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    How Do You Sow in a FAMINE?

    in Spirituality

    Sowing when it is not pleasant to Sow.

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    Abusers n Bullies: Should They Reap What They Sow?

    in News

    Tune in TONIGHT (12/16/2014) @ 11: 30 PM EST for "Abusers n Bullies: Should They Reap What They Sow?" on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Join us in the CHATROOM @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy or CALL IN @ (917)889-3369 and PRESS#1 to voice your opinion on this topic.


    The bible teaches us to turn the other cheek when people do us wrong. We teach kids to tell an adult supervising them or cop if someone does something bad to them. But what if all that doesn't help?! Some parents even say fight back. Nowadays, you fight back you get jumped or killed. What do you do when the pressures of life get to be too much? What do you do when find out your loved ones commit suicide for no one took up for them? Let's talk about it tonight.

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - WhereThere is Hatred Let Us Sow Love

    in Spirituality

    FOCUS: Where there is Hatred Let Us Sow Love

    There is a Power within us that is greater than any offense, any hateful attack, any acts of disrespect, and any wounded pride. That Power is the Power of Love.

    Divine Love is seeded in the Soul of every human being. In that seed is full Universal Knowledge of Oneness -- full apprecation for Life''s singularity that is One Life expressing Itself in every life.

    In the seed of Love planted in the heart of each of us there is the Inner Knowing that every act of violence is the Soul screaming to feel connected and accepted, loved and respected. Every moment of rage is the Soul's plea for a soothing moment of Loving Kindness.

    Today we nurture the seed of Perfect Love planted in our Soul until it sprouts into leaves of tenderness that awaken Compassion and Understanding. We do this for  ALL who are screaming for Love to soothe their broken hearts.

    Every moment in which we remember that Love is in us all, we are watering and nourishing the seeds of Love in every human heart. 

    In the consciousness of one who is immersed in the divine love of God, there is no deception, no narrowness of caste or creed, no boundaries of any kind. When you experience that divine love, you will see no difference between flower and beast, between one human being and another. 

    Prayer of St. Francis by Anonymous 

    Let me be an instrument of Perfect Peace

    Where there is hatred,
    Let me sow love;
    Where there is injury, pardon;
    Where there is error, truth.....

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    Episode 19: Office Candy Dish

    in Culture

    We discuss why women should never have a candy dish at work, public radio voice and vocal insecurity, celebrities revolting against the red carpet, and Kanye and Taylor showing a little shine theory. Plus! A period-joke challenge.

    Reading list:

    Women doing the office housework

    Public radio voice and vocal fry

    The grossest period joke ever

    Red carpet revolt

    Kanye & Taylor

    Music list at callyourgirlfriend.com

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    The Season To Sow

    in Family

    When is it the right time to sow? Are you ready to invest in yourself?  Ready to walk in your purpose?  Need proven steps and  a system that will support your dreams?  Join me and get ready to step into your brilliance!



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    Episode 18: Hi, Haters

    in Culture

    We discuss men in jeggings, playing through the (period) pain, naming your baby Nutella, and confronting your internet trolls. 

    Reading list:

    Men in jeggings
    Men worrying about balding
    Playing through the pain
    Baby Nutella
    Lindy West confronts her troll
    A week of online harassment
    Girlhood! Girlhood opens in limited US release Friday, January 30.

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    Gardening: Reap What You Sow

    in Spirituality

    This is the time of year to start planting seeds so, you can harvest vegetables. But it is also a great time to plant new goals. to help you achieve your New Year's Resolutions. This is the time of year to transform. Blossom into a better, wiser person

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    Taking Action On A Goal

    in Business

    I am in love with setting goals and achieving them. The importance of goal setting takes a mere wish and turns it into something real, then setting the goal with a specific time vale and mapping out all the ways you are going to get there makes a HUGE difference.

    The life or death of a sales professional lies in the depth of his or her ability to properly set goals, and achieve them.

    My desire to help you dream big and achieve financial freedom is why I am here and I will share my life lessons with you in the hope you can gain from my perspective.

    I learned a long time ago you reap what you sow so in that case be good and help as many as I can and so there we go.

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    How Does Worship Benefit Believers

    in Christianity

    What really happens when a person worships God? Is it really neccessary for a christian to worship the Lord? What is true worship? How does worship affect me as an individual? Join us as we explore the answers to these and other questions concerning the benefit of worship. For more information about this ministry or to sow your monthly financial seed of support visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    Planting spiritual seeds pT 1

    in Health

    Join evangelist Yolanda Henderson in the holistic societies weekly discussion, as she discuss planting spiritual seeds her her 5 part series. As a holistic health coach she understands planting the wrong seeds , reaping a harvest,  and want to discuss what God has given her about life from a Godly perspective.  

    Guest speaker Normal Henderson 

    Why do we plant in the flesh and not in the spirit?  
    Don't we reap what we sow?
    can we find healing in alcohol, comfort in made made drugs, or relief in sin?

    Make a choice to stand. If we don't stand for something we will fall for anything!  For a complimentary personal consultation please call 1-888-959-2093. Visit the website www.thegiftoflifecommunityhome.wordpress.com for more infor 



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    What Happens When Hope Is Deferred?

    in Christianity

    What does it mean as a believer when something you have been waiting for takes longer than you think it should to appear? What does it mean to wait on God? and how long should we wait? Join us as we find the answers to these and other questions in tonights episode. For more information about this ministry or to sow a financial seed of support visit our website at kogwoc.org

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