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    Join us as we discuss depression and the holidays and how it triggers domestic violence and abuse. Sadly many will go through a wide range of emotions as the year ends as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. Anger. Loss. Separation. Frustration. Hopelessness. Desperation. These feelings will trigger some into states of violence and abuse just because. We will explore this pattern and hopefully help you recognize and get ahead of the warning signs. The first of a two part series on OPWR. Join us! Save a life!


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    Uber Triggers a Capitol Hill Inquiry

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    Amazon robots get ready for Christmas; controversial comments from Uber get Capitol Hill's attention and Yahoo scores a major victory. WSJ's Mathew Passy has details on those stories and more.

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    My guest for this weeks show will be Mrs. Vickie Herring. I will be speaking with Vickie Herring about the healthy and soothing effects of natural oils on body and soul.  How many times have you walked from one room to another and then forgotten why you went into the room? Have you experienced the embarrassment of discussing a subject with friends and just as you were going to make your point, you forgot the reference date, article or names you were thinking of? Have you noticed it takes longer to finish a project because you can't stay focused?  Most people used the rationalization, "They have too much on their plate, and they're in memory overload".  Or worse yet, it's age!  Tune into the show this weekend and pick up some pointers on a healthier life style through body oil therapy. 


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    Losing Your Parents Episode 6: How to Cope with Birthday Triggers

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    About this show: I lost both parents to cancer at 22 and 27. Let's talk about stuff that's hard, ways you can move forward in your life and how to get back to a happier place. My intention is to connect those of us who have lost our mothers, our fathers or both parents, at any age, through the arts, life experiments, looking inward and turning pain into something positive.

    In this episode: I talk about my interview with Stephanie Fleitas from CreatingWithin.com and continue the conversation about birthdays: birthday triggers, why birthdays can be incredibly challenging without your parents and how they can be easier and more enjoyable as time goes on.

    Got a comment, feeling or question about this topic or about anything else?

    I'd love to hear from you! If you have a question to ask me or a comment about a previous podcast or blog post, please leave an anonymous voicemail, here: (626) 671-LISA (5472) or write me an email http://losingyourparents.org/contact

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    Emotionally Charged Triggers

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    Have you ever just felt fine and on top of the world when someone said something, or you heard a song you hadn’t heard for a while or a scene in a movie or show moved you to tears!  Well, you were just “triggered”.  Something from your past in this life or maybe from a past life deep within the core of your being was “moved” to come to the surface.  When this happens it can be an explosion of anger, fear, or maybe even sadness that wasn’t there just a moment ago.

    Sue Graywolf Petruzzi and Smokey Whitewolf Steiner will talk about some of the “triggers” they have had or still have, and will guide you to understand why they are there and what needs to be done to help you release the “hold” these repeated patterns may have on you.  It is a matter of just paying attention to what is bubbling up to the surface, acknowledging that it happened, and doing whatever healing is necessary to release the “Trigger”. 

    All the Ciracle Radio shows are now grouped around the changes in manifesting the New Earth - relationships, teaching of the elders, spirit guides and working with the Earth Mother and Earth’s creatures. Together we grow. Be a part.

    Don't forget to bring an open heart and mind.

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    ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family

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    How Do You Deal With Yourself When You Do Not Get Along With Another Soul?

    in Motivation

    One of our biggest challenges is when we are faced with the fact that there is someone we do not get along with that is in our everyday life in one way or another. How do we handle ourselves and not put ourselves in a compromising position and learn to see what it is ours and what is not. Difficult situations that we cannot control on one end, being where we have to be, is still in our hands on our end. How do we best handle these circumstances and still feel we are OK in that setting and in our lives. Tune in and Join the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    This Week's Guest is Renowned Alternative Health Voice Dr. Carolyn Dean

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    World renowned alternative health voice Dr. Carolyn Dean joins us on December 17th during the second hour of The Best Years in Life Radio Show. Dr. Dean, who literally wrote the book on magnesium and authored the best seller "Death by Modern Medicine", is a great friend of The Best Years in Life.  The topic of duscussion will be her book "Death by Modern Medicine."

    During the first half hour Tony will go over additions to our website and will discuss the health topic of his choice.

    During the second half hour, Luella will talk about life triggers that may lead to depression.

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    This week on SONG THERAPY The Crew dives into "I GET SO LONELY" by JANET


    “SONG THERAPY” is Today’s Hottest & Progressive Music Platform Created to Heal the Pain and Soothe the Soul. So Sit Back, Relax and Unwind as we take you on this Therapeutic Musical Journey. It’s Time for you to join the Crew on the First Ever Virtual Couch. Remember no one likes to go to Therapy, but they love to come to SONG THERAPY!!!!


    Call in / Listen every Tuesday @ 9pm est/ 6pm pst 347-855-8964. See you on the virtual couch!

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays hosted by Magi Love w/ Tha Message

    in Entertainment

    Turn It Up Tuesdays hosted by Magi Love, the spot to get connected with aspiring individuals coast to coast. Playing some of the best unsigned, independent recording artists and interviewing individuals from all walks of art.

    Topic: Crushing on your friend's mom.

    Guest: Tha Message of Cleveland Unlimited Records

    Tha MESSAGE began his love affair with music after his grandmother passed away, she was a published poet and passed before she could see her first book published. He made the promise to himself to take on her legacy and to continue working through his words just like she had, he started simply by writing poetry and then that transitioned into rhyme. In 2003 after receiving his first portable Cd player and a rap Cd he was inspired by the tracks he heard, he soon found that hip hop could speak to him and soothe his soul.


    (C)reating (A)venues (N)etworking through (U)nity,  Get Lifted .

    Visit GetLiftedEntertainment.com for submissions and interviews.

    Twitter @GetLifted_Radio

    IG: GetLiftedEntertainment

    Add us on  SoundClound

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    The Adrenal Reset Diet with Dr. Alan Christianson

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    The Adrenal Reset Diet: Strategically Cycle Carbs and Proteins to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, and Move from Stressed to Thriving is Dr. Alan Christianson's newest book. 

    In this show, you'll learn:

    - How to tell whether your adrenals are stressed, wired, and tired... or crashed

    - Which adrenal tonics, exercises, and foods are best for you

    - How to turn off the triggers of weight gain with carbohydrate cycling, circadian repair, and simple breathing exercises. 

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    The Sports Cage Health & Wellness Week featuring Sub Zero Cryotherapy

    in Sports

    This week on The Sports Cage we will feature some great guest as part of our Health and Wellness Week. Monday on the show we will talk about Sub Zero Cryotherapy one of the latest and most state of the art health and wellness alternatives trending right now across the country. We will be joined by Megan Sanders Regional Director of Operations for Sub Zero Cryotherapy Chesterfield.  https://www.facebook.com/SZChesterfield  or Call 636-778-2233

    What is Cryotherapy?

    Cryotherapy is the use of a brief and intense exposure to cold that triggers the body’s natural healing process. Originally developed for the treatment of inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis, cryotherapy provides a wide range of benefits from sports recovery to weight loss, improved skin, better sleep and many more. The results are dramatically quick and surprisingly long lasting. With regular use many have experienced chronic issues resolved permanently.

    Interested in advertising or sponsoring the show email: sportscage247@gmail.com

    The Sports Cage Sponsors:

    Complete Supplements MO https://www.facebook.com/completesuppsmo  and Sub Zero Cryotheraphy https://www.facebook.com/SZChesterfield

    Follow “The Sports Cage” On- YouTube, Google+ and Twitter “Stay Locked Into The Sports Cage" follow me @debo88mma

    Listen to The Sports Cage Via: iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Player FM, Blubrry, CastRoller, and Blog Talk Radio!


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