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    The Social Consumer: Part 1

    in Technology

    Keynote Case Study: Digital Fitness
    Presented by: Bonin Bough, Director of Digital and Social Media, PepsiCo

    Case Study: One Marketing Program, Two Audiences: How Social Content can Bridge the Messaging Divide
    Presented by: Stacie Bright, Senior Communications Marketing Manager, Unilever

    Case Study: Behind the Scenes Keys to Social Media Success
    Presented by: Paul Hernacki, Chief Technology Officer, Definition 6

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    Part 2: BDI The Social Consumer 2012

    in Marketing

    We all know that consumer behavior is rapidly changing.  This half-day conference will showcase very specific case studies that demonstrate how leading brands engage, influence and service consumers through innovative social programs.

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    Part 1: BDI The Social Consumer 2012

    in Marketing

    We all know that consumer behavior is rapidly changing.  This half-day conference will showcase very specific case studies that demonstrate how leading brands engage, influence and service consumers through innovative social programs.

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    BDI The Social Consumer Case Studies & Roundtable Live Event Part 2

    in Art

    10:35 AM - 10:55 AM Case Study: AMD and Bite Harness The Power of the Gaming Community
    Presented by: Chris Hook, Senior PR Manager, Advanced Micro Devices, and Will Willis, Vice President, Bite Communications

    10:55 AM - 11:15 AM Case Study: Allstate Insurance's Use of Social Media
    Presented by: Marcia Hansen, Marketing Manager, Direct Marketing, Allstate

    11:15 AM - 11:35 AM Case Study: Intuit’s Quicken iPhone Application Connects With 25-35 Year Olds
    Presented by: Scott Gulbransen, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Intuit Inc.

    11:35 AM - 11:55 AM Case Study: Rich Insights from Online Consumer Communities Help Godiva Launch Chocolate “Gems”
    Presented by: Siobhan Dullea, Senior VP of Client Services for Communispace, who will be interviewing Rich Keller, Business Director Marketing & Innovation for Godiva Chocolatier

    12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Roundtable Session 1

    Session topics are available for viewing on the speaker page.
    * Registrants will have the opportunity to choose their sessions approximately one week prior to the event.

    12:30 PM - 1:00 PM Roundtable Session 2
    Session topics are available for viewing on the speaker page.

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    Guy Kawasaki's The Art of Social Media

    in Technology

    This week on Social Geek Radio, Deb Evans and Jack Monson will review the new book The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. The book will be released December 4 but you can get an exclusive sneak preview Wednesday night at 8pm ET / 7pm CT! 



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    Corporations and the American Consumer

    in Marketing

    The holidays are coming up and Corporations are going to inundate us with advertising to buy their wares. But what do the corporations really do for us, besides selling us something we need or want? Where do the profits go? Do they pay their fair share of taxes? Our communities are suffering from cutbacks to our police and fire departments. Our schools…well let’s not even go there. We know they need help and funds to educate our young folks.

    Meanwhile, some corporations as Rep George Miller put it…”They are renouncing their corporate citizenship to take advantage of tax havens in Ireland, Panama, Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. They’re turning Uncle Sam into Uncle Sucker.” Don’t they have a moral responsibility to support the communities in which they market their goods? They are even shipping our jobs overseas. Are we not supposed to be equal partners in the American Dream?   

    Join me and my special guest Kevin L. Nichols of the KLN Consulting Group, “Leading the legal Industry in Litigation, Diversity, & Business Development/Social Media Consulting”. He is also an officer in the Bay Area Black Professionals.

    Obviously we are not talking about all corporations. But here is a thought. If the large corporations are leaving a vacuum in services and community involvement doesn’t that leave an opening for home grown businesses no matter their structure?  We will take a look at Corporations and the American Consumer on this show. This is where you get real news and information. Join us.

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    Social Geek Radio Celebrates 200 Episodes

    in Technology

    Co-hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson are very excited about Social Geek Radio's 200th episode and plan to deliver a big BANG. They decided their special guest needed to have a big personality, deep experience in the digital space and someone the audience would enjoy.

    So .... they invited Robert Caruso, Founder/CEO Social Resolve, LLC Bundle Post. Robert was recently recognized as one of "The World's Top 40 Social Marketing Talent" by Forbes "From among more than 500 social sales experts, these are the 40 most influential marketers who clearly understand how to use social media and the vast amount of available data to influence the buyer's decision making process." http://go.shr.lc/1nszvyi

    Tune in Wed 11/19 5pm PT/8pm ET to learn more one of the top 40 most influential marketers of today!

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    Dance With Bipolar, Consumer Connections

    in Self Help

    Dance With Bipolar is a talk-radio show that views bipolar disorder from a positive perspective with uplifting appeal.  We have people from all over the county and world call in with questions that relate to bipolar disorder. Tonight we are introducing an awesome program called Consumer Connections. Consumer Connections is a nationally recognized program which recruits, trains, and supports consumers of mental health services working to become providers of mental health services. The program works with mental health providers in New Jersey to expand employment opportunities for consumer providers. Consumer Connections offers courses, which meet the educational requirements and lead to Certification as a Recovery Support Practitioner (CRSP) as well as Certification as a Co-occurring Disorders Professional (CCDP). For more information visit Mental Health Association New Jersey (MHANJ.org)  Join Meg Dog (bipolar peer specialist) and Doc, (individual and family psychologist) invite you to make the connection with Consumer Connections.

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    Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2015 With Trendwatching.com

    in Business

    Welcoming my annual visit with Henry Mason, Managing Partner of Trendwatching.com and US Lead Trend Analyst Max Luthy. We will be discussing the top trends consumer trends for 2015. Trendwatching .com has been serving forward-thinking business professionals and businesses since 2002 in 180+ countries. Based in London, and now in the US, Trendwatching.com strives to understand the new consumer and subsequently uncover compelling, profitable innovation opportunities for them. 3000 spotters in 90+ countries, 260,000 subscribers discover and uncover the latest, greatest most innovative  comsumer trends of products and services that make life more fun, efficient and interesting.

    They offer tips, presentations, workshops, briefings, reports and more live and on the web.


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    Running a Creative Social Media Campaign

    in Technology

    Running a social campaign with all the right bells and whistles needs a plan. Deb Evans and Jack Monson invited Haley Connor, Marketing Manager, Pinot's Palette to discuss their recent campaign .... to name their pig! 

    Visit Pinot's Palette: www.pinotspalette.com and www.facebook.com/PinotsPalette

    Tweet with us using #SocialGeekRadio and join the Facebook conversation: www.facebook.com/socialgeekradio


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    Can You Make Money From Your Social Media Platforms?

    in Business

    For many years only a few people made money directly from their social media platforms.  Now that is beginning to change. 

    On the show this week we discuss how to set up your social media platforms to make money. We also asked for questions during our last podcast and we will also discuss this one from @Iconoclastic_Au  

    They asked:"Hi @gavinmcgarry and #socialmediachaos team. Next ep can we talk about monetizing social content in multiple international markets?"

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