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    Stop Sopa

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    click the description to view 7stage.com
    This is suppose to happen all of this hijacking is control by CIA. Giving a reason to shut down Websites and all Media Blogs, also be advised that "HOLLYWEIRD" is very much apart of this "Hijack" as well..
    The Entertainment Industry see's that regular folk like myself and others don't need there help in selling our Creative Ideas this is the
    "REAL REASON ON SOPA" all the rest is just "RUBBISH"

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    Conectando en la cocina, Sopa de betabel- Historia de Migrantes y mas

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    " Una voz que te conecta sin limites"

    Bienvenidos a Conexion Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinamico.

    Hoy comenzamos una nueva programacion Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 8:30 de la noche.

    Jueves y Viernes a partir de las 6:30 de la mañana.

    Hoy tenemos...

    - Efemérides

    - Historias de Migrantes, con Wendy 

    - Cocinando con Lupita- deliciosa nutricion y la economia en la mano - sopa de betabel con poro.

    -Comentarios y mas.

    Gracias por su sintonia.


    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora



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    SOPA has Reached the Shores of The Philippines

    in Current Events

    With Special Guest Host Jim
    Dark cloud falls over the Filipinos over the new add-on law of sopa.

    New internet law gets hostile reception in Philippines

    darkness of uncertainty falls over the people of the Philippines due to an add-on law of sopa

    darkness & unrest caused by the new add-on law of sopa in the Philippines
    The views of the Cohost may or maynot be those of mine..so you are warned

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    SOPA - The Sleeping Giant

    in Politics

    Mark Matheny discusses the recent move to shelve SOPA by the White house, and the dangers of the bill should it be resurrected.

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    Quintiliani on SOPA and S. 1867

    in History

    Host Brian Duffy will interview Dan Quintiliani concerning the current legislation being pushed in the US Senate, SOPA and S 1867, both of which has far reaching effects on civil liberties.

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    GOP, SOPA and Other Idiots

    in Comedy

    The South Carolina debate is history, but the laughter it produced will live on for weeks and months. Even though we all know Mitt has it wrapped up, that doesn't mean that Newt, Ron, Dumb Rick and Dumber Rick can't keep spewing their nonsense and hatred. Plus, people power stopped SOPA and won the latest round in the government's war on the internet, but how long can we hold on? Also, the Golden Globes were as exciting as ever and Tim Tebow will bring his football expertise to CBS's pregame show. All this and anything you want to talk about too! Join us and call in.

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    SOPA and PIPA would censor the Web

    in Culture

    Why you need to be concerned about the SOPA and PIPA.  Let your representatives hear you today!!! Go to 
    http://www.wikipedia.com/  today, look up your representative and let them hear how you feel!    

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    Ding Dong The SOPA Witch Is Dead!

    in Social Networking

    Today SOPA was pulled - major major victory for the web.  We discuss copyright and how the music nad movie industry has been wrong every time new technology comes out, starting with VHS.
    Also, YouTube marketing tips!
    Sponsored by:  CurationSoft and The Jim Stroud Show

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    Understanding SOPA, PIPA & the Wikipedia Blackout

    in News

    Join Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) in the latest of its timely, useful webcasts about technology and media. We'll discuss the implications of the U.S. Congressional bills known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), which have attracted tremendous attention in the last few days. 
    On Wed., Jan 18, Wikipedia's English section is going to be blacked out as part of an unprecedented protest against the bills. This will serve as the focus of our discussion, but we'll address various sides of this, including what issues journalists should be thinking about as they cover SOPA & PIPA.
    Everyone from President Obama to Ruper Murdoch seems to have weighed in, but what it all means isn't clear. Clarity is what we'll aim to bring to the issue.
    Hosting the show are Prof. Sree Sreenivasan (@sree), Columbia J-school digital professor and Dean of Student Affairs and Alexander Hotz (@hotzington), a reporter on The New York World, the J-school's new government accountability site named for Joseph Pulitzer's legendary newspaper. Confirmed guests taking calls include Prof. Andrew Lih (@fuzheado) of USC Annenberg, author of "Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World's Greatest Encyclopedia"; Steve Myers (@myersnews), managing editor of Poynter.org; Julian Sanchez (@normative), fellow at Cato Institute and Economist writer.
    See Andrew's detailed Storify of these topics - http://bit.ly/sopastorify
    You can participate by calling in live or Skyping in or commenting in our chatroom or emailing sree@sree.net or tweeting @ColumbiaJourn or @sree.
    SAMPLE TWEET: 8p ET @ColumbiaJourn call-in show on #wikipediablackout + #sopa, hosted by @sree & @hotzington: http://bit.ly/cujsopa #cjsopa

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    SOPA and the South Carolina Republican Debate

    in Politics Conservative

    Aaron will be discussing the potential ramifications of passing SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act.
    With the South Carolina Republican Debate just one day away Aaron will discuss who needs to have a good showing.  He will also provide inside knowledge on some of the questions that will be asked.  Will the other candidates go after and try to slaughter Mitt Romney?