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    Interview with Author, Producer, & Manager- James Soil

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    Check out Mr. James Soil interview as he discusses the music industry and how it overturns itself, dealing with artist such as Lil Scrappy, Ludacris, and all the ATL hustlers....

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    Feed the world with BLESS HURR SOIL

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    Hello to everyone!

    June 26, 2014 will be the next Blog telecast of my talk show; air time will be 7 PM. I would like all who supported me on my first book and other projects to tune in and listen. Tell everyone you know this show will make you laugh and cry!  This show will transform all Christian and Non-Christian thinking and challenge them to stop procrastinating and begin pursuing their divine calling today. I hope that when you tune in to the show your mind and soul will be refreshed!

    Special Guest Ms. Bess Hurr

    The gifts and the talents that God has given me is not just for me only, it is for me to say to God how  can I serve you God and he said to me by serving others and I will give you what you desire of your heart. My journey is to feed the world with BLESS HURR SOIL, and make the world smell better with scents.  My background is I was the founder of Welfare Rights in Reading, PA, appointed to the Berks County Women's Commission for 4 years giving to the community is my life, to help those who don't know where to go to get help or how to find it. I often told my clients my clients your situation might be welfare however your mind should not be. I came to Charlotte knowing that God has already provided for me and my GOD HAS NOT LET ME DOWN... THIS IS MY JOURNEY AND MY WALK IN FAITH.

    Tune in to hear Ms. Bess heart felt Story!

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    The Simplicity of the Kingdom of God Soil and Faith

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    Life Warrior The Simplicity Of The Kingdom Of God
    Math 13 and Mark 4:1-25 Parable of the Soil

    Ephesians 1:1-12 God's work is already complete! 

    The simplicity of the kingdom
    1.  It's your choice if your soil produces
    2.  The sower is going to sow to you the Good Word of God
    3.  God's work is already complete get yourself qualified for HIS blessings


    Sam Cottle 
    PO Box 622
    West Branch, MI 48661



    All things are possible to them that believe,  I believe!

    Psalms 107:18-21
    20  He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

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    Sunday Morning Inspiration (Planting seeds in Fertile Soil)

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    Be aware that what you sow you shall reap.  Be careful the seeds you are planing in fertile soil.  If you plant evil seeds your fields will be full of the weeds and fruits of misery and strife.  What seeds will you plant? 

    This weeks inspiration:

    Galatians 6:7 ESV 

    Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

    join us on FB HEAL-ing TH-rough Hurt i-TALK  Radio

    have your ordered your copy of

    Silent Noise "Lip Service" Yet


    Check back each week for our 15 minutes of Power!

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    in Hip Hop Music

    This week we interview veteran Battle Rapper Syd Vicious about his recent battle Vs Syah Boy, we also have special guest Audible Doctor Artist & Producer Extroidinaire, we will talk to him about one of his recent tracks with Fredro Starr called "That New York" we will find out how he comes up with his bangers and what else he has in store.  Also on this weeks show hosts Den Tut Re, Cabé, K Dawg, & Saqar will talk about Drones on American Soil and how FBI are using Drones to collect cellphone date from citizens to thwart potential terrorist attacks.  Does that make sense to you?  Please call in and let us know!!


    Check Out Syd Vicious Vs Syah Boy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sXsiLk7EGA

    Check Out "That New York" By Fredro Starr & Produced By Audible Doctor http://youtu.be/1FOOuwoPKaw

    Don't Forget Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr coming in April http://www.mcwar.com

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    Kala Nation.Blood and Soil

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight is the return of the Kala Genesis to BTR.With God's will I will have more to report on to keep this show alive.Tonight's topic is Blood and Soil the basis of all groups calling themselves a people.A people who have not secured their place in this world through Bloodshed will remain an oppressed people.No reparations,no apologies,to compromising.Only the achievement of nationhood through bloodshed will redeem a people.The hypocrites will say Christianity is the way,Islam and Allah is the way,Dr York and Nuwapianism is the way,The Black Hebrews think they have the way,and even some are going so far as to deny the slave trade ever happend,by saying we are entitled to America as indigenous American Natives.Tonight I come back to BTR to hunt down the enemies within.I am not here to make friends and buddy with anyone.I am here for the truth.The truth is we are headed for damnation if we do not turn towards a nation of our own.Only us.If you did not suffer with us,you do not deserve to be with us.Will Blood and Soil mean Black on Black war Kala?It just might.The price of freedom is blood.The blood of our ancestors cry out for vengeance against the White race and the race traitors.We will have blood or soil.No more ideology,There is no freedom without land.Tonight a fire and brimestone sermon in Kala Land.

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    The parable of the Sower (4 reactions to the Gospel) Part 4 of 4 "the good soil"

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    Join us tonight as we finish out our series. We will be discussing the "benefits" of hearing, accepting and doing the will and counsel of Almighty God! 

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    Bitter soil brings Bitter Harvest.

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    Tonight we will have a Tuesday night sermon.I will discuss the NAACP Image awards and some of the controversies.And how through clever manipulation we are corralled back on to the American Plantation.While I will give praise where it was due.I will also talk about the bitter legacy of slavery and how it is totally unforgivable. Steve Harvey says"I do not care about slavery?"How much is your soul worth Steve?All the cooning for a dollar going on in the name of entertainment.African Americans and Africans are two different peoples.We are similar but different.How we as AA view White people is different from the African.So we must deal with them and not let Africans lure us into their backward passive ways. The beauty of African American culture.African Americans generally are more progressive and less tribal than any other Black people.Look at how we embace Actors like Chiwetal Ojiofour,David Oyelowo,Lupita,and others.In Africa a person of a different tribe cannot play another tribe for fear of backlash. White people seem to have amnesia about their burning and crucifying Black men and women in America,lets remind them. Listen to the Kalagenesis tonight for a fire and brimestone sermon in Kala Land.

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    ENVISION THIS: Harvesting clean energy that saves our forests, helps to reduce climate change, and can be used as a soil amendment.

    You can see why our guest, Greg Martin, is enthusiastic about introducing biochar to you and to the world. Biochar is a name for charcoal created by pyrolysis, the direct thermal decomposition of biomass in the absence of oxygen. Biochar is stable, fixed, and 'recalcitrant' carbon that can store large amounts of greenhouse gases in the ground for centuries, potentially reducing or stalling the growth in atmospheric greenhouse gas levels. Its presence in the earth can improve water quality, increase soil fertility, raise agricultural productivity, and reduce pressure on old-growth-forests.

    Pre-Columbian Amazonians are believed to have used biochar to enhance soil productivity.  Today biochar is produced through modern pyrolysis processes to obtain an array of solid (biochar), liquid (bio-oil), and gas (syngas) products. We think it is well worth our adding knowledge of this new/old technology to our  “kit” of ways to create a more resilient and Earth-friendly future.

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    Bless Hurr Soil - Plants Can go without water for 7 - 14 days

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    Day to Day you will notice a growth in your plants!

    Your Plants will stand stronger and develop a deep green color.  With Bless Hurr Soil the potted soil will stay moist which keeps the plant hydrated and producing  -- GROWING!


    With Bless Hurr Soil your will plants can go without water for 7 - 14 days and grow beautifully!

    For more information contact Bess Hurr at 704-284-7182

    Email: blesshurrsoil@gmail.com 





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