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    Crystals and Reiki for Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing

    in Spirituality

    Join Tee and Sarah as they discuss how to balance and self Reiki your Solar Plexus "Power" Chakra with Reiki and Crystals.

    You can get all your crystal and gemstones at PT's Boutique or have Tee custom make something for you.

    Tee's website: www.PsychicTee.com

    Sarah's website: JourneyintoEther.com

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    Solar Plexus Chakra

    in Spirituality

    Chakras are energy centers in the body.  Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. 

    These energy centers push vital life energy called chi or prana through the body to ensure vitality. 

    This life energy comes from the universe and gives us access to all wisdom or psychic information.

    Chakras radiate and receive energy constantly.  If you hold negative or obsessive thoughts it dirties and clogs your chakras.  The energies are slowed down and you can feel sluggish, lacking in energy, and out of balance.  You may also lose touch with your natural psychic abilities.

    With cleansed and balanced chakra, you can easily discern information about your future and about other people.  

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    Personal Growth Series - Solar Plexus Chakra

    in Spirituality

    As part of the personal growth series, Soul Revolution Radio is doing a monthly meditation. 

    This month, the focus is on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

    The solar plexus chakra is the center of our personal strength, willpower, self-esteem, boundary setting, warrior energy and transformation.

    The corresponding element is fire and the color, yellow.

    It is located just above the navel and below the sternum.  Heartburn can be the result of an overactive solar plexus chakra and its fire. 

    Fire purifies the past and energizes progress toward the future. 

    A balanced solar plexus chakra manifests healthy self-esteem, respect for others, feeling of confidence and joy, as well as daring and charisma.

    A solar plexus out of balance manifests confusion, low-self esteem, over exaggerated ego and depression.

    Physical issues related to an imbalance in this area are problems with digestion and liver problems. 

    Utilize this meditation to balance the solar plexus chakra and let the fire energy burn away and purify your 'I am' energy.


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    Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Power

    in Spirituality

    Join internationally known psychic and star of Gaiam TVs Beyond Belief, Dr. Lauren Cielo, and the healers and teachers of Golden Rose Psychic Services: co-host Victoria Bustillos and Ishtar, The Golden Witch for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio!

    In this episode, Dr. Cielo and Victoria discuss the Third or Solar Plexus Chakra..Power, will and career are contained in this mystically, swirling chakra.  Learn more about how this chakra works and how to heal it. Call in during the show and get a Free Psychic Reading about your 3rd Chakra space!

    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once we announce it, click HERE to purchase.

    Callers are welcome and of course, lots of LIVE Free Psychic Readings! We hope you'll join us!

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    Soul Session: The Solar Plexus

    in Spirituality

    This month we are journeying through the chakras...and the Solar Plexus is where you RADIATE!  It's your internal sun...your SHINE!  Join Reiki-Master Teacher, Yolanda Williams, as she discusses Solar Plexus energy and ways to connect with and identify YOUR OWN energetic flow.  The show is interactive so be sure to call 323-679-0953 or join the conversation in the online chatroom!

    Don't forget to sign up for Yolanda's newsletter at yewchi.com and receive access to FREE webinars, a FREE Manifesting Workbook and other exclusive invitations!

    And be sure to sign up for Yolanda's online course, Be Your Own Energy Healer, available on dailyom.com

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    Thursday Reiki Share...our Solar Plexus

    in Lifestyle

    Come join us and invite in the healing energies to open and expand and cleanse your solar plexus. pen up your self esteem, your willpower, your sense of self, help to create your personal boundaries.


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    Solar and Waste Heat

    in Energy

    Join us as we speak to Echogen Power Systems Phil Brennan.

    Philip has 24 years of leadership in business development, marketing and sales management with Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups. He has led and managed a variety of businesses, ranging from $220 million + portfolios to turnarounds, to emerging start-ups. Over his career Phil has conceived, developed, and launched over 100 new products in the plastics, nutraceuticals, food and packaged goods industries, and has raised over $50 million in equity and grant funding while preparing companies for the next stage of growth. He has held senior and executive management positions in operations, finance, manufacturing, sales and general management for Pfizer, Warner Lambert and Rubbermaid and was the youngest recipient of Georgetown University's Graduate Fellowship for the Masters in Business Administration.

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    The Solar Plexus Chakra: the sun in your sky

    in Spirituality

    Today continue our series of episodes on the Chakras focusing on the Solar Plexus.  We will explore the Chakra system from a new point of view, offering your practical information that can help you make the changes in your life patterns that will set you on a new path of self discovery and mission. 

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    Solar Storage - the technology is here

    in Energy

    Bill Radvak joined American Vanadium as President and CEO in January, 2010. He spearheaded the company’s transition from a mineral exploration company into a vertically integrated energy storage company with the execution of the Master Sales Agreement for North America with Gildemeister to market the world’s leading CellCube vanadium redox flow energy storage system.
    Bill Radvak received an engineering degree from the University of British Columbia. Previously, he was a Founder and CEO of Response Biomedical, a publicly listed medical device company. Mr. Radvak led Response Biomedical from its evolution to a 90-employee, sales and manufacturing company.

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    Bridges Programming, talking about solar boat propulsion and other stuff

    in Energy

    We have been researching how to build a boat that runs on solar energy.  This is not a new idea and many solar boats exist.  But there are interesting technical aspects and we want to use the boat to promote renewable energy on the waterways.  It is a wonderfully quiet way to travel and great for bird watchers!   We will also be talking about education.  What is it?  How do we educate and get educated?  


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    CHAKRA SERIES - Solar Plexus - personal power & courage

    in Spirituality

    Join author, artist, mentor & healer Lee-Anne Peters as she takes you on an in depth and healing journey of the seven major chakras.

    Week 1: Base chakra - grounding & physical entity

    Week 2: Sacral chakra - emotional & creative energy

    Week 3: Solar Plexus chakra - personal power & courage

    Week 4: Heart chakra - centre, love & acceptance

    Week 5: Throat chakra - expression & truth

    Week 6: 3rd eye chakra - intuition & trust

    Week 7: Crown chakra - connection & opening

    Every week starting on 26 August 2014...

    Each show includes a NEW chakra meditation & healing.

    It is recommended that you listen live or to the archive of each show to help you heal, integrate energy and to raise your energy vibration.

    Get to know your chakras, so you can enhance your life!

    CHAT ROOM OPEN during LIVE show in our community at www.templeofbalance.ning.com

    Learn more about Lee-Anne & her work at http://www.templeofbalance.com

    Follow Lee-Anne on facebook at www.fb.com/tobhealers

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