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  • REEL Talk: Top 5 best Movie Soundtracks EVER / Power Season 2 ep 8

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    Top 5 best Movie Soundtracks

    Plus POWER episode 8 season 2  

    Greatest  Movie/ TV  Themes 

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    Indie Music Insights with John Neff

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    Engineer Extraordinaire

    John Neff started playing in bands in the Detroit area in 1963; He made my first record in ’65, another one in ’67, my first album in ’69 and ’70. for about 125 non Motown R&B records as a session guitarist between ’70 and ’73, toured for many, years with lots of different bands. He moved to Toronto, then Phoenix, then Hawaii for almost 14 years, built a studio there with Walter Becker from Steely Dan, we did the ‘Kamakiriad’ album for Donald Fagen and Walter’s Solo album. Walter bought him out in ’92, and I moved to Phoenix, built a great big studio over there started designing studios.1979 saw a move to Maui, Hawaii, where he retired from touring but not the music business. Neff did a morning radio show for nine years, started a Hawaiian record company and built a recording studio with Walter Becker from Steely Dan.Artists worked with there include Buffy Ste. Marie, Donald Fagen and Willie Nelson.Moving back to the mainland in 1993, he spent a dozen years in Hollywood, nine of which were working with film director David Lynch. He recorded the scores for and mixed the films, “The Straight Story” and “Mulholland Drive” for which he received a technical Oscar nomination. He also mixed all of David’s earlier films in 5.1 surround for their DVD releases and has an album out with Lynch titled “BlueBOB”. A move to Marin County in 2005 resulted in John working at the legendary Plant Studios with artists such as Journey, Sammy Hagar, Michael Franti and more. John has mixed 17 Feature Films, and three shorts, and worked on approximately 450 music recordings over the last fifty years in the business, and been nominated for a Grammy as well as receiving numerous Gold and Platinum awards. http://www.johnneff2.com


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    We Lost ANOTHER One. RIP Prince. AND Hillary Way Ahead In Polls For Next States.

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    Natalie Cole last year - then David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner, Denise Matthews - aka "Vanity" - Prince's protégé, Maurice White all this year...and now Prince. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. These are the creators of the soundtracks of our lives, and they are ALL gone. This sucks for so many of us, so I just could NOT let this day go by without mentioning, and honoring those musicians we have lost...

    But I ALSO have to do my job - which is report, and "pontificate" (no, really) on political news.

    Hillary is WAY out front in the polls for most of the next state's primaries. It TRULY IS time for Bernie to leave the race with honor.

    As a Hillary Supporter and Pledged State Delegate, I am going to support Hillary on my show, from this point, forward.

    So join me - LIVE - Tonight at 11:30 to honor Prince and his contributions to our personal soundtracks, and also to discuss Hillary's lead in the polls.

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    Gordon Zahler's Hollywood life: Strange As It Sounds! INTERVIEW

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    Today's Guest: Chip Jacobs, author, "Strange As It Seems: The Impossible Life of Gordon Zahler," "Smogtown"

    Key interview moments:

    • 3:00 Chip Jacobs gave him biography the subtitle "The Impossible Life of Gordon Zahler" because he knew his uncle's life sounded unbelievable;

    • 19:20 Muriel Zahler, Chip's mother and Gordon's sister, recognized that her life was forever changed by Gordon's accident and the financial too it took on their family; she never forgave him but never abandoned him, either;

    • 19:20 Gordon's outsized life intersected with many celebrities thanks to his music business, creating relationships with everyone from sitcom queen Lucille Ball ("I Love Lucy") and animator Walter Lantz (creator of "Woody Woodpecker") to "B" movie director Ed Wood Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space).

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    LOTL Radio Welcomes Chris Jasper. Debuts his new single " Share With Me "

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    The Legendary Chris Jasper. Debuts his new single " Share With Me " The Title Track from his upcoming CD.  .


    Bio from the official Website 


    CHRIS JASPER’s music has been covered and sampled by hundreds of new and established recording artists, including Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Fantasia, Will Smith, Alliyah, Queen Latifah, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Natalie Cole, Jaheim, Kendrick Lamar, and the list goes on and on.  His music has also been used in many movie and television soundtracks. In 1992, CHRIS JASPER, along with the other members of THE ISLEY BROTHERS, was inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME and in 2014, received a GRAMMY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. In 2015, CHRIS JASPER received the German Record Critics Lifetime Achievement Award - 



    If you are familiar with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, then you have heard the music of CHRIS JASPER, who was primarily responsible for writing, arranging and producing all of THE ISLEY BROTHERS music during this time, including such beautiful love songs as “For The Love of You” and “Between the Sheets” and uptempo funk such as “Fight the Power.” His arrangements and instrumentation as a classically-trained musician, and his expertise on the keyboards and synthesizers, are the foundation of the legendary “Isley Brothers Sound.” When the six members of THE ISLEY BROTHERS disbanded (1984), Marvin and Ernie Isley joined CHRIS JASPER and formed ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY. Without this crucial musical component, THE ISLEY BROTHERS were no longer a self-produced, self-contained group.

    CHRIS JASPER brought his “unique sound” and musical talents to ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY, 



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    Clandestine Month Part 3 with Composer Jeff Stults

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    Where would our favorite movies be with out their soundtracks? To this day I can't hear the 20th Century Fox fanfare without thinking it is going to be followed by the Star Wars Theme. But what does it take to watch a movie and then create the music that fits the mood of the scene, the entire plot and the characters. Did you know that Princess Leia has her own theme? Not to mention the Imperial March. It's not just about music that plays under dialogue or sets the mood for Jason Voorhees to spring out from behind a tree.

    Tonight we're going to find out about the creative process behind creating movie music with Clandestine composer Jeff Stults.

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    "The Soundtracks Of Our Lives" - FIRE & ICE with Taralyn & Soul Kitten on KLJN

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    FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7

    HOSTS: Soul Kitten and Taralyn

    No matter where you are in life, no matter your age, sex, religion, race or creed, and no matter your political beliefs there is a song(s) that act as a backdrop to moments in your life. Join Soul Kitten and Taralyn as they embark on a journey guided by music! From various artists and genres, get swept up in the power of music to inspire, incite, calm, convict, titillate, divide, unite, or embody.

    As you listen, please reflect... what songs and artists have left an imprint in your mind and connected to some of your memorable moments in your life?

    Please message us to share your thoughts on our FB page! --click here ---->>>  FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7


    MARVIN GAYE - Just Like Music

    BOOTSY COLLINS - I'd Rather Be With You

    CHAKA KHAN - Aint Nobody

    EURYTHMICS - Sweet Dreams

    MICHAEL JACKSON - Stranger In Moscow

    ALINA BARAZ - Make You Feel

    PRINCE - Adore

    CHOKLATE - Thank U

    JANET JACKSON - 70's Love Groove


    Producer: LadyJaz The Entertainer



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    Why music is a healer for the heart & the Soul

    in Lifestyle

    Rickie Byars Beckwith is one of the 21st century’s most revered singer-songwriters whose transcendent music opens the heart, touches the soul, and uplifts the spirit.  
    In Culver City, California, Rickie is the Music and Arts Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center where she directs the 200-member Agape International Choir.Together with her husband, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, their powerful partnership has resulted in a dynamic catalogue of songs that enable transformational healing through the power of music.    

    Rickie's extensive music catalogue is heard on the radio and on soundtracks for movies and television.   She has performed in five sessions with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, at Green Festivals across North America, and at countless Peace Concerts that promote unity and the principles of non-violence.

    "Spirit encourages me to be a voice of inspiration," says Rickie.  In being an example of change .Rickie supports numerous organizations , organizes benefit performances ,  that bring “Water to a Dry Land.”  

    Backed by some of the most accomplished musicians from Los Angeles and beyond, the Agape International Choir is heard daily throughout North America, Europe, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, India – and all places in between.  Featured guest artists , John Legend, Will.I.Am, Stevie Wonder, Niki Haris, Brenda Marie Eager, and Tim McAfee-Lewis.

    Please join us .

    Love Vanda 



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    THRILL KILL KULT is an UNDERGROUND HIT FACTORY for the "CABARET FROM HELL!" A TOURING CARNIVAL OF ALL THAT'S KITSCH AND NAUGHTY, SEXY & DELIGHTFUL! GROOVIE MANN & BUZZ McCOY are the Innovators and Creators of these soundtracks to our forbidden minds! hahahaaha

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    Do you remember when a song or theme defined an entire movie?  Comedian Greg Reifsteck and his guests Greg Simpson (From The Wayback Machine) and New Wave fanatic Nicole Cosand will help you remember soundtracks that only the 80s could contain.  Everything from the opening notes of the John Williams Raiders of the Lost Ark Masterpiece to John Hughes megahit collections like Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. We also talk hit filled albums like The Lost Boys, Top Gun and Flashdance,   We even get into more obscure titles like Streets of Fire and Electric Dreams.  Call in with your Rad Musical Movie Memories.

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    Tracy Newman, TV writer and folk singer. The Americans, Americana Rock and Roll

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    Tracy Newman is an Emmy-winning TV writer and producer  and a long time roots musician who has been a staff writer on Cheers, The Nanny, Hiller & Diller, Ellen and Drew Carey. Her long history in folk music includes a New Christy Minstrel in her teens) and playing places and, with her band the Reinforcements, play in virtually every roots and folk music venue in Southern California. Her albums are for both children and adults and one even includes a coloring book. She will bring us great stories and great music!

    The Americans play original rock and roll with deep roots in traditional American music – not quite folk rock, not quite rocking folk, but its own unique thing.  The have backed up Nick Cave, Tim Robbins, appeared on PBS,and The Late Show, played on film soundtracks and rocked venues across.   Made up ofPatrick Ferris (vocals, guitar), Zac Sokolow (electric guitar, banjo, violin), Jake Faulkner (bass), and Tim Carr (drums, at least two of them will join us Friday and maybe all three. 

    Plus, we will have a surprise guest at the top of the hour.  Can't say who because it is a surprise.