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    Seeds of Sisterhood

    in Islam

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    The weekly virtual Seeds of Sisterhood returns at the end of March, in shaa Allah exploring the work Religious Extremism in the Lives of Contemporary Muslims.

    This is an important work that I believe should be explored.  Over the course of many weeks, we will examine this work on what extremism truly means and how the contemporary Muslim finds true balance, as well as examine some important aspects of being Muslim sisters and women in society today, in shaa Allah.

    Please feel free to view the book at the following link beforehand:  https://ia802506.us.archive.org/17/items/ReligiousExtremism/Religious%20Extremism.pdf

    Login to the chat room at the following link to see the slide presentation during the live broadcast and participate via chat or microphone in the live virtual meetup:  https://anymeeting.com/149-661-088

    May Allah Most High increase us in beneficial knowledge.  Ameen.


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    Seeds of the Word!

    in The Bible

    Hearing from God in His Word!  Praise Jesus!

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    Chia Seeds The Ultimate Super Food

    in Women

    Have you heard that Chia seeds are the new super food! Join me as I continue my talk on the topic of an amazing food that is so versatile and can help you in so many different areas of your health. Find out how this tiny little seed can improve your health starting today. Last week I ran out of time so I promise to dedicate the entire episode to tell you how you can benefit from eating chia seeds in your diet and so much more.

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    Seeds of Prayer And Praise!

    in Prayer

    Honoring God with prayer and praise!

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    Sister's Sowing The Word Ministry Radio-Blog

    in Religion

    Sister's Sowing The Ministry Radio-Blog with Faith, Viola and Cheauvon will be speaking on what the Lord has placed on our hearts. 

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    Seeds of the Word! Biblical Coaching!

    in The Bible

    Coaching from the Holy Bible, God's Word!  Praise Jesus!

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    The PRF Table: Sowing and Reaping (February 2015 series) pt.4

    in Christianity

    February 2015 series - Sowing and Reaping (2.26.2015)

    This month we've been discussing and learning [together] on the principles of SOWING and REAPING.  Tonight we'll start by going back to Genesis (chapters 1 and 2) and looking at where God revealed the biblical concept of TILLING (or cultivation) into the larger context of Sowing and Reaping.  We aim to work through two central thoughts – one of the SEED and the other of the TILLER or farmer or Sower.   We'll finish up this series in Mark 4.  This is one FINALE you wont want to miss.

    PRF Team:  Rev. N. Dunlap, Jr.; Adia Sanders; Warren Feaster,  Mary Ann Williams, and Shatara Sherwood

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    Seeds of Prayer and Praise!

    in Relationships

    Seeds of Prayer and Praise!

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    Seeds of the Word! Biblical Coaching!

    in The Bible

    Encouragement from the Holy Bible, God's Word, Jesus!

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    Planting the Affirmation Seeds on an Attitude of Gratitude

    in Motivation

    Planting the Affirmation Seeds on an Attitude of Gratitude is the focus of the program today! As we are right here in the month of March, many people are starting their planting by sprouting seedlings in greenhouses or on the kitchen counter. They are affirming their desires by starting at the very beginning, the seed stage.  Let’s plant some seeds today, together! Joining us is Award-Winning Artist, David A. Martinka www.redbellymusic.com and www.sunshadows.net as he plays the music we dance to each and every week!  FOLLOW & NURTURE this program at www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower and with our FANPAGE on www.facebook.com/perspectivepower

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    Part II Sowing Seeds: One of the secrets to greatness

    in Lifestyle

    People leave church or get discouraged when they hear their pastor preach about sowing seed or soliciting for money. What those people fail to realize is that one of the secrets to increase in wealth and encountering greatness in life is by sowing. I’m sure you have heard that people use money to make money. Something has to be spent to bring in money. That’s why company invests more to earn more.

    To provoke GOD to bless you requires sowing an intangible seed. The likes of King Solomon, and Isaac offered sacrifices that brought about their success and greatness. Bible recalls that Isaac planted crops in the land of famine and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him. He became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. King Solomon as another example became so wealthy that his wealth was unparallel to any king at his time, and unarguably none to date. He was able to give God 1,000 burnt offerings, increased to 22,000, to 120,000 and so on.

    Tune in to get better understanding and knowledge on this subject. It will change your life for good and bring about what you have been chasing. Live on WWIN 1400 AM Station my baltimore spirit, online on blogtalkradio.com/gfem-radio, phone:347-989-1700. 6pm ET. Follow and twit us http://twitter.com/gfemradio

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