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    05: Social Selling and CRM with Jon Ferrara

    in Social Networking

    Episode 5 features Jon Ferrara, Founder of Nimble, social selling expert, and pioneer in customer relationship management (CRM).

    About Social 545:

    Social 545 is a weekly interactive show hosted by Saba Sedighi and Carlos Gil which features what's trending in social media. Watch LIVE on Blab.im every Thursday at 5:45pm PST / 8:45pm EST. Please email social545podcast@gmail.com for show suggestions or booking inquiries.

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    eCommerce Selling Tips with Kathy Terrill

    in Technology

    Deb Evans, President Franchise Foundry and Jack Monson, Global Director of Manalto are joined by Kathy Terrill, a New York-based professional actress and Education Specialist Trained by eBay who has more than 30 years’ experience in brick-and-mortar retail.

    Kathy is passionate about ecommerce and is a cross channel seller operating on eBay as a top rated silver power seller. She joins Deb and Jack to share ecommerce selling tips that can be implemented today!

    Our guest announcer is Maria Haan, Shirleys Popcorn.


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    Are You Social Selling Your Business

    in Social Networking

    Are You Social Selling Your Business?

    Social Media isn't just for kids anymore.  It's a powerful strategy for every small business owner and entrepreneur.  It's no longer an option.  It's a way to attract talent and customers, help you sell your products and ideas, and establish your credibility and authority in your market space.  Experts refer to it as Social Selling your business.

    If you connect with your target market using social media to promote your product or service, you're Social Selling.  Join Rick & Bill and learn 3 simple tips to help you leverage the power of social selling your business.

  • Social Selling:  5 Easy Steps to Convert LinkedIn Connections to New Sales

    in Self Help

    Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, will take proven steps from our Social Selling Boot Camp and show you the most effective methods of converting connections to new sales. With over 350,000,000 professionals on LinkedIn, you are closer to your targeted business prospects than you think. Learn how to find them before your competitors do. You will also see what it takes to get THEM to find YOU by just using LinkedIn for less than 20 minutes a day! 

    Forward Progress has trained over 100,000 people in over 35 countries on how to convert connections to new sales – directly from LinkedIn! 

    In this brief session you will learn how to: 

    -Optimize your profile 
    -Attract new prospects 
    -Leverage your connections to close business 
    -Increase targeted referrals 
    -Gain more powerful introductions 
    -Expand your pipeline 
    -Find new business channels 

    SOCIAL NETWORKS and other Sites

    FORWARD PROGRESS: www.ForwardProgress.net

    SOCIAL JACK™: www.SocialJack.com

    SLIDESHARE: www.slideshare.net/forwardprogress

    TWITTER: www.twitter.com/deandelisle

    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/ForwardProgress 

    LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/deandelisl

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    Social Selling with LinkedIn: Its About Content & Context

    in Technology

    Join AK Stout and Deb Evans as they interview Nicole Hudson, Inbound Lead Solutions about Social Selling with LinkedIn.

    During the show they will cover:

    1. What is Social Selling and Content Marketing?

    2. Why is it important to your business?

    3. LinkedIn vs. Other Social Media Platforms, What IS the difference?

    4. What kinds of content should my company/brand be producing and why? 

    5. The Best tips for setting up your personal profile and company pages for success.

    6. Show me the relationships! How to generate relationships in LinkedIn, not just "leads".

    7. Tips, Tools & Tricks: How LinkedIn relationships become customers and sales.

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    Social Geek Radio is sponsored by Deb Evans Consulting and WebConjunction

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    Selling OOAK Skins on eBay by Dragon Backbone

    in Marketing

    Tune in to meet this awesome seller I met at a local eBay workshop I was presenting in Ocala FL. This seller was so interesting to me I invited him to be a guest on my radio show. Meet Phil, the owner of DragonBackbone.com.  He has been selling online for quite awhile and his family roots go back a few years creating these unique and OOAK items. In eBay terms that stands for: Original, One of A Kind. 

    Visit his eBay store while you wait at: SomethingUneek

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    Productive Social Selling Continued...

    in Business

    Productive Social Selling

    Being productive is about being efficient and effective. So like anything you do, it requires some up front planning to be productive. The spray and pray approach may keep you busy in your sales efforts but it wont make you productive. Social selling is no different. You want to find ideal prospects, uncover common connections, ask for strategic introductions and get recommendations through social media to create interested prospects. On this show, with host Penny Zenker, we will talk about winning strategies to help plan your approach social media so it becomes a productive platform versus an exercise in busy work.

    Radio Show Guest Profile - Brynne Tillman:

    Brynne Tillman is the CEO of Social Sales Link and author of LinkedIn and Social Selling for Business Development. Brynne links traditional sales training with social media for lead generation and prospecting. Brynne works with individuals, sales teams, sales management, business owners and professionals who are responsible for client acquisition to prospect more effectively, make more qualified appointments, reduce the sales cycle, and close more business. Brynne teaches a unique approach to leveraging LinkedIn and social media for business development and is a National LinkedIn Speaker.

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    All Things Trending in Social Media

    in Technology

    What's trending in social media? Deb Evans and Jack Monson will share what they know about what's happening today and what to look for in the future of social media.

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    The Year is Over, Now What? Your Social Media Strategy for 2016

    in Business

    It’s that time of the year again.  The holiday season brings lots of joy to many…but for the marketing professionals out there, this marks the time when the plans for the upcoming business year need to be presented.  What is the monthly plan?  What is the annual budget? What changes will be made? What are the goals?  Where is improvement needed?

    Listen in to this show and find out what YOU need to do to get ready for success in 2016!

    Like the content of the show?  Well there is A LOT MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!

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    08: Paris Attacks Social Media Reaction, Facebook 360 Video, Snapchat Monetization

    in Social Networking

    Episode 8 features Saba and Carlos reflecting on the tragic events which occurred yesterday in Paris and how the social media world has united in support of France including: Facebook safety check, traditional news media picking up on social media live coverage, and how brands should or shouldn't react to crisis events. Also, Facebook 360 video, Snapchats new monetization strategy around $.99 filets and Twitter hearts having a direct impact on Twitter's membership are explored.

    About Social 545:

    Social 545 is a weekly interactive show hosted by Saba Sedighi and Carlos Gil which features what's trending in social media. Watch LIVE on Blab.im every Thursday at 5:45pm PST / 8:45pm EST. Please email social545podcast@gmail.com for show suggestions or booking inquiries.

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    Social Media Trends 2016: What You Need to Be Doing to Reap Rewards

    in Business

    Yikes!  It's the end of the year and you need to figure out what to do in social media in 2016!  What are you going to do?!!

    Check out some of these upcoming trends that you need to be aware of in social media and stay competitive in the coming year!

    The Social Marketing Academy, powered by The Go! Agency, offers social media education when and where you need it! View our membership levels online!  For a limited time take 30-40% off enrollments.  Get started today by visiting our website: http://www.TheSocialMarketingAcademy.com