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    Ayee So Fly

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    Wussgudd manee

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    Ayee So Fly

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    Wussgudd manee

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    Tonite the Hip Hop crew So Fly is coming through to takeover MnTc Radio.Make sure to call in at 718-508-9559 at 8:30 pm. There will be live freestyles , alot of new music being dropped, and of course Maniac P and Mr Music will be asking all the relevant question that their fans want answered.

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    Fly Life Radio - Debut Radio Session

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    Fly Life Radio was recently formed by Fly Deezy, his manager Angel Romano & his independent record label Fly Life Records! Live music and a short intro will be made during this show! If you have any questions regarding radio play contact us FlyLifeRadio@gmail.com for further assistance!

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    Yung So Fly Radio Hosted By Yella Boy & Chucky Show #2

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    We're back at it again. Show #2. Yung So Fly, ya boys Yella Boy & Chucky.

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    Snoopy So Fly
    > Richard Keith August (born July 7, 1986), is an American rapper , record producer actor,screen writer and entrepreneur . He is one of the most gifted hip hop artist of his generation. Snoopy So Fly emerged in the wake of influences such as "Jay-Z ,Eminem, nelly and 50 cent.
    > He started NewSouthRecords in 2008 and hasn't looked back since . He got his distribution deal with Ingroove /universal in 2014. He's one of the smarts rappers of his time. He's an all out respectful family man and business man. Snoopy So Fly defines his life in the three words" God,Family, Music".
    > Being the brains behind a lot of his work. Snoopy So Fly has put his self in a position to handle all aspect of his career. He's determined to show his generation that it's possible to do what you want if you just put your all in to it and educate yourself .He has the skill to what they call " Pay the Bills"! He's the future of a new genre of hip hop he calls life music! With the new age of digital distribution it is certain that he will become one of the new age chart toppers. Snoopy So Fly has found the perfect balance between rap,hip hop,r&b and rock. Creating a new sound that many will rendition soon to come! He is genius a work of art that "New Sound".

    > Snoopy So Fly/Facebook.com
    > Snoopy So Fly/Instagram .com
    > Snoopy So Fly/tweeter.com
    > Or google Snoopy So Fly!!!> Contact info:
    > Snoopybabysofly@yahoo.com
    > Www.newsouthrecordsllc.com
    > Facebook.com/NewSouthrecordsllc
    > Www.instagram.com/SnoopySoFly
    > Www.Twitter.com/SnoopySoFly


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    The So Called Fantasy Experts Starting Pitching Primer

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    We break down Matthew Modica's starting pitcher tiers and discuss how injuries have altered the landscape.

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    Yung So Fly Radio Hosted By Yella Boy & Chucky

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    This is our first episode tonight. Tonight's show will feature an open topic discussion, the "Text Message Topic Of The Day", and a spit yo game session for up and comign artists. Yung So Fly Radio is the station to be tuned into. Hosted by Yella Boy & Chucky, there's no tellin what's bound to be said or what's bound to happen on Y.S.F Radio. TUNE IN!

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    Weird Stuff With Freeman Fly

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    I know it has been a while since I've done a show here on BlogTalk. For those of you who don't know, I moved The Revolutionary Radio Project over to the Truth Frequency Radio network. I've decided to re-broadcast them here though.

    In this premiere episode of The Revolutionary Radio Project on the Truth Frequency Radio network, I spoke with Freeman Fly about secret societies, the occult symbolism found in our nation’s capitol,the amazing similarities in the Obama family to that of Egypt’s Akhenaten, the Luciferian agenda in the media and more.

    Freeman's website: http://freemantv.com/

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    Gems Of Wisdom-Purple Songs Can Fly

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Gems of  Wisdom Radio  with Teresa Maron and Lauren Santerre!

    Join Teresa Maron and co-host Lauren Santerre for the stories of Brigid’s Place, as God transforms the hearts, minds, and lives of women today. 

    Our Guest today is Anita Kruse, with Purple Songs Can Fly. Anita and her award winning staff are every day angels using music as their ministry.

    Their Mission is:

    Positively affecting the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families through the writing, recording and sharing of their original songs. 

    She fulfills this mission statement for in-patient and out-patient children, at her recording studio at Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers.

    And, the songs of Anita's childrens ministry really Do fly! The signature purple CD's of the children's songs  have been on two space shuttles, to the top of Mount Everest, on an underwater adventure and on tour with the Rolling Stones. The children have sung on television with Olivia Newton-John, been accompanied by the Houston Symphony and featured at Carnegie Hall.

    These stories celebrate Creative and Abundant Living in all religions, communities and forms of spirituality.

    Expert Guests, sharing Spirituality, Tune IN! Wednesdays at 2:00pm CST

    Contact the hosts Gems Of Wisdom

    #Spirituality #children  #brigidsplace

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    Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 157 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

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    Award winning Director and Co-writter of the Award Winning Movie, White God, Kornel Mundruczo join's us this week.

    Winner of the Prize Un Certain Regard Award at this year’s Cannes Festival, Kornel Mundruczo’s newest film is a story of the indignities visited upon animals by their supposed “human superiors,” but it’s also an brutal, beautiful metaphor for the political and cultural tensions sweeping contemporary Europe. When young Lili is forced to give up her beloved dog Hagen, because it's mixed-breed heritage is deemed 'unfit' by The State, she and the dog begin a dangerous journey back towards each other. At the same time, all the unwanted, unloved and so-called 'unfit' dogs rise up under a new leader, Hagen, the one-time housepet who has learned all too well from his 'Masters' in his journey through the streets and animal control centers how to bite the hands that beats him …

    “FIERCE AND BEAUTIFUL. Extraordinarily choreographed.” – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

    "REMARKABLE AND RIVETING. This surprising movie is perhaps the most memorable of all the films I saw at this year's Cannes Film Festival. It's haunting, and quite extraordinary." - Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood

    "Emotionally rousing and technically masterful." – Guy Lodge, Variety

    “A triumphantly idiosyncratic film with smarts and visceral impact in equal measure.” – Jessica Kiang, The Playlist on Indiewire

    “A potent metaphor for everything from immigration to the abuse of power, with it’s striking finale serving as stark warning about our own arrogant belief that we’ll always be at the top of the food chain.” – Alistair Harnkess, The Scotsman

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