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    Stephens & Brand Talk Radio

    in Military

    Ricky Marushia, 25 years old, born in Welch WV moved to Columbia at age 16. Joined the Marines in 2008 as a infantry man. Got to my unit 2d light armor recon battalion deployed to southern Helmand Afghanistan. Was part of the biggest firefight in afghan history (the battle of Taghaz) returned from my last deployment Nov ,22 2011 at this time I had developed PTSD. The gym was my escape from PTSD and the bad memories. PTSD destroyed my engagement. Currently a sales manager at Dynamic Health and Fitness I also am starting my own gun building business. I have also started a non profit organization where I help veterans releasing stress through the gym and also preparing teenagers to be successful when they join the military through training them in the gym. I also help find veterans jobs and I do range days where I take veterans out let them shoot my guns I buy all the ammo and I also feed them. 
    Scott Levy has starred in film, television, video games and music videos following his service as a Stinger missile gunner in the United States Marine Corps during the Persian Gulf War.
    On film, Scott played the lead role alongside Vanilla Ice in The Helix… Loaded, a parody of The Matrix. He has also acted in The Dentros with Mariette Hartley and John Saxon, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? and as a Marine in Afghanistan in The Submarine Kid with Finn Wittrock (Unbroken).
    On television, Scott has had roles in, Sniper: Inside the Crosshairs, The Eric André Show, Crisis: New York Under Water and many others.
    Scott has also lent his motion capture and vocal talents to video games including, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Devil’s Third and Medal of Honor: Warfighter which led to starring in Linkin Park’s Castle of Glass music video.

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    White Identity Politics: Anti-Blackness Pt. 3b

    in Culture

    Please join us as we discuss white identity politics. This 3 part series will discuss how the establishment profits from identity politics. We will discuss how capitalism was built on slave labor and is currently fueled by anti-blackness.  The political elite continues to exploit and manipulate the proletariat for their own selfish agenda.

    How did European immigrants became 'white' and at what cost?
    How is white supremacy perpetuated by honorary white people?
    What role does people of color play in capitalism?
    Are (some) white people victims of identity politics? Does it adversely impact their lives?
    What are social contracts? How are they negotiated?
    Are people of color truly attempting to end white supremacy or are they trying to get a seat or better seat at the table?
    Are the black political elite overseers that profit from telling poor and working class blacks to forget about and/or pray about being oppressed?
    And much more...

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    FFW #22: Heidi Burkhart - Blank: Cancer, Saxon/Hart, Eating Costco Samples

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    Episode 22 of Fuel for Warriors brings us Heidi Burkhart. Ms. Heidi R. Burkhart is the President of Saxon/Hart formed in 2013, the company is a cause marketing firm with net profits reinvested into the company’s giving forward initiatives. Burkhart is a seasoned professional in business, with extensive experience in creating successful, thriving companies. Cause Marketing is still a new concept wherein companies bring awareness to social issues through events, production, and branded content.

    Heidi and Tim cover:

    What words come to mind when Heidi thinks "Warrior"
    Heidi's Blank: Cancer campaign
    Eating samples at grocery stores.
    The challenges of advocacy campaigns
    Heidi's inspiration

    Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter using #FFW22 and tweet us:

    @HFB_NYC (Guest)

    @TimLawson21 (Host)

    @SaxonHart (Guest)

    @BlankCancer (Guest Project)

    @LawsonEntertain (Production partner)

    @LockNLoadJava (Production partner)

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    Debut Historical Romance Author, Marissa Campbell joins THE LIBRARIAN

    in Books

    Host, Tabatha Pope, welcomes debut historical romance novelist, Marissa Campbell to THE LIBRARIAN on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.  Marissa's AVELYNN is available from all retaliers on September 8, 2015.

    AVELYNN has received dazzling advance reviews. New York Times bestselling author Connie Mason raved, “Captivating…an exciting journey through a background filled with rich and detailed description.” Barbara Rogan, author of A Dangerous Fiction calls it, “…a fast-paced, rollicking historical novel whose irresistible heroine starts out as the willful daughter of a Saxon earl and evolved into a warrior and leader, as fierce as she is passionate.”

    MARISSA CAMPBELL has been a yoga instructor for the past seven years and a stay-at-home mom for the past twenty. She's studied creative writing, editing, publishing, html, photography, botany, carpentry, and accounting at various Ontario universities and colleges, including York University, George Brown University, Simon Fraser University, and others. For more information about Marissa at her website.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found at All For Love of the Word and Facebook.

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com.

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    The Helios Biblios Hour : The Holy Office of the Spanish Inquisition /Jesuit

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    Papal supremacy. The supremacy which the Pope claimed not only over the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but over all other Christian princes. The theory was that they stood to the Pope as feudal vassals [servants] to a supreme lord; as such, the Pope claimed the right to enforce the duties due to him from his feudal subordinates through an ascending scale of penalties culminating in the absolution of the prince's subjects from the bonds of allegiance [our note: the infamous Roman Catholic recusancy], AND IN THE DISPOSITION OF THE SOVEREIGN HIMSELF. The papal supremacy was overthrown in England by acts of the Parliament which met in 1529 and was dissolved in 1536, ending in the Act of Supremacy which substituted the King for the Pope. (Black's Law Dictionary, Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern by Henry Campbell Black, "If the Pope is in conflict with a secular ruler, then he can put the ruler's subjects under interdict in order to put pressure on the ruler. It works. The ruler's Catholic subjects put pressure on him to submit to the Pope, so that the Pope will remove the interdict.Why the relentless war against the so-called "W.A.S.P." (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)*?  Is it possible that someone has not forgotten what happened in 1517 (the Protestant Reformation)? And is it possible that someone has not forgotten the Counter Reformation? ...Why don't we hear insightful quotes about Roman Catholic Christopher Columbus being "the first slave trader in the New World" People who control textbooks and education have power to teach whatever to--what a startling statement--Education as a Weapon of the Counter Reformation Counter Reformation: Rome's 

  • The Holy Koran - Circle 7 Study Group Part – 7

    in Social Networking

    Greetings Beloved Moors.

    This week we will start with Chapter X (10):  Yeshuah Ben Yusef [called Jesus] Speaks on the Unity of Allah and Man to the Hindus.

    Etymology: man (n.) Old English man, mann "human being, person (male or female); brave man, hero; servant, vassal," from Proto-Germanic *manwaz (cognates: Old Saxon, Swedish, Dutch, Old High German man, German Mann, Old Norse maðr, Danish mand, Gothic manna "man"), from PIE root *man- (1) "man" (cognates: Sanskrit manuh, Avestan manu-, Old Church Slavonic mozi, Russian muzh "man, male"). 

    Sometimes connected to root *men- "to think" (see mind)

    Come join us.

    Peace and Love

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    Metal chat with Andrew Bansal (Metalassault.com)

    in Sports

    Coldiron chats with metal God Andrew Bansal about current metal news. Topics include the Saxon experience and 'what the heck is up with Motorhead.' Bansal provides an update on metal shows and news.

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    Death To America By 10,000 "Syrian" Refugees

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, we now know that our so called compassionate, so called Christian, so called protecting the interests of Americans president has called for the resettling and integration of an additional 10,000 "Syrian" refugees into our country over the next year.  The truth of who these people probably are, in many cases, that the media of course conveniently covers up so they can sell their ratings sob stories and cause discord and collapse in wealthier countries and in Christian nations of course goes unannounced.  We have our own problems already with immigration, particularly illegal and with refugees that we've taken in over the years who either wind up aligining with terrorists or who can't make it on their own in terms of building a life for themselves, so naturally they are on assistance of some kind.  But more to the point the danger that some of these people pose needs to be emphasized, and a good president, good elected representatives, and a good government would place that as their first priority.  I'll be covering this today, starting at 4:30 Eastern time, and archived after that.

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #434 - Master of Horror, Pop Psychology, Iconic Vampire

    in Film

    Dean Haglund has a little too much reverb. Phil Leirness has had a little too much to drink. Together it all works to bring you an hilarious and informative installment of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour.

    From the madness that was Force Friday to “Celebrity Deaths” remembrances of a self-help guru, a Disney icon and a master of horror, from your friends in podcasting continuing their appreciations for the Film Fatales list of female-directed movies everyone should see to the influence of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour when it comes to IFC’s “Documentary Now”, Bill Murray’s return to “Ghostbusters” and the shakeup at the Marvel Studios. All that plus one scrapped TV revival, Amazon Streaming makes a move to really challenge Netflix, and “The Daily Show” names new correspondents.

    Meanwhile, “The X-Files” has wrapped principal photography on its revival. Assuming it’s successful with viewers, where will the franchise go from here? You won’t want to miss what Dean Haglund has to say about that!

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    'Labor Day' On The Metal Matinee

    in Music

    In Union We Stand ....On This Working Metal Day!


    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80's Underground. 'Playing The Best Of All The Rest' Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'

    Give Us A Like On Facebook-http://www.facebook.com/Theheavymetalmayehmradioshow

    Official Site-http://theheavymetalmayhemradioshow.com/

    Metal Matinee Bootlegs And Demo-Lition Segment Downloads-http://heavymetalmayhembigcheese.blogspot.com/


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    magar hour mind cleaning sessions pt 454

    in Social Networking

    we work on tom preps after the ogry at the trump trap house with sex mouth 
    call tom preps just go this ss card stolen and now apparnlty is renting condos in miami under the alias mr condom
    call in and help us nail down this effin sob tom preps for his sins against the almighty magar
    we call you and bite you poop em!
    347 215 7638