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    Ice Cream 4 The Soul with Dr George Pransky. 'Chasing Locusts On The Highway'

    in Spirituality

    This week Mark is over the moon to be chatting with 3P legend psychologist Dr George Pransky about  the 3 Principles psychology that is impacting people across the globe. George stumble upon the understanding in 1976 after being introduced to the late Sydney Banks and it radically changed how George worked with his clients. George has been instumental in introducing the understanding to many other psychologists and mental health experts aswell as the general public. Mark himself was profoundly impacted by a particular audio in which he heard George being interviewed and in many ways this led on to the creation of the Ice Cream 4 the Soul Blog Radio Show. George lives in La Conner Washington the HQ of Pransky and Associates.

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    Feuerstein's Fire #272

    in Sports

    Feurestein's Fire is now a member of Once A Metro in SB Nation

    The Original American Soccer Show with Heart and Passion. Discussing our Clubs, Leagues, Players, National Team and other Fabulous Moments

    Brian Keyser P.A. Announcer of the Harrisburg City Islanders discusses the clubs move to the Minor League Baseball Stadium for their future seasons, Darius Shirzadi of Project GOAL returns to discuss an update of his orginazation and what they are doing in Providence, Rhode Island. Matt Miazga's transfer to Chelsea.

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    "Building Attraction" - FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7 with Taralyn & Soul Kitten

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    K L J N 107.7

    What defines beauty? We all know the connotation of external beauty, according to societal standards: youth, thinness, clear skin, nice hair, sexiness, etc. We are bombarded with pictures, videos, and magazines that illustrate and emphasize a specific look that inadvertently conditions our thought process to some degree.  Despite well-meaning sayings such as “beauty is only skin deep” and “physical attractiveness should not influence us in our interpersonal relationships” it does. Beauty is a perception of an object, person, or aspect, which is fully opinionated by the mind; beauty cannot be proven by fact or law since it is completely based on personal preferences and perceptions. There are two categories of beauty: inner beauty and physical beauty. Physical beauty is the attractiveness an individual inherits from genetics, whereas inner beauty is acquired from various experiences and innate traits developed over time. What does building attraction mean to you? Join the discussion and express your thoughts and wisdom on this multilayered discussion.  


    HOST: Taralyn & Soul Kitten


    Dwele – Down Jimmy

    DJ Dimsa- First Touch

    Marsha Ambrosius- With You

    D’ Angelo- She’s Always in My Hair


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    Feuerstein's Fire #271

    in Sports

    Feurestein's Fire is now a member of Once A Metro in SB Nation

    The Original American Soccer Show with Heart and Passion. Discussing our Clubs, Leagues, Players, National Team and other Fabulous Moments

    Joining me from the Oklahoman Sports Pages is Chris Brannick who covers OKC Energy and soon the NASL's Rayo OKC side. New General Manager of the Swope Park Rangers of the USL is Kurt Austin of the Sporting Kansas City Affiliate, My good friend Nathan Carr from the Home of Caribbean Football .com will discuss the draw of the 1st Round of the 2016 CFU cup as the winners advance to the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup

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    On Fire To Inspire: Tapping Into Purpose

    in Motivation

    "On Fire To Inspire" will be live with your host, Ms.OnFireToInspire, Aleigha Butler on Tuesday at 8pm EST at 929-477-2178 or www.blogtalkradio.com/onfiretoinspire. Our topic is "Tapping Into Purpose." We have the special guest, Transformation Strategist, Kara Sakina who is going to help bring this topic to life. You don't want to miss this show. Make sure you share with your friends, family, and followers so that they can tap into their purpose too!

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    "I Apologize" W/ Hosts Taralyn & Soul Kitten on FIRE & ICE

    in Radio


    Join Taralyn and Soul Kitten with special guest Rashawn Sullivan on a journey through the depths of darkness and death that ended with one man's decision to crawl at his lowest point into the light. Rashawn Sullivan took the life of Jason Crawford and you would think that the story ended there. However, there was life to be lived by Rashawn, Jason's loved ones, and Rashawn's family and friends so what was next? Can a "meaningful life" be attained by an offender that has taken a life? Does a convicted murder deserve a "meaningful life"?

    Tune in this Saturday January 9th and decide after you listen.

    SIDE NOTE: Today more than ever there is a division among the black community that has widened more than ever before. It was no mistake that we here at FIRE & ICE were drawn to Mr. Sullivan and his amazing story. In the media we, black people, are depicted as heartless savages who kill one another without a thought. We, as they depict on every media outlet there is, are nothing more that materialistic shells who wander this earth purposeless, pointlessly, and with an agenda to sap any and all resources. Then, there is this story you will NEVER see in the media. Do not think that Rashawn is an isolated incidence. Do not think that the same fear, doubt, and anger that once shadowed his heart but was removed by a connection to his spirit and God are unique to ONLY him.

    Rashawn is a representative of countless extraordinary men that go unnoticed and their efforts unappreciated by those who will never know they exist and how their transformation feeds our communities.

    PRODUCED BY: Taralyn & Soul Kitten



    Mirror -Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars

    Alright -Kendric Lamar

    Beautiful Struggle -Talib Kweli

    Man In the Mirror -Michael Jackson



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    Voices on Fire: Holy Boldness

    in Christianity

    The new life in Christ is a supernatural, overcoming life. John's Gospel tells us that the brilliance of that life cannot be overcome or even comprehended by the darkness.  Yet, w live in a time of advancing darkness, fear on every side and a church plagued with timidity.  We were not born again into this life to hide in a cellar or hunker down in a bunker while hell advances.  We need a shot of Holy Ghost Boldness!

    What is that?  What does it look like and how can YOU get it?  Join KQC Ministries for Voices on Fire for Christ THIS Tuesday @ 7:30 pm for a dose of Holy Ghost FIRE that will embolden you to take ground, deliver captives and transform lives for Christ!

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    "I'm Not About That Wife Life"-FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7 w/ Taralyn & Soul Kitten

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    K L J N 107.7

    Since the beginning of time, women have been socialized to prepare for the day that she accepts a mans hand in marriage. Marriage is supposed to be the height of a woman's life because she has "accomplished" gaining a life partner, success, the family, her happily ever after. But, where does that leave the women who do not ascribe to societal expectations? Is there something wrong with that woman who see completion, person and financial success and a happy, complete family having nothing to do with marriage? Tune in and weigh in for what is sure to be an interesting discussion.



    SPECIAL GUEST: Tyra Storey


  • 02:44

    Voices on Fire: Young Warriors with Pastor Lijo Thomas

    in Christianity

    With so many negative reports about the corruption, perversity and lack of spirituality among young people today, one might miss the truth: that there is a fire rising, fresh fire of the Holy Spirit of the Living God is rising among a geration that refuses to play games with the things of God.  One of the fire baptized voices of that generation is Child Evangelist and Pastor Lijo Thomas.  He will be joining KQC Ministries for Voices on Fire for Christ THIS Tuesday.  Don't miss a moment of the #FreshFire of the Holy Ghost.  Join us at kqcministries.org

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    Voices on Fire: Purpose of Suffering in Christ

    in Christianity

    One of the most essential and persistent issues of our existence is the reality of pain.  Why do people suffer generally?  More specifically, if God is a good God and Jesus has conquered death and hell, why do Christians suffer.  

    Join KQC Ministries for an insightful look into the reality and NECESSITY of suffering in the Christian life.Your #pain has a #purpose. Find it in Christ THIS Tuesday.


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    "Cheating: Punishable By Death" - FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7

    in Entertainment

    FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7

    HOSTS: Taralyn and Soul Kitten


    Cheating is as old as prostitution but the stakes have been raised today more than ever before. Gone are the days of simple divorces, break-ups, and visitation. These days, scorned and manipulated lovers aren't taking the pain and moving on. Instead, emotions are taking control and death seems to be a most appropriate response to the betrayal. Join Taralyn and Soul Kitten as they discuss the new heights scorned lovers will go to when getting even. Has the price to pay for cheating made the act pure insanity? Listen and weigh in with your thoughts! 


    Beyonce - CRAZY IN LOVE

    Choklate - THANK U


    Childish Gambino - SOBER

    Herbie Hancock - BUTTERFLY

    Raheem Devaughn - COUNTOWN TO LOVE

    Urban Mystique - WOMAN GOT TO HAVE IT


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