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    SOULMATES.....Do you believe in them?

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    With the many discussions of relationships, I've heard various point of views about whether or not everyone has a soulmate. In a lot of cases, even though people believe in soulmates, they don't necessarily believe that there is only one per individual. Moreveover, some even think that soulmates transcends beyond intimate relationships, in that a friend can be a soulmate. What are your thoughts, let's talk about it tonight? "Darryel's Daily Dialogue....where positive words manifest positive action."

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    Many of us hope to find our soulmate.  We think of them as our gift to eternal bliss.  They mean more to us than we think.  Today, we will delve into a deeper understanding of the purpose of soulmates.

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    SOULMATES AS DEFINED TODAY is the subject of Dick & Roberta Sutphen’s SPIRITUAL CONCEPTS radio show this week. Are Soulmates still considered perfect marriage partners, or in light of the high divorce rate, should the concept be reexamined? Go to www.dicksutphen.com and click on the yellow box on the home page.

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    The Concept of Soulmates

    in Romance

    Join us for a discussion on soulmates, what it means and if they actually do exist.

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    Tune in on Tuesday when Lady Fontaine and Dr Jean Cirillo discuss soulmates. Are you with your soulmate? If not then how do you draw them in? Tune in for all the details on this fascinating topic! Btw, soulmates aren't what you think they are!

    Get the best of both worlds!! America's #1 Love Psychic Lady Fontaine and Prominent New York Psychologist and Relationship Expert Dr. Jean Cirillo take your calls on the air-LIVE!!! It has been awhile since Lady Fontaine and Dr Cirillo have spent the entire show taking YOUR calls tonight is the night-give us a call! 646-381-4141.What happens when New York's Prominent Psychologist Dr Jean Cirillo joins America’s #1 Love Psychic Lady Fontaine for a live call-in radio talk show? E X C I T E M E N T combined with thought provoking discussion and expert advise from these
    'life and relationship' experts as they join forces to give callers a well-rounded view of any of life's pressing issues!Call Lady Fontaine & Dr Jean Cirillo about your relationship, work, career or job issues or anything troubling you. Let them guide you through life's challenges. Callers get a well-rounded viewpoint on a variety of real-life topics from both Dr Jean Cirillo and Lady Fontaine. Get the BEST of Both Worlds when you listen to this dynamic team provide callers with practical and intuitive advice as they provide insightful guidance to all of life's challenges. Lady Fontaine & Dr Jean Cirillo-LIVE!!! Dr. Jean Cirillo has been seen on hundreds of national talk shows, as expert guest and staff psychologist. Presently she consults with MTV, VH1, BET for reality shows: including "Flavor of Love", " College Hill", "Made", "Making the Band", and "I Love New York". Specialties include women's issues, teens, abuse, self-esteem and relationships.Lady Fontaine was voted in 2009 & 2010 as America’s #1 Love Psychic. She is a top-ranked internationally known psychic.Tuesday at 11pm(ET). Call 646-381-4141.

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    Soulmates on The Lisa Bousson Show

    in Spirituality

    Join me in the discussion on Soulmates. There are different types of soulmates - learn the different qualities and characteristics of the people around you.



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    True love, soulmates is any of it real????????????

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are going to dig into real love.  Does true love really exist?  Is there a such thing as soulmates?  Are we too busy looking for the fantasy that we miss out onthe real thing?  Does true love exist in 2015?  Are men and women capable of real love?  Tonight we are going to dig into the topic, so tune in from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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    Do Soulmates Exist?

    in Comedy

    Joe and Kate are joined by Sammy Rickey (and Tim Rothschild who comes on later) to discuss whether soulmates actually exist or if it's just something we say to make us feel like we've found the "one". They talk about how romantic relationships aren't always what you expect them to be.

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    Soulmates in Business!

    in Women

    Join me as I talk with Marjorie Schoelles, CEO of MsXmedia and one of my Soulmates in Business!   A former VP of marketing for a national corporation, Marjorie now assists others to connect their purpose and their business.  

    "I believe that we are each born creative and whole, with a soul purpose. Our highest good is when we use our energy, intelligence and gifts to build our life on the foundation of our purpose".  Marjorie Schoelles  CEO, MsXmedia

    Sometimes we are attracted to business partners or collaborators for healthy reasons, in balance and in harmony with a complimentary partnering of our blueprint, utilizing our strengths and innate gifts and power.  Other times, we can be attracted to a business partner/collaborator for unhealthy reasons, such as feelings of deficiency ("that person will make me more successful") or feelings of powerlessness ("I can't do it without that person").  We'll talk about the differences in these scenarios, and how to get free of unhealthy collaborations.  

    JOIN US for our virtual workshop, THE ENERGY of PURPOSE!  

    Learn more about Soulmates in Business here!

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