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    South Bay Summer Vacations & Staycations

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Keri Franklin from the Four Points by Sheraton LAX and Andrea Murray from The Belamar in Manhattan Beach.

    Andrea Murray began her hospitality career at her Mom’s small catering company at the age of 12. She has worked in several upscale and casual restaurants throughout San Francisco including:  Palomino, XYZ, and McKormick & Kuleto’s among others.  Andrea launched her hotel career with W Hotels and was Director of Whatever/Whenever at W San Diego. She went on to become the Director of Welcome at W Silicon Valley and the Outlet Manager at W San Francisco.  

    Keri Franklin is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Crescent Hotels & Resorts at the Four Points by Sheraton LAX.  She is responsible for directing the efforts of a proactive sales and catering team by selecting, motivating, developing, and leading the team in order to achieve individual and hotel revenue goals. Prior to her current position, Kei was Director of Sales for the DoubleTree by Hilton LAX in El Segundo and a Sales Manager for Embassy Suites.

    This morning we’ll be talking about taking a summer vacation or staycation right here in the South Bay.


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    NWAC South Fastbreak Show

    in Basketball

    This show is hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://gregcrawfordbasketball.blogspot.com

    The show features 4 men's basketball coaches from the NWAC South Region

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    SOUTH CENTERS CHAt featuring Estefania James - Life in Ecuador June 17, 2015

    in Training

    Wednesday, 17, 2015 at 3:00 pm, SOUTH CENTERS CHAT with Tom Worley, Director of the OSU South Centers will feature Estefania James, Program Coordinator of the Aquaculture Boot Camp at The Ohio State University South Centers.   Estefania is a native of ECUADOR, South America who will share the culture and its people living in Ecuador.  This is a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. In the Andean foothills at an elevation of 2,850m, Quito, the capital, is known for its largely intact Spanish colonial center, with decorated 16th- and 17th-century palaces and churches.  This will be a very informative discussion about life in this county.


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    The Friday FARcast: Dissecting South Carolina And The Race To Polarity

    in Paranormal

    On today's show, we'll be taking a look at the recent events that took place in Charleston, S.C,, where Dylann Roof allegedly killed nine people during a shooting spree, in a church.  We'll look at Dylann Storm Roof, who he is and what might have contributed to the event.  We'll also peel back the veil and search for hidden agendas amongst the chaos and the tragedy.  We'll do our best to leave no stone unturned as we climb down the rabbit hole of Charleston, South Carolina.


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    NWAC South Fastbreak Show

    in Basketball

    This show is hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://gregcrawfordbasketball.blogspot.com and http://crawfordsgolfdaily.blogspot.com (golf and sports biz combo)

    The show features 4 coaches from the NWAC South Region.

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    South Bay's Got Talent

    in Current Events

    We have a returning guest this morning, Christian Wolf, Executive Director for the Torrance Cultural Arts 

    Center Foundation.

    Christian’s background in the arts began in kindergarten. He started by putting on plays in his living 

    room and was a performing (paid) magician by age 12. Christian has worked as a performer (actor and 

    magician), writer (three produced plays, print and media copy, award winning video script), producer, 

    director (over 30 shows plus special events, music videos and student films), presenter (18 years for 

    venues of 199 to 1,500 seats), arts administrator, acting teacher, graphic designer and marketing 


    In addition to his current duties as the Executive Director for the Torrance Cultural Arts Center 

    Foundation, Christian has served as the Vice President of California Presenters for 4 years, where he 

    helped to launch the Artist Spotlight and still serves on this committee. 

    Christian was recently elected to the board of directors of Western Arts Alliance, an organization 

    servicing all the performing arts organizations of the western state.

    This morning, we’re going to talk about the second annual South Bay’s Got Talent event and a few other 

    things going on at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center.


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    The Devil’s Construct: Was the South Carolina Shooter really the Devil?

    in News

    In this special two-hour special, the team of Ronald A. Edwards (Black Focus, The Minneapolis Story) and Don Allen (Our Black News and the publisher of the Independent Business News Networks) bring to you a comprehensive program dealing with who the South Carolina shooter was and why this was not a random singular act by lone gunman. Tune in as we evaluate local and national media coverage and why this incident has everything to do with racism and not the Devil.

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    in Self Help

    I have heard the question asked time and again in the last 24 hours HOW AND/OR WHY the Black folks in South Kakalakey COULD OR WOULD ....FORGIVE THE MURDERER OF THIER FAMILY MEMBERS AS A FIRST COURSE OF ACTION.....




    A Message from the TRAUMATIZED TRAUMATOLOGIST on the Emotional Status of Black/Afreekans in South Carolina.  What we are seeing and what supports their "ability" to FORGIVE as the FIRST COURSE OF THEIR GRIEF PROCESS is BACKWARD and reflects the level of HARM they have experienced. 


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    South Carolina shooting/Confederate flag/Nation building

    in Current Events

    Blackistand radio 3:30 pm PT!

    In the first part of this show we will break down Manifesto of dylann roof, the South Carolina murderer. Was he unique in his thinking and was the manifesto compromised before being released? We'll go over some of the details of his arrest and the court appearance that followed.

    also we will examine the  "forgiveness" expressed by the family members of the victims; is it a righteous act of christianity, or potentially dangerous for Black america?

    The second part of the show will be exploring the confederate flag debate and major retailer’s decision to remove it from stores and one flag manufactures decision to stop production of the flag. What are the true motives behind this?

    This will all tie in to the finale segment of Nation building and protecting ourselves. Why are we so slow act on our best interest as a people? Do we have the capacity to do so? What will it take?

    Join Blackistand radio in this all too important episode. Call in at 347-989-8767 to listen and /or join the conversation; you can also do so from the chat room or web page.


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    South Carolina Racism As I Knew It

    in Politics Progressive

    While I've lived 35 years in Boston, plus nearly two in Cambridge in college years, I have deep and wide Southern roots. As a child, I knew segregated schools, stores, pools and water fountains. My first college was in South Carolina. I used to be the editor of the Black weekly newspaper in the SC capital. My wife is an SC native, and on and on. I know a lot about the state.

    Let me speak of the people and events I knew in my childhood and youth. Perhaps as I talk, I can come to some terms with the brutal murders of nine in a Charleston AME church yesterday.

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    Live Chat:AME Massacre 911 Charleston, South Carolina

    in Music

    AME Massacre 911 Emergency Show

    Tell me whats going on out here. We have come to a point that we as people go into the house of GOD and kill. Tell me please what is happening to us as a people in the world. I need answers not only for the 9 that are in heaven, but for us here on earth. Most of all why can't we just live as people and not black and white.

    xpressions of grief, faith and gratitude on Sunday filled the space of a horrific mass killing at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, as the venerable structure was again a house of worship.

    Hundreds filled the pews of the historic church in Charleston, South Carolina.

    "The doors of the church are open," declared the Rev. Norvel Goff during prayers. "No evildoer, no demon in hell or on Earth can close the doors of God's church," he proclaimed.

    They sang hymns, prayed and remembered the nine church members shot to death Wednesday night during Bible study.

    One of the victims was the church's pastor, the Rev. Clementa Pinckney. His seat behind the podium was shrouded in black cloth and uniformed police officers were present in the side aisles.

    Overcoming evil with faith in God was a theme throughout the service.

    "It's by faith that we are standing here and sitting here," Goff said. "It has been tough. It has been rough. Some of us have been downright angry. But through it all God has sustained us

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