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    sci-fi Screen Writer and Author Sophia Stewart, author of "THE THIRD EYE" and the Mother of the Matrix and Terminator. 

    Sophia is the writer of the Terminator and Matrix movies Child prodigy, prolific writer, poet and creative genius are just a few of the terms used to describe Sophia Stewart.

    Sophia won a 2.5 Billion Dollar Lawsuit after a 13 year dispute. She is a prolific writer and profound scientist, visionary and spiritualist.

    Sophia Stewart has received justice for copyright infringement and racketeering and will finally recover damages from the films, The Matrix I, II and III, as well as The Terminator and its sequels. Yes, 
    you heard that correctly – the entire Matrix & Terminator franchises, and her suspected pay off is expected to be the highest in history – an estimated 2.5 billion. 

    Her case is a true landmark, and far too uncommon as countless creatives are exploited by the snake-like dealings of the movie industry. Here’s a recap of her triumphant journey. 

    The investigation also stated that ‘credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward, claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski Brothers.’ These witnesses claimed to have seen Stewart’s original work and that it had been ‘often used during preparation of the motion pictures.’ 


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    Sophia Stewart Matrix Lawsuit

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    The Matrix was an immediate box office hit upon its release in March 1999, quickly grabbing the public's imagination and its movie-going dollars. Together with its two sequels, it has grossed in excess of $2.5 billion, making it one of the most lucrative film franchises in cinematic history.

    Stewart's case was dismissed in June 2005 when she failed to show up for a preliminary hearing of her case. In a 53-page ruling, Judge Margaret Morrow of the Central District Court of California dismissed the suit, saying Stewart and her attorneys had not entered any evidence to bolster its key claims or demonstrated any striking similarity between her work and the accused directors' films. As of this writing, Stewart's case is no longer before the courts. She has announced that she does not plan to let the matter drop, so possibly this case could someday be re-filed and heard, but for now it is over. 

    After a 15 year battle in Matrix and Terminator Lawsuit, Sophia Stewart finally gets her day in court again on June 25, 2014 in the Tenth Circuit United States District Court of Utah.

    Join Us As We Prepare To Evolve Into Higher Consciousness...

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    Justice For Sophia Stewart: The Mother Of The Matrix

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    Sophia Stewart: The Mother Of The Matrix has been fighting racism and the Judicial system for more than 10 years now seeking her rightful entittlement of a billion dollar law suit regarding her renown role in writting The Matrix, and Terminator movies that has rivited the nation. There has been coverups, copyright infringements, and a blatant disregard for the truth surrounding her story. Now that your interest has been piqued we are gonna travel deeper into the Matrix and really find out how deep this rabbit hole goes... Are you ready to take the blue pill? or the red one?  

    We will take you on a journey inside the life of this phenomenal Oracle. Please brace yourself for this time traveling expericence because life as you know it will never be the same. Please tune into our sister station here on blogtakradio/swip, and go visit our website: humanrightsjc.com

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    The Matrix Author Ms. Sophia Stewart

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    My guest this  Saturday, July 12, 2014, at 1:30 pm Arizona Time, will be Science Fiction Writer,  Sophia Stewart.   Ms. Stewart will clear up some misconceptions about her and her creative work.  Please tune into the show and ask my guest any questions pertaining to her works of literature.

    Blog Talk Radio  (424) 222-5349  or  Cell Phone Radio (408) 418-5050 conference ID (81810#) code for the show

    Web Links:  www.winsongentertainment.com    www.thecharlieboltsshow.com    www.blogtalkradio   www.studio8181.com

    Advertisement Inquiry inf@charlieboltsshow.com or 623-755-4482

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    Talk With Sophia Stewart

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    A conversation with Author of The Third Eye, Sophia Stewart about her experiences as a writer. 

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    "The Matrix" & "The Terminator" author Sophia Stewart, Proud Cherokee Descendant

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    Ms. Sophia Stewart 

    ..."Mother of The Matrix" has received numerous awards for her achievements over the past few years.  After earning the Rosa Parks Award' from the NAACP in December 2005, she also got the honor award for empowering the people from the Las Vegas Music Awards in September 2006. On June 2, 2007 she was nominated for the international award called: 'Lifting Up the World with a Oneness Heart.' An award offered to people who have made exceptional contributions to the human family. Some of the receivers of this award include: Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul, Jesse Jackson and many others.

    Mother of the Matrix as she is affectionately known, wrote her Epic The Third Eye while she was studying cinema at the University of Southern California. This ingenuous work, copyrighted since 1981, is the foundation and contains the core elements of the blockbuster films: The Terminator and The Matrix.
    Stewart's brilliance lies in her ability to create characters, stories and cinematic magic. In The Third Eye, she has transformed comprehensive metaphysical and spiritual concepts into the most revered science fiction films of the 20th century. The Terminator and The Matrix films are among the most artistically phenomenal and financially profitable film franchises in Hollywood’s history.  These works have currently grossed over $25 billion dollars, won 4 Oscars, and continue to generate revenue internationally.
    She is currently continuing her epic work in the upcoming Matrix 4 movie.

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    Mother of the Matrix Sophia Stewart talking about DNA

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    Mother of the  Matrix Sophia Stewart who created the screenplay  "The Matrix" and "Terminator" will talk about DNA. Her book is "The Third Eye" which talks about her journey of creating the screenplays. 

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    Screen writer Sophia Stewart, better known as The Mother of the Matrix and author of the books "The Third Eye," AND "Matrix 4 The Evolution, Cracking the Codes", finally got her day in court on June 25, 2014, with damages In the billions. After eleven years of fighting in both the California (CV 03-2873-MMM (VBKx) and Utah (2:07cv00552-EFJ-DB) Federal Courts, she was finally able to enter the evidence proving she wrote and own the Matrix and Terminator Franchises. Stewart won the lawsuit Pro Se without an attorney. The Matrix which was released in 1999, starred actors Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie Ann Moss was listed as one of the most successful box office hits in the history of the movie industry. M4 book is a conversion and explanation of both the Terminator and the Matrix franchises. To date, the billion dollar Matrix franchise has been sitting dormant for seven years since the last installment in 2003. The newly released published M4 book will finally address the questions that for years many fans have sought to have answered in the sequels of the Matrix.



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    Sophia Stewart (The Mother of the MATRIX)

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    Sophia Stewart the mother of the Matrix and the Terminator will grace The Real Talk USA Network discussing the Matrix 4!
    To listen is to learn.

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    Sophia Stewart (The Mother of the MATRIX)

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    Sophia Stewart the mother of the Matrix and the Terminator will grace The Real Talk USA Network discussing the Matrix 4!
    To listen is to learn.

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    Sophia Stewart Update Interview On True Nubia

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    The Mother Of The Matrix Has New Victories To Share With Her Global Fanbase - She Thanks All Believers & Has Alot To Say Satruday Night On 'Keeping It Simple w/Sam'

    Join Sam & Jakzun As They Sit With The Oracle & Discuss Her Legendary Court Battle & Her Thoughts On Today's Events




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