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    Is Your Company Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

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    Is your company having a hard time managing and marketing through social media?  Today host Christopher Tompkins will share some of the most common social media mistakes that he have seen companies make and what you can do to combat them in the future.

    The Social Marketing Academy is brought to you by The Go! Agency: Online Marketing Specialists.  To learn more about The Go! Agency as well as to gain your free access to our social media marketing arsenal - visit our blog page at our official website here: http://www.thegoagencyusa.com/blog

    Have a topic or social media marketing question that you would like to see covered on The Social Marketing Academy?  Please get in touch with us by Tweeting host Christopher Tompkins @chrisgoagency or by sending him an email at christopher@thegoagencyusa.com!

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    How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs on Social Media

    in Social Networking

    Are you an entrepreneur trying to build credibility and visibility with social media?  Learn how to avoid common mistakes that could end up hurting your reputation.

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    Can You Make Money From Your Social Media Platforms?

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    For many years only a few people made money directly from their social media platforms.  Now that is beginning to change. 

    On the show this week we discuss how to set up your social media platforms to make money. We also asked for questions during our last podcast and we will also discuss this one from @Iconoclastic_Au  

    They asked:"Hi @gavinmcgarry and #socialmediachaos team. Next ep can we talk about monetizing social content in multiple international markets?"

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    Guy Kawasaki's The Art of Social Media

    in Technology

    This week on Social Geek Radio, Deb Evans and Jack Monson will review the new book The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. The book will be released December 4 but you can get an exclusive sneak preview Wednesday night at 8pm ET / 7pm CT! 



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    What Are Coaches' Biggest Social Media Mistakes?

    in Social Networking

    Nichole Santoro of iMarketingSalon.com is joined by David Kaiser, Executive Coach and CEO of Dark Matter Consulting. King Arthur had Merlin, Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan, and today’s best leaders have an outstanding Executive Coach. Dave asked these questions regarding Social Media:
    1.    How do I use social media to build my pipeline of ideal clients?
    2.    How do I use social media to build my brand?
    3.    How do I grow my followers and increase my reach?
    4.    How can I maximize my impact without spending too much time online?
    5.    What are the biggest mistakes coaches make? What should we do instead?
    David Kaiser is Executive Coach and CEO of Dark Matter Consulting. Extraordinary leaders have always had a guide to help them become their best. In the past, or in books or movies, that may have been a shaman, or a wizard, or a priest. Dave Kaiser has been guiding leaders to become extraordinary since 2004. His clients get increased confidence and productivity, greater reward and fulfillment, and less stress and heartache. Their organizations get better leadership, higher employee engagement, and reduced conflict and turnover, for bottom-line results.
    David’s website is DarkMatterConsulting.com.

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    6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

    in Business

    As the wonderful world of social media marketing continues to change, we all make mistakes on our journey.  Join Chris Tompkins today as he talks about the 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes and how to overcome them!

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    Launch of Patriot Voices Of Social Media- Radio For Patriots

    in Current Events

    This was project was a quick inspiriation born of being punished for conservative, libertarian thoughts.  Many people were being punished by having their social media accounts suspended because those OTHER people were offended, couldn't handle the truth.  Those other people were the perpetually offended, unable to think for themselves.  The chronically unemployed, living on the government plantation.  These arre the people who take and take from the sysytem, but never give or contribute to the American society.  They blame America for the world's problems, they are afraid to be responsible for any decisions they make, and they do not want ANYONE to disagree with them.  If you do, they report you.  You get suspended.  Tonight all that ends....  Tonight no matter your post or tweet is, to whomever it is, you will not be suspeded.  You see, in the arena ideas, liberals lose everytime, and they cannot argue the point, they only scream and call you names--NOT here- here this is where we stand, here is where they fall!!

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    Running a Creative Social Media Campaign

    in Technology

    Running a social campaign with all the right bells and whistles needs a plan. Deb Evans and Jack Monson invited Haley Connor, Marketing Manager, Pinot's Palette to discuss their recent campaign .... to name their pig! 

    Visit Pinot's Palette: www.pinotspalette.com and www.facebook.com/PinotsPalette

    Tweet with us using #SocialGeekRadio and join the Facebook conversation: www.facebook.com/socialgeekradio


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    Social Media Today

    in Social Networking

    Will Social Media Marketing really Help My Business?

    All reputable companies today must have a presence online. People want to find out more about where they are spending their money today; social media marketing allows people to learn more and create a level of trust Most definitely! It’s a proven fact, 73% of businesses surveyed by Constant Contact in 2011 had already started using social media marketing with measurable results.  Not utilizing social media marketing can actually harm your business, since having an online presence on social media is simply expected of any reputable firm these days.


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    Using Emerging Social Media Networks

    in Business

    On the show this week we discuss how to use emerging social networks like Snapchat, Line, Ello, to your advantage.

    1) What are some of the best practices?

    2) Claiming your name both personally and for business?

    3) How do you know when the social network has jumped the shark?


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    Social Media Tools We Recommend

    in Business

    This week Erin, Corina and I discuss which social media tools we use daily for Jumpwire clients.  We are quite rigiorous about how we test new tools and how we assess if our clients should consider them.

    The show will focus on 4 key areas:

    1) Posting tools that will make you more efficient and save you time.

    2) Data gathering tools for your social media platforms to help deliver insights

    3) Websites that have good information and insights

    4) A short list of people and companies to follow on various social platforms that will give you good insights on a regular basis.

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