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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Harpist Mariea Antoinette!

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    Mariea Antoinette is a rare and beautiful bird....a courageous torch bearer and new pioneer for the harp.  When we first met, some years ago at Berks Jazz, this radio host was struck by her serenity.  Her performance with the group, Jazz in Pink, was beyond stellar.  Which makes her music that much more authentic. It rings of new truth.  Exciting beginnings.  A blend of elegance, sweet soulfulness, classical and the best of Pop and Jazz hybridity.  How this amazing woman is able to make her fingers fly to deliver a musical message is beyond what most of us can fathom :-O

    Mariea is a San Diego native, fully entrenched in the atmosphere of sun, sky and sea.  She ventured into Arizona for her Masters in Harp Performance - and has been all over the world - but San Diego is her base.  It suits her well.  She has played at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Southeast Symphony Orchestra  - as principal harpist - since 2007.

    Her performances have placed her in front of the President and First Lady, Mary J. Blige and Jamie Foxx (a huge Grammy celebration), "Vanity Fair" Magazine, Ne-Yo, U.S. Attorney General Kamala Harris, and a LITANY of other events and super stars :)

    Our guest - visitng at four p.m. Eastern, one p.m. Pacific - credits a special teacher for her expertise.  The Russian artist, Elena Mashkovtsena.  The tools that Mariea was given have taken her to places that she probably never expected to see. But maybe she did - there is an assurance about her that tells you that ANYTHING is possible.  Her commitment is this: to break the boundaries for the harp.  To enable the instrument to become "front and center."  If anyone can do this, it's Ms. Antoinette.  One listen to her new album, "Straight From the Harp", and you'll believe that she can F-L-Y.  That Beautiful Bird is SOARING!

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    TC 267 Robots for Humanity

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    Join us for a lively conversation as we look at the cutting edge advancements of robots helping the quality of life in so many ways.  3D drones, communicating 3000 miles away in real time. Yes! it's no long science fiction.  We'd love for to join us....we've even saved you a spot here at the Transformation Cafe...a fun way to nourish your soul :)

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    Malachi Rivers is a New York City based rapper, poet, and actor whose lyrical soulfulness and avant-garde music making has earned national and international acclaim. A native of Maryland, Malachi cultivated a strong following in D.C.’s metropolitan music and spoken word scene before moving to New York City where his career quickly blossomed and he became a regular in the city’s staple music venues, including the Nuyorican Poets Café and SOB’s. Malachi’s lyrical skills and performances garnered the attention of Grammy nominated jazz musician Marcus Strickland, who asked Malachi to be the sole voice in his “Twi-Life” group and record the group’s debut album Open Reel Deck. The Village Voice touted Malachi as being able to persuade you with his lyrical abilities, writing: “Malachi recites and cajoles over a state of the art Jazz band.” The Denver Post likened him to the great jazz and soul singer poet Gil Scott-Heron. Shortly after the release of Open Reel Deck, Malachi toured with the “Twi-Life” collective, which performed at New York City’s legendary Blue Note Jazz Club and subsequently joined forces with a rotating collective of artists for a North American and European tour. During this period, Malachi released his debut single “Cloud 9”, which became an online favorite, and starred in two independent films Scrolls the Book of Life Part 1 and 2. He also ramped up to launch a solo project, which he released in the summer of 2012 to much buzz. The debut EP, Stereo Sound Escape, became an internet sensation, anchored by its lead single “A New World Part II - The Schizo Speaks” featuring HBO’s True Blood star Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette).

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    Soulfulness sound

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    join me today for some great music.

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    Mikayla, Rock Singer & Actress

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    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Rocker and Actress Mikayla!


    Mikayla is a V2D Records Recording Artist; Radio and TV personality. Mikayla is a prolific singer/songwriter with the ability to write in a variety of styles, from having the edgy garage band sound of the Kinks, DC 5, or The Rolling Stones; the soulfulness of an Amy Winehouse, or the energy of a Katy Perry. A Mikayla Show is an experience of Sound, Sight and Sensuality.
    Her music is being heard in more than 70 countries around the world…she is a guest on some of the biggest talk shows on the planet. Mikayla has been asked by Richard Sirgiovanni, creator of “The Grimps,” to be a contributing songwriter for the soon to be major motion picture and TV show. She has also been cast in a principal role as "Rebecca Mooney" on ?the new Western TV Series Big Sky…her career is “on fire!” 

    ** Here is the Link for the Upcoming Google Hangouts With DJ Dan and Mikayla:

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    Temika Moore - Gospel Singer -

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    The End Of Me (EP), Temika Moore's latest project is the first installment of a collection of songs chronicling one's journey to find and understand love - God's love.  The End of Me rips the mask off the humand condition by removing the often perfectionistic and highly opastic veil of living a life committed to Godly principles.  One may be led to think The End of Me is a contemporary gospel album. The End of Me is a transparent album for those searching for freedom, not religion. It is a project without lyrical or musical boundaries written for the the churched and unchurched. From the midtempo R&B soulfulness of I'm Not Ok to the minimalistic piano ballad and title track "The End Of Me", this project is an aural chronicle for beat lovers, and lyrical fanatics who simply enjoy music without borders.

    "One day I remember having a conversation with my 80+ year-old great aunt and I remember saying to her, "No one told me life would be this hard". I remember her matter-of-fact response hit me at the center of my soul. She simply said, "You never asked." After I recovered from laughing at my great aunt's sarcasm, her response led me to reflect on other areas of my life to uncover other things "I never asked". Suddenly, I realized I'd unearthed a long list of questions that begged to be answered. I was always pretty certain I knew what I wanted out of life. However, I realized I never asked God what he wanted for me. What is in my life that shouldn't be? Why do the same situations resurface over and over but with different characters? Why do I make choices that appear to be right at first but eventually prove to be unbeneficial? What am I really here to do? What really matters in the end.

    I believe we are all yearning to understand our individual mala-dies. I believe when we come to the end of ourselves that's when life opens the doors for a paradigm shift.

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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Luke James x Lil Mo

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    When a new artist hits the scene, adjectives like fresh and honest frequently get thrown around when, in many instances, it’s more hype than truth. But that’s definitely not the case when it comes to Luke James .. And just who is Luke James? He’s a singer/songwriter who truly embodies the honesty and fresh, organic soulfulness that’s been in relatively short supply of late in contemporary music. Now that sounds like a pretty tall order for a newcomer to fulfill. However, the New Orleans native is very much up to the task. In fact, you’ve no doubt heard his work.

    James’ real-deal approach to music and—more important—the craft of singing are the main attractions on his self-titled debut album: "Luke James” Both mark the singer/songwriter’s debut on Mercury/Island Def Jam via New Age Rock Star Records (NARS), the label helmed by award-winning producer Danja (Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Keri Hilson) and long-time collaborator / mixing engineer Marcella “Ms Lago” Araica (Madonna, Pink, Timbaland). That connection hits home on James’ lead single, “I Want You.” Packed with interesting breaks and tempo shifts, the sparse yet bright track pulsates with an infectious, hip-hop-influenced beat. That foundation provides the perfect complement to James’ pure, arresting falsetto as he sings: “I was just a broken record of one-night stands /Til you came along with your beautiful song …”

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Gregg Karukas and "Soul Secrets!"

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    Gotta get that title out there for our Grammy Award-winning, Maryland Man!  Indeed, Gregg Karukas is returning to "Hybrid Jazz" with yet ANOTHER feather in his cap: a luscious new musical project called "Soul Secrets."  

    Keyboardist, Composer and Producer and MORE.  For over two decades, Gregg has been captivating our psyches with his psoulfulness :-D   (HAD to go there!)  There is so much that can be said about our guest!  He truly is the pride of Bowie, Maryland - where he starred in the Starliners Big Band in high school.  An early champion of the synthesizer, Gregg owned one of the first mini-moogs.  He was in the top Washington, D.C., Jazz-Rock band, East Coast Offering.  This region knew him WELL!  Moving to Los Angeles in 1982, his reputation followed him.  Five years later, he was one of the original members of the Rippingtons.  And through the years, he found work with Larry Carlton, Melissa Manchester and Sergio Mendes.  His collaborations with Brazilian composer, Dori Caymmi and his work with Omar Akram set him apart from almost anyone in the genre of Contemporary Jazz.  Especially satisfying is the Grammy from last year's "Echoes of Love" with Omar.  Gregg produced, engineered, arranged and co-wrote immensely ear-pleasing music for the project, which garnered "Best New Age Album" honors.

    Raise your hand if you know Gregg's OWN tunes when you've heard them on the radio.  Many of us do and are grateful for the velvet passion that soaks through the airwaves like bliss - if that had notes :)  This is a true student of music who dabbled with drums and guitar and trumpet as a child - but chose the keys to the highway ultimately.  And never looked back.  The artistry from "Soul Secrets" seals that deal for GOOD.  Join us on 10/1 with Mr. Sublime ;)


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    The Chat Room... with special guest Mikayla King

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    Mikayla is a V2D Records Recording Artist; Radio and TV personality.  Mikayla is a prolific singer/songwriter with the ability to write in a variety of styles, from having the edgy garage band sound of the Kinks, DC 5, or The Rolling Stones; the soulfulness of an Amy Winehouse, or the energy of a Katy Perry.  A Mikayla Show is an experience of Sound, Sight and Sensuality.

    Mikayla is a V2D Records Recording Artist; Radio and TV personality.  Mikayla is a prolific singer/songwriter with the ability to write in a variety of styles, from having the edgy garage band sound of the Kinks, DC 5, or The Rolling Stones; the soulfulness of an Amy Winehouse, or the energy of a Katy Perry.  A Mikayla Show is an experience of Sound, Sight and Sensuality.

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    Mint Condition on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

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    Mint Condition is an R&B, Funk, NeoSoul, Jazz Band which was formed in the 1980's by a group of young talented men who ROCK! The core members have remained the same throughout the years. If you watch their unsung, you will see that they function like a family which means that they're tight, which is probably why their music is so tight! They've worked with numerous producers like Jam and Lewis, Had multiple Soul Train Award Nominations,  The soulfulness in their sound will make you fall in love and break up in 4 mins. Pretty Brown Eyes makes the ladies swoon While "What Kind of Man Would I Be" make the brothers check themselves. Gotta love them. Definition of A Band was just that! So, check out the interview and find out what's new with Mint Condition!

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    Have you ever had a moment where you felt as though something wasn't right? Perhaps stepping into a parking lot late at night, or feeling negative around someone without knowing why? And if you've experience this before, have you shrugged it off, dismissing it as illogical nonsense?

    Join me on the SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW to find out exactly what Intuition is and how we experience it in our everyday lives.  You are invited to share your own experiences with us so we can all learn and share together...
    Can't wait to tune in on Saturday March 29, 2014 3-4:30pm
    One Love!



    Soulful Healing specializes in Holistic Health which focuses on the  Mind, Body, & Soul Connection.  Soulful Healing’s goal is to give mundane everyday tasks the depth and significance that comes with soulfulness.

    While most people are familiar with physical excercise programs that help to tone the muscles of our bodies, they may not be aware that there are also spiritual exercises that will improve the functioning of the meridian and chakras.   There are many topics to explore, which may include meditation, intuition, receiving “signs” or messages from spirit/the Universe, connecting with your spirit guides, angels, archangels, spirit communication, psychic abilities, channeling, spiritual awakening,  visualization, energy healing, raising your energy vibration, auras etc.  We have also provided a spot for you to share your own stories!

    Soulful Healing offers a wide variety of Mind, Body,& Soul therapies which includes, a “Guide to Healthy Eating,’ Skin Care Routines & Products, Organic Herbal Remedies,  Tinctures, Tonics & Salves.   ”