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    SocialVibe: Helping Your Cause Make A Difference

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    How do you generate success for your cause? What can social networking do for what really matters the most to you? Find out how others, including big name celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, are utilizing a bold new network called SocialVibe.com to expand the support for what matters the most to them. Joe Marchese joins us to talk about the social networking power of the most fascinating network yet: SocialVibe.

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    Kelli Richards Interviews Jay Samit

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    Kelli Richards is the CEO of the All Access Group and the host of All Access Radio. I’ve spent over 20 years creating innovative alliances in the digital media industry and driving the convergence of music, entertainment and technology between major content companies, technology companies, and established musicians and celebs.
    Jay Samit is a technology pioneer and digital media innovator whose influence goes all the way back to the emergence of video and music on the personal computer. He has built his career around dreaming up new ways for Hollywood to capitalize on emerging media, prompting Wired to call him the guy with "the coolest job in the industry." He is responsible for transforming EMI Capitol Records into “the first digital label”, and building Sony’s online music store (Sony Connect) from scratch. Currently he is the president of ooVoo, a free social video-chat service that was named Venture Summit Company of the Year in 2012. 
    You can hear Kelli Richards' entire interview series on her website http://allaccessgroup.com under the Resources tab / Blog Talk Radio.

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