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    Rapp Artist King Sosa

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    Listen in as King Sosa educates us about his grind in the rapp game and at the end of the interview listen as one of his greatest hits "Money Dreams" closes us out. 

    Keep checkin' for Sosa as his music will be broadcast for an HOUR on my show Meloni's Matters which is on one of the largest forums for internet radio Artist First, that has 220 million listeners and is in partnership with CBS News.

    If you are a singer, rapper, musician, and you'd like your music to be featured on 2 radio forums call 443-790-6303 to schedule your interview and you may also visit http://www.melonisworks.com to learn more.

    Also, musicians, register your music on a FREE social site that is just for artists and business owners. Visit http://www.artistbusinesshub.ning.com

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    SOSA (We In Here)

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    The life and career of Candi Sosa. Hard to believe in a lifespan a person can have experiences the mind is unable to fanthom.
    Cubans have experienced unimaginable pain and joy. Cubans a happy people on the surface and in their souls they carry the pain that urges them to survive and succeed.
    Between 1960 and 1962, more than 14,000 Cuban children were secretly flown to the United States to escape Fidel Castro. Parents said goodbye to their children not knowing if they would ever see them again. The airlift over the Florida Straits became known as Operation Peter Pan. In Spanish, Operación Pedro Pan.
    Candi Sosa is an inspiration for anyone who has the desire to fulfill their dreams. Her music, her voice and her story in her words...
    This show will be recorded in English.
    For other shows check my website.

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    Olive Garden Presenta Radio Al Dente: Marta Sosa

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    Venezuela cantante Abner Cobos, cuyo nuevo álbum se titula Presto de tu Mente, habla de sus raíces musicales con Cubanarama anfitrión Marta Sosa. Luego se profundiza en un tema que está seguro de despertar el interés de los padres aspirantes. “¿Qué consejo le daría a los hombres que tienen miedo de mostrar su lado más suave? ¿Cómo se hace eso sin perder el ‘ese’ factor,” pide Marta. “Muchos hombres no se atreven a mostrar el amor por temor a que sus sentimientos barridos por la mujer,” responde Abner. “Pero yo siempre les digo a ustedes, si su novia es negativa cuando le dices lo que realmente sientes por ella, no deberías estar con ella.”

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    Candi Sosa, grew up in Central Covadonga, Cuba, among the sugar fields and green plains of Central Cuba. Music was everywhere in the life of a guajira (country girl) and whether she was listening to her mother play records or dancing to her father playing congas, Dulce (as she was called in Cuba) responded to all things musical. Before she could write she memorized songs from the radio, listening for them to be played over and over again. If she didn?t understand the lyrics she would ask her parents to try and fill in the gaps. In this way she developed her first repertoire, of Cuban Folk Songs, at age six.
    And Nazario Alfaros owner of Alfaros Night Club is a restaurant, bar, lounge and art gallery all in one. Alfaros endulges their clientele with authentic Cuban Cuisine, International Tapas and a delicious variety of wine and sparklin champagnes along with the best live entertainment Miami has to offer to make your time most memorable. Nazario will tell us why Alfaro's Alfaro is an excellent place to relax, enjoy and make memories with family and friends.
    Artists like: Candi Sosa, Lorena Gomez, Maria Del Carmen Munne. Noel Montano and many more who will remind you there is no place like Alfaro's Alfaro anywhere....Alfaros, the establishment that appreciates music and the artists.
    Alfaro's Alfaro is located at 1604 SW 8 ST 
    Miami, FL 33135

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    Phin Bane Sports Talk w/ Packer Backer Cannon (NFL Playoff Week 14)

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    Its Week 14 and the NFL Playoff picture is coming to form.  We give you a live update on who we think will come out on top and who will fall out of the picture and be watching from there home TV.


    We check to and Speak after The Miami Dolphins if they were able to Bounce back from the Broncos loss to beat the Jets on Monday Night.

    Were they given some help from the Green Bay Packers as they faced the New England Patriots this past Sunday.

    Plus High Five to the Face Segment? Who makes the list this week (Ray Rice, Sammy Sosa, Miami Marlins... Tweet us your picks)

    We look at the remaining schedules and see what games are must wins both all teams in the league to make a playoff run.


    Call in and Join us and give us your opinion of what you expect.


    Follow Phin Bane on Twitter and Instagram at: @eonphaze

    and Follow the EON_Network on Twitter and Instagram at: @EON_Network

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    A House Interrupted: A Wife's Story of Healing from Her Husband's Sex Addiction

    in Self Help

    Our special guest will be Maurita Adler, Author of “A House Interrupted,” A Wife’s Story of Healing from Her Husband’s Sex Addiction.” She established the first S-Anon group in Myrtle Beach, SC., has Co-lead a SOSA Celebrate Recovery group.  She is the founder of the Women’s Life Recovery Network, - a monthly luncheon/meeting group that allows women across the Grand Strand the opportunity to hear one Women ‘s life story.She was a presenting author at both the September, 2011, Decatur Book Festival and the May, 2011 South Carolina Book Festival, and participated on a panel, “Writing About Life’s Challenges.”She has appeared on two segments of the Dr. Drew Show, and has appeared on numerous talk shows including, “Let’s Talk Live,” ”WUSA 9 News Now,” Washington, DC, and most recently, the NECN “Morning Show,” Boston, MA.She is an accomplished speaker and has presented workshops that address:

    ~Therapists and Addiction Counselors

    ~High School and College Students

    ~Church Groups

    ~ Women’s Groups and Book Clubs

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    FRESH FRIDAY - With @thaboy12 & @Ahren_B -09/19/2014

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    Fresh Friday Brings you the freshest new music from Ireland, Uk and USA with live interviews from artists all over the world.

    Tonights Episode, We have Exclusive Music from Ireland, The UK and also America. Also Live Interveiws with Stevie J (The Consultant) MBA.  Pro Audio Engineer  Mix King Magik.  Ca$hville Recording Artist  sosa tha plug. Uk Artist SnakeyManUK  And Many More.


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    Joshua ...dont play with me with that gay talk....IM BIGGGG SOSA!!

    in Fun

    This show is about how people feel about about Homosexuals or those who associate with them. We will also talk about homophobia....and how it affects men. Also, will be discussing some things around  what clarifies one as being gay even if that person does NOT identify with the connotation. Hosted by Oshay the Great!!!

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