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    Voices of South Africa with Engela and Willem

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    My name is Engela Moorcroft Hughes, I was born in Johannesburg South Africa. We grew up in a Christian Afrikaans home, My Ancestors originated from Dutch, England, Ireland and some German. My Great great Grandfather was one of the original Dutch settlers, on my Mom’s side.

    South Africa was the most beautiful country, we were lucky to have grown up between all the animals, I was in the bush most of my child-life, stunning rivers, Country at its best. From when I can remember Dad had his own companies, we all grew up to have our own companies.

    A couple of years ago I met an American, we got married and I moved to Tuscaloosa, we only stayed a couple of years, then moved to China, wow did my eyes open there! I moved back to South Africa. Every time I came back to South Africa I see deterioration beyond believe.

    I specialized in labour law, I did a lot of disciplinary hearings, wage negotiations… I had loads of threats, I’ve been attached, hijack attempt, police brutality and smash and grab twice. South Africa was just not home anymore, so I sold everything and went back to America, where I tried to settle. I have one brother in America and another who fled to Australia.

    Willem Roussouw

    My name is Willem Rossouw. I am a 53 year old White male citizen of South Africa. I am married and have two children. Since 1994, our “democratic” government has implemented several counter measures to eradicate a so-called “disproportional employment” situation. This resulted in many White Afrikaner males losing their jobs to be replaced by lesser skilled and sometimes unskilled Black personnel. I have therefore been unemployed now for almost two years now. A law called “Broad Based Black Employment Equity” effectively prohibits any business to appoint any White person in any position, thus making it impossible to find work in South Africa. Since I lost my last job,

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    Voices of South Africa “Hate Crimes”

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    WHEN DO WE SAY NO !!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    “Tesh Ndlovu of Midrand: 27 October 2014: "My duty is to eliminate every white person in South Africa" facebook page: "If you look very well in my profile you'll see that I'm wearing a necklace.. you see this necklace. This was made from the bones of a small white child of six years old. I killed him myself and his sister in front of his parents. We can make beautiful art and traditional crafts using the bones an d remains of white people... If you want to eat a white person, I won't stop you. Or if you just want to have some fun torturing a white person before you killt hem, that is entirely your prerogative... whites doesn't have their own country. They are all over Africa... they've nowhere to run...”

    who can you trust?

    “South African Police sergeant Hendrik 'Muthi" Mthimunye: "Never Trust the White Man, the only Time you Trust Him is when he is Dead'

     5 November 2014: Twelve white colleagues have lodged a formal complaint against sergeant Mthimunye, saying these words are 'unsuitable language to be used a a police member."

    Dr. Stanton noted that recent studies of the correlation between corruption and atrocities committed by governments show that the relationship is direct.  Once in power, corrupt governments cling to power because of the enormous wealth their officials amass.  They then persecute, torture, and murder anyone who challenges their grip on power.  That downward spiral has begun in South Africa, just as it did in Zimbabwe.  In Zimbabwe it resulted in the Gukurahunde genocide against Joshua Nkomo’s Matabele people and Mugabe’s repression of the MDC.






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    Rainbow Nation or genocide Nation in South Africa

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    I must say the Rainbow Nation was a dream that never came true.  By the way what are the colors of the rainbow?  Black and brown are missing.

    Genocide is clearly happening in South Africa and what will the United Nations do? Just look at the makeup of the UN that would be like a Jew asking a Nazi for help.

    I hear China is the Africa solution? You must be kidding, just when I thought there was hope you took a dive into deep fryer? I guess one dictator for another is okay.

    Is China the mastermind and architect of the Final Solution for white South Africa genocide?

    Genocide Watch was the first international human rights organization to protest the murders and hate crimes committed against farmers in South Africa.  Since his research trip in July 2012, Dr. Stanton said that hate crimes against Afrikaner farmers have not declined.  The murder rate of the whole South African population remains at over 31 per 100,000. The murder rate of farmers, including Afrikaner farmers, is four times as high.  The Institute of Security Studies estimated the farm murder rate at 120 per 100,000 in 2013, and the Transvaal Agricultural Union, using verified names of victims, placed the figure at 130 per 100,000 in 2013, one of the highest murder rates in the world.

    Engela Hughes

    My name is Engela Moorcroft Hughes; I was born in Johannesburg South Africa. South Africa was the most beautiful country, we were lucky to have grown up between all the animals, I was in the bush most of my child-life, stunning rivers, Country at its best. From when I can remember Dad had his own companies, we all grew up to have our own companies.


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    LIVE from South Africa

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    Join host Ja'Vonne Harley on a once in a lifetime journey thru South Africa. She is joined by The Doug Banks Radio Show as well as 140 travelers from all over the US. This specially designed trip by Advantage International with South Africa Tourism and SAA visits Cape Town, Robben Island, the Cape Peninsula, The Limpopo Ragion, Johannesburg, Soweto and Sandton. Share the experience with all of them as they enjoy history, culture, cuisine and game drives. Hear why South Africa is a TOP destination.

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    Voices of South Africa with Leigh and Niall

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    Leigh Oxley Du Preez

    I was born in South Africa; I am only a second generation South African. I have 400+ years of American blood flowing through me. I have lived through and seen the utter devastation in my country and have lost much through the brutal violence in South Africa like so many of my fellow folk.

    I do not have a fancy education but I am a giver, I live to serve my God and my people. I am involved with South African Family Relief Project. I am directly responsible for clothing and feeding White South African Families that are in crisis.


    My name is Niall Mac Áibaicín and I currently live in Co. Donegal, Ireland. I lived in South Africa for approximately 20 years until the end of 2009 and worked as a financial and budgets manager as well as an academic director in universities within South Africa, Switzerland and Germany. My area of academic work was in Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior. I specialized in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. The last few years of my time in South Africa were spent working as a volunteer for an Irish government funded organization in KwaZulu-Natal setting up clinics for HIV, Aids and TB within a squatter camp and in a remote rural area.

    Having married in South Africa and with two children who were born there, all of whom are now, thankfully, living in Ireland, I developed a great love for South African and its entire people. On the other hand I am glad that we do not live there any longer, given the rapid increase in rates of violence and murder within South African society.

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    Voices of South Africa with Giovanni and Shane

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    My name is Giovanni Reho.

    I was born and raised in SA on a farm near Rustenburg. We had I huge estate that employed a lot of workers. As a young boy I grew up with the children of the people that we employed for many years. We lodged them, fed them, paid them wages and never looked down on them because they were black and poor. We had an awesome relationship with the blacks that worked for us.

    I never had the opportunity to finish school which I finished very young at the age of 12-13 years old.

    I started my military service when I turned 17 on the dot which was very young in my opinion but I did not really have a choice at the time. I did ALOT for my country and its people....I loved SA so much that I decided to start a Anti - Poaching unit in the 1995 and trained hundreds of candidates not only in SA but also in other places.

    I decided to leave SA when I understood that the writing is on the wall already and that there is no more going back to the SA I once loved and knew. I left in 1997 and it was by far the hardest action I have taken in my life._____________________________________________________________________________________

    Shane Jansens van Rensburg - Author of the following books: Amidst the chaos: Sometimes words come to the rescue

    A Survival Guide to the "New South Africa: Time to Start Preparing Corruption kills: Satan Mshlope is coming for you (The Shane files)

    I am a South African blogger and writer; I focus largely on what is going on in South Africa at the moment and am very direct and straight forward! The ruling party does not care for me as I call them out on all their corruption and illegal doings!

    I was born in South Africa and served in its military under the previous dispensation. I am Passionate about my country and all the wonderful people that make it the amazing place that it is. I feel it is my sworn duty to take on those that would destroy my homeland.

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    Love letters to South Africa

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    The sounds of children at play"

    There are many, many aspects of culture that many of us take for granted so inherent and integral they have become within our various cultures. One of these gems is children!

    Children, yes children and how wonderful, truly wonderful children can be!

    Of course then there are those times when they try us beyond our patience pushing us to the brink of insanity and many of us not realizing that these beings staring up at us with those eyes and facial expressions are PROFESSIONAL CHILDREN who are very skilled in how to irritate parents to get what they want!

    Then there are those many tales, tales that even in adulthood these rascals still keep those secrets of their behind their parents backs activities, activities that would fail our hearts at their discovery and activities that remain unknown to their parents beyond the years of childhood.

    We all remember!

    Then there are those many mornings when we want so desperately to sleep in only to be awakened by their out of doors activities, laughter, screams, and squeals of delight, fights and so on! DRIVES US NUTS SOMETIMES but oh how we love the sounds of children at play!

    Children playing outside with their friends and in the suburbs up and down the streets as though they were insane!



    When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. "~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

    Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
    - Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.
    Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.
    Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.
    - Martin Luther King Jr.


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    Voices of South Africa “story of Johnny”

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    "In 20 years South Africa has went from one of the safest countries in the world to only a few steps away from a 3rd world Hell Hole in which a girl has a better chance of being raped than she does graduating High School."


    Johnny is a native Tennessean who currently resides in the Philadelphia, Pa

    Metropolitan area and has been a civil rights activist for the ethnic minorities in South Africa for a year. He is the author of thenewsouthafricasgenocide.org. Johnny also collaborates with other civil rights voices for ethnic minorities in South Africa including Adriana Stuijit of censorbugbear.org, Brendi Richards Admin at Facebook group      the truth about south Africa Facebook and Chris Du Plessis of Oase who videotaped the popular videos of Dr Gregory Stanton of genocidewatch.com speaking of the genocide in South Africa when Dr Stanton came to South Africa to investigate and report on the genocide that is being perpetrated against the ethnic minority citizens of South Africa. Johnny traveled to South Africa in the beginning of 2014 to see the situation on the ground where he networked with others involved in exposing the human rights abuses of the ethnic minorities there. Johnny has currently teamed up with several other South African civil rights activists to get a census of the total number of ethnic minorities living in squatter camps in South Africa.

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    Voices of South Africa with Elize and ED

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    I am the youngest of three girls born to Louis Hoseas Benjamin Moolman and Adelien Engelbrecht Moolman. I was born in 1972 in Johannesburg and lived in Cape Town, Pretoria, Ondangwa (Namibia) to name but a few. My father was a Sargent Major in the Army by the time he went on pension. My mother also joined the military while we lived in Namibia. Both of my sisters left the military as Sargent Majors. I was the only one who didn’t follow in my father’s footsteps. In part because I was found medically unfit to join the forces. I was the rebel in the family. I worked my way into a managerial position fresh out of College with nothing but a Secretarial diploma.

    I made friends with people around the world. One of these people ended up being my husband. Who flew to South Africa and refused to leave until he had my hand in marriage. My father reluctantly allowed me to leave and my sisters were angry at me. I started a new life and in Canada I experienced new emotions that I was never aware of before.


    I have the “White Shame” complex and “Survivor Guilt” the shame come from thinking of all the people who lost their lives and freedom during Apartheid, the guilt because I am raising my child in a place where the two of us can go for a walk in the bush without fear of other people, only animals. While my nieces’ children, who are slightly younger than him, haven’t even yet learned how to ride a bike because it’s not safe for them to leave their homes.

    Ed Begley

    Bio ...Tattoo Billy has been around since 1992 formed by Hurstel Begley my father and me Ed Begley.  We became activist when my friend Frans Maritz a Disc Jockey from Southern Africa started playing us on his Radio station Wild Horse radio ...I became an activist for him.  After Children of ham



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    Breaking the media`s blackout on South Africa

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    The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa.”  In painstaking detail, Ahlert goes where angels fear to tread in exposing the murderous, borderline genocidal, conditions under which white South Africans are systematically forced to labor. The very same Western media that campaigned tirelessly against the apartheid of the old South Africa now refuse to utter a syllable about the cruelty and injustices that plague the new.  In light of the ubiquity of this cowardice, Ahlert’s courage is that much more salient—and that much more commendable.

    Statements made about minorities by ANC Government Officials towards SA minority citizens

      “When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies” – Mzukisi Gaba (ANC councillor and politician at the Provincial government of the Western Cape.) “Kill the Boer – Kill the Farmer” – Peter Mokaba (Murdered ANC populist) “Stealing from whites is not a crime” – Faraday Nkoane, Leader of the Uhuru culture club. “I have beaten the Colonials – and I am going to beat the children of the children of the Colonials” – Julius Malema (ANC youth leader) “Kill them- Kill the Amaburu” – song by the ANC and Mandela “All whites are racists” – Dept. Minister Fikile Mbalula “Whites will be threatened with a revolution by black people if the racial quotas are not met” – Jimmy Manji (Black management forum leader) .

    We are here today to declare war. We are against violence, but if this is what it takes to force a bad farmer in a direction, then they should be smashed (moered) in that direction. If farmers continue to violate the rights of our workers like mad dogs then we need to beat them until they stop.


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    Voices of South Africa with Peter and Steve

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    Steve Maree

    I am a 5th Generation white 62 year old, born & bred in Johannesburg and now living & working in Durban, I have to work just to survive. I am in the sales profession, but because of my age and colour of my skin, I earn a pittance, but fortunately I do earn commission.

    If you're white and employed, you take whatever they throw at you, and you don't argue, you are only too happy to have a job.

    I have 2 children living in London, 1 married and 1 single.

    By the time my 22 year old son was 15, he had had a gun at his head on 3 occasions, (2 Hi-jacking’s and 1 violent armed robbery).

    Peter Hamilton

    I am 61 year old and have 2 daughters. My eldest who is 39 years of age was attacked when she was about 18 (1993) her and her boyfriend were attacked outside a pub he was running in Benoni. Fortunately she was not hurt and he came off lightly. They were both traumatized. She is living in Kentucky and has been there for 4 years.

    My youngest daughter lives in Cape Town and was raped by Black man.

    I decided to leave SA in 1992 after a visit to my sister who had then moved to New Zealand. I saw the writing on the wall and knew it was a matter of time before we ended up in a Zimbabwe type debacle.

    I eventually got my break to immigrate to NZ.in 2001.and has been here most of the time in my own business.

    I live in a small town (Mangonui) in the far north of the north island.


    I have a cafe/bakery in a town about 30 kilometers north of where I live on one of the tourist routes to the northern tip of the island.


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