilbreath (Snarky Sceptic and Author), together with hosts EW Bradfute and Pam Jones. Find out if time travel is actually possible and who says it is. Follow Pairanormal on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PairanormalRadio

    Catch all the past shows of Pairanormal at https://archive.org/details/Pairanormal and listen to new LIVE shows on Fridays at 11pm EST on www.tmvcafe.com We hope to see you there! 

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    You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

    in Business

    When you look at your daily agenda, you find yourself at the bottom of the list or, you’re not even there. You’re caught up in all there is to do and your clients, children, significant other and everything else make it to your agenda before you do. When self care goes out the window so does everything else.

    Some women have weeks where they run out of energy before the end of the week and some are finding themselves challenged on a daily basis because they give to so many people and things. I'm going to show you how to refuel and refill your cup so that you can get things done. Join me for this broadcast and let's talk about your ongoing habit of trying to pour form an empty cup.

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    Time Travel with Highlander on Tech Preps

    in Education

    Time Travel!
    Host: Highlander "Tech Prep"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturday 10:00pm/Est 9:00pm/Ct 8:00pm/Mt 7:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Last week we talked about the “what if”, if we brought technology back to our recent past and our distance past on how people would react.

    This episode we will delve more into the time travel aspect, is it possible? Is it a bad idea? Should we do it to learn from our past? Set history straight as it were?

    I will talk about a few theories that have been presented and a few problems with time travel that might prove it impossible or improbable. I will talk about a scientist I listen to a lot called Michio Kaku. He is one of the best minds we have today, and a pleasure to listen to on his time travel theories.

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    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting

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    Tea Time: Best Afternoon Tea Experiences in London and Dublin

    in Travel

    One of the unique features of a visiting London or Dublin is the chance to have a spectacular “afternoon tea” experience. Join Travel Brigade to experience what’s also known as “high tea” at some of the top spots in London and Dublin. We’ll visit the Royal Horseguards Hotel in London then head to Dublin to the Shelbourne Hotel and the Merrion Hotel. We’ll also have information on how to book your own tea time. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TravelBrigade.

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