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    Cinema Geeks – Episode 73 – Top 10 Actresses of the Half-Decade

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    Today on Episode 73 of the Cinema Geeks ….. we discuss the Top 10 Actresses of the half-decade (2010-2014).

    Main Attraction:
    Top 10 Actresses of the Half-Decade (2010-2014)

    What would be your Number 1?
    Kevin @OptimusSolo
    Dan @MovieRevolt
    Amanda @HardCandiMandi 
    Jairo from @TruBromanceCast

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    Wahoo, blue marlin, dorado in Southern and Baja California on Backlash Radio

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    Great show with Prowler Captian Buzz Brizendine, Don Ashley from Pierpoint Landing, Eddie Leland on his first wahoo in Southern California with Dave Dodge, current updates, PFO in the community. PFO/Aventuras Al Aire Libre headed to Baja California with a hospital bed for an automoblie victim, and planning for the PFO/ Aventuras Al Aire Libre Veteran's Day trip for the Marines and their kids out of Camp Pendleton. 

    Breaking fishing news from Baja and Southern California and Will "MENSA-MAN" Ebersman with his unique view on things. 

    More at www.PFOMedia.com  www.AventurasAlAireLibre.com 

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    Backlash Radio with wahoo, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna in Southern California

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    What an incredible week this has been in an incredible year. Rick Fuentes was out on the Victory for some great fishing for giant local yellowtail and joins the show. Thousands show up for Save Water--Save Fish at Plaza Mexico with a lot of great sponsors. Don Ashley from Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach has all the latest for you about great island, local and offshore fishing. Buzz Brizendine from Prowler Sportfishing has some incredible tales of yellowfin tuna, wahoo and blue marlin to 600 pounds. Lobster opener in So Cal with tips from Jim Salazar from PROMAR! 

    Freedom Boat Club in Huntington Beach member Chris Cueto catches a WAHOO!

    The Freedom has an early 100 yellowfin tuna out of 22nd Street Landing, there is a Guadalupe Fur Seal die-off and lobster season open in Southern California on Saturday. 

    More at www.PFOMedia.com or in Spanish at www.AventurasAlAireLibre.com  

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    Cinema Geeks – Quentin Tarantino Retrospective – Django Unchained

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    Finally the final film in our Quentin Tarantino Retrospective as we review his ‘southern’ film Django Unchained. Does Tarantino leave on a high note? Does Django make us more or less excited for The Hateful Eight? Also in this episode we announce our choices for the next retrospective and give you the chance to vote ...

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    Cinema Geeks – Episode 71 – This or That

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    Today on Episode 71 of the Cinema Geeks …..We discuss the recent trend of adapting movies to the small screen, we talk about the one movie in existence that apparently will never have a remake, we react to the latest live-action film coming from Disney as well as to what’s next for Michael Bay and in our main attraction you get a chance to learn more about us as we play a game of ‘This or That’

    Main Attraction:

    Movie Game: "This or That"
    Credit Conversation:
    What We've Been Watching:
    Return to Sender
    American Heist
    The Visit
    Cop Car
    Last Knights
    Cut Bank

    Did you like The Fantasy Film Maker or the This or That game? Would you like to see either of those again in the future?
    Kevin @OptimusSolo
    Dan @MovieRevolt
    Amanda @HardCandiMandi

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    Cinema Geeks – Episode 69 – Fall & Winter Preview

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    Today on Episode 69 of the Cinema Geeks …..we continue making ridiculous box office predictions, we give you a heavy dose of trailer talk and in an extra special main attraction we give you our take on a Fall and Winter Movie Preview by playing a new game for Cinema Geeks called "What are the Chances"

    Box Office: [00:00:00]
    News: [NONE]
    Trailer Talk: [00:00:00]

    Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
    The Final Girls
    Love the Coopers
    Rock the Kasbah (Trailer #2)
    Knock Knock
    Paper Planes (Trailer #2)
    The Danish Girl
    The 5th Wave
    Miss You Already
    The Perfect Guy
    The Night Before
    Main Attraction:
    Fall & Winter Movie Preview: "What are the Chances"

    Credit Conversation: [NONE]
    What We've Been Watching:
    Dan's Homework: DELAYED
    Amanda & Kevin's Homework: DELAYED

    What movie (outside of Star Wars) are you most looking forward to the rest of the year?
    Kevin @OptimusSolo
    Dan @MovieRevolt
    Amanda @HardCandiMandi

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    The Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus

    in Food

    Welcome to The Southern Passion Lounge. Join me this week as I dive into the local food scene in Jacksonville. One of my listeners got the opportunity to hanging out with me as I visted a few of my local favorite spots in 5points. My first stop was Corner Taco then we hit O'Brothers Irish Pub then we ended our visit to 5 points at Tapa That This was thier first experience in the five points area. To hear more about this culinary outing tune in.

    Follow me on




    Make sure to visit my website, I would love to hear your comments about the show, what your local favorite spots are and who is your favorite chef.

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    Playin Old School R&B,Southern Soul,Jazz,&Blues Music.Call Ins Are Welcome:

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    Backlash Radio with the incredible Baja and Southern California bite

    in Sports

    Fishing has never been better in Southern California and Baja and we have it all for you on Backlash Radio. Awesome tuna, dorado, yellowtail fishing just a few miles off the coast. Some of the best marlin fishing one could ever hope to find in Southern California. 

    Learn all about visiting Hotel Villas del Palmar in Loreto, Baja California. The fishing, the food, the spa, the people! Find out why your next trip should be to Loreto and Hotel Villas del Palmar. 

    Freedom Boat Club in Huntington Beach gets you out and in to the action now. Find out how you can get out and Captain your own boat right away as Andrew Hard joins us from the Freedom Boat Club.

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    The Healing School With Dr. Valeria Avery

    in Spirituality

    Jesus took our infirmities!

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    Cinema In Noir - GLAAD 2015 TV Report

    in Film

    November edition of Cinema in Noir. Hosted by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, "Cinema in Noir" covers the latest casting news, reviews, and interviews with the best and brightest talent in film. In this edition we discuss the trailer to Spike Lee's latest film, Chiraq.  We also discuss the ongoing debate about The Walking Dead. Lastly, we will discuss GLAAD's 2015 report on the state of the LGBT community on television.