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    Marketing’s Next Frontier: SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)

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    About the Show: SoLoMo is the latest trend in marketing. Does your business do it? Join Debbie Laskey, a brand marketing strategist, as we discuss ways to integrate social, local, and mobile strategies into your marketing efforts.   Guest Profile: Debbie Laskey has 15 years of marketing experience and an MBA Degree. She developed her marketing expertise while working in the high-tech industry, the Consumer Marketing Department at Disneyland Paris in France, the non-profit arena, and the insurance industry.   Currently, Debbie is a brand marketing, social media, employee engagement, and customer experience consultant to small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits in California.   Debbie’s website is www.marketingandmore.net    Visit Debbie on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MarketingSocialMediaAndMore

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    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON with Heidi & Dorian Earl on SoLoMo

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    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON with Heidi Feemster and guest Dorian Earl, Regional Sales Manager & Development Consulting for the Greater Chicago area with IM-Integrated Mobile & Marketing of Penn Global talking about the latest trends in Google's "SoLoMo"  -- Social, Mobile, Local and how that impacts every business or website owner.  Dorian shares his expertise not only about being visible and engaging your customers on mobile devices, but how going mobile is one part of the bigger Social Local Mobile picture.  Listen and learn from a crash course in what's going on with Google from Places & Plus to Google Local to Going Mobile.  Fun & Informative interview!   Contact Dorian at EARL.DORIAN@GMAIL.COM;  http://immarketing.me/;

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    The SoLoMo Decisions on The Teach Jim Show

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    In the extraordinary we find the ordinary and In the ordinary we find the extraordinary.  
    Everyday, we find informal, self-directed, lifelong learners eroding away at the established educational institutions and practices.  Each of us, by the lives we live, the experiences that teach us and the lessons we learn are part of The Education Evolution.
    The education "elephant in the room" leaves us thinking about elephants even when we are living and learning about everything else.
    Our goal on the show is to "stop thinking about elephants" and start dreaming aloud cause dreaming's allowed !

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    Why Ignoring Social Media is a Bad Strategy

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    To advertise your products or services (Audio Commercials) on this and other broadcasts contact Jerry Burt, at startmyhomebizuiversity@gmail.com or call 856-359-4851.
    Today's show will focus on the emergence of social media as the method of communicating your sales proposition to your audience. You will also discover solid rationale why ignoring Social Media can greatly hinder the growth of revenues in your business.
    This weeks broadcast will feature Jerry Burt, Dean Of Education at Start My Home Biz University, and Co-host, Don Robbins of Creators House Productions, as they discusses  some of the strategies small businesses can use to get their  prepared for a digital culture.
    Please download this podcast on your, laptop, MP3 player, or smart phone so that you can consume the information as you travel or work.
    To sign up for our courses on starting a home based business and get free bonuses. You also get access to the following serivices: Weekly conference calls; eNewsletter; Group Coaching; Individual Coaching;and Member forums. To learn more email us at 365entrepreneur@gmail.com.
    Please  visit us on our website at http://www.startmyhomebizuniversity.com to sign up for our free daily Newspaper called Small Biz Network 2020, or read our articles on our online blog at http://www.ceobuilder.wordpress.com.

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    Life Business and Money - Emerging Marketing Trends

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    Social, Local, Mobile – Emerging Marketing Trends     Internet advertising introduced low-cost marketing that could span the globe. Before long we discovered LOCAL marketing by putting ads in front of people based on geographical regions. Suddenly online marketing was starting to make more sense for small business.   In recent years, social marketing hit the scene with more targeted ads. Not just by location, but also by age, sex, and interests. Finally marketers can put the right ads in front of the right person. By putting precise ads in front of the perfect prospect has never been so easy. Social marketing has exploded. If you’ve ever wondered how Facebook makes money, this is it.   Mobile advertising is the next level of refinement and makes an entirely new style of marketing possible. It’s becoming easier to create ads that only appear when someone is driving by your location. The precision that’s possible with mobile marketing is a real game changer. Google and other progressive companies are introducing powerful marketing tools specifically for this new capability.   Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) is the future and the future is now. Call today and let’s put these methods to work for you.     Read more... http://www.stevenkaylive.com/article.php?id=224

  • Hot to Get Amplified with Experiential Staffing Agency

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    Event marketing is the beginning and adding experiential signifies your further expectations from the events. The scope of engaging more people can be found with experiential marketing strategies. This new age marketing approach could make your brand alive in front of the potential customers. This strategy has the potential to make your brand more realistic with positive presentation. So, you need an expert team for making it profitable for your brand.

    Experiential Marketing Tips from Staffing Agency London:

    The goal of reaching new markets and more customers became really easy with the SoLoMo or Social, Local and Mobile media. In this internet age, you cannot rely upon those traditional media only. This innovative concept has its phenomenal contributions towards the digital marketing strategies. And now it is being used by the brands through their event promotion stratagem too. Every smart experiential staffing agency is now recommending their clients for this technique.

    Social – All the next events can be announced on various online social networking sites. The staffing agency London recommends these to you, to increase the number of participants to your events.
    Local – Innovative ways considered to help the event visitors to know more about your locations, products and how they can avail it at locally.
    Mobile – You may train the staffs provided by the experiential staffing agency to collect the phone numbers of the visitors to get connected via mobile.

    Integrating SoLoMo with the experiential marketing events really gives you the chance to connect between the physical and digital world.

  • songs of solomon

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    Rascory explains the songs of solomon he tells about why different ones believe in god love for man or love between man and woman