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    Iggy Garcia and WithInsightsRadio welcomes Sammi Soutar

    in Spirituality

    She is a writer, freelance journalist, public relations and marketing specialist and a student of core shamanism

    She facilitates a writers group that meets weekly on the far east side of Columbus

    She is working on the final revision of her first novel, a fantasy spoof -- working title: GUILTY AS CHARMED -- which is also the first in a trilogy about fairy godmothers “with issues.”

    She has won writing awards for creative writing and journalism; also awards in public relations and graphic design

    She is the founding president of Able Management Solutions Inc., an accredited association management company that manages nonprofit trade associations and professional societies

    She was born in Okinawa but became a naturalized citizen at the age of 5.

    She attended Stephens College for her bachelors of fine arts and studied with Toni Morrison while there; and attended the University of Missouri School of Journalism for her masters and once nearly ran down Andy Roony on the way to his lecture. He spoke of his harrowing experience during his talk and her roommates leaped up to finger her in the audience.

    She has traveled extensively and been on every continent but Antarctica and Australia, and has had several narrow escapes

    She is a student of shamanism and has traveled with Peter Gorman, former editor of High Times, in the upper Amazon river basin and Andes.

    This will be her fourth year participating in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which begins today and goes through Nov. 30.


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    Inner Voice Intuitive Hour welcomes Sammi Satour

    in Spirituality

    Sammi Soutar is a business owner, a marketer, public relations specialist, and award-winning journalist. Six years ago, she began to write fiction again after a profound experience in the Sedona desert.

    Soutar turned to books on Native American folklore, myth and spirituality to gain an understanding of what she had experienced in the desert. Her study of core shamanism began shortly thereafter and has informed her writing ever since.

    She considers herself a nontheist (someone who has no belief in a personal god or gods), and a skeptic of the supernatural. She believes that what is treated as supernatural or mysterious is simply an aspect of the natural or physical universe that has yet to be discovered, solved or understood.

    A business speaker who has covered topics ranging from ethics to marketing to how to build spirituality into the business model, Soutar is now semi-retired and spends most of her time traveling and writing.

    We invite you to listen as we discuss ways to connect with your inner magic & Soul self through your dreams, visions and synchronicity. By attuning to these magical channels your life can slowly begin to reflect your most inspired dreams. I will use my intuition & Jungian psychology background to host this discussion. Weekly topics can cover working with dreams, archetypes, nature & the elements, goddess worship, animal totems, tarot, depth psychology & the like.

    Your host Jenny Sieck has been a practicing intuitive having helped hundreds of people on their journey. She is delighted to host this weekly discussion! Callers are invited to call in & ask a question or share,a small piece of their journey! The number to call in is (646) 595-3440! You can also follow Jenny Sieck & Inner Voice at Innervoice11 on twitter! Enjoy the show!