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    Inspire me, Please?!

    in Business

    I continue the series “What Inspires You” with 4 more guests whose stories are sure to amaze and inspire.
    Justin Sachs’s companies consist of 8 organizations including his industry leading publishing company, an international speaking tour, he is the author of 3 bestsellers, is host of Motivational Minds Radio, coaches corporate executives, and is founder of The International Council on Teen Development. And he started his businesses at aged 16! Find him at JustinSachsCompanies.com. Elizabeth McCormick was a female Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot in the Army, flying Air Assault, Command & Control, and Military Intelligence missions, and even a few VIPs including the Secretary of Defense. She has channeled her challenges into a motivational business that sure to inspire. Find her: yourinspirationalspeaker.com. Pat Crowley is founder of Chapul Cricket Bars, all natural energy bars made from crickets, introducing the idea of eating insects for Americans, similar to the California Roll's introduction of sushi. Pat's passion is to create sustainable food supply for future generations Where a flavor is inspired by a culture, Chapul donates 10% of all profits to water conservation projects in those regions. Find them: www.chapul.com. Freda Emmons is a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse, as well as the emotional trauma that goes with it. Her devotional, “Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma” shares the comfort and healing that she herself has experienced, which she now uses to help others to process their own pain and receive healing.

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    Inspire Me Please, II

    in Business

    Lets be truly inspired once again. Tonite's guests tell us how their passions move them.
    Scott Bernstein was stabbed and left to die on the streets of NYC. After a 7 year healing process, he began an active role in the private sector of law enforcement,  to stop perpetrators and be an advocate of victims. Scott is one of the leading Private Investigators, Bounty Hunters and Child Recovery Agents in the world. He is an expert profiler, analyst and behaviorist, and was the sole Bounty Hunter for America's Most Wanted. He has been featured in over 10 million newspapers, seen on reality TV and recognized for his achievements in 18 international documentaries. Thru Child Recovery International he works to find missing & endangered children & save lives.
    Tiffany Washington is founder of Washington Accounting Services in Maryland, a thriving small business with close to 1,000 clients. After being unemployed and never having been a business owner, she began this business that grew 217% from the first year to the second year, 75% the next year, 55% the following year and 72% last year. She was twice invited to meetings with President Obama.  
    John McAdams is CEO of Pioneer Business Ventures and the author of  "The One Hour Business Plan Foundation", and the only man on earth to teach Strategic Business Planning at the Wharton School of Business. He has helped thousands start and thrive their businesses, and has done so with vast experience....even losing his life savings and earning it all back again.
    So tune in, call in, chat in, and remember, stay inspired!