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    Author Sean Harris of Dead Of Winter.

    in Writing

    Sean Harris grew up in a small town in Kansas, entertaining her friends and family by writing short stories, plays and radio dramas. In the end radio won over writing and Sean spent the ten years after high school working as a commercial radio disc jockey in Wichita, Kansas. Along the way, she found time to pick up a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Communication. Because she likes a good challenge, Sean also taught public speaking to college freshmen, most of whom would have rather been getting root canals sans Novocain than learning how to outline and deliver a speech.

    In 2004, Sean and her family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. Since winters there last nearly nine months and are very, very cold, Sean decided she needed to find a good indoor activity and returned to writing in the frozen north she soon grew to love.

    However, Sean soon picked up her snowshoes and moved again, this time to the sunny warmth of Houston, Texas, where she currently lives with her husband, two sons, and four dogs.

    The First Seal is set in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Near the city of Farmington, an archaeologist discovers an unusual artifact that indicates Europeans may have been in the New World long before history says they were. James O'Neal, another New Mexico archeologist, joins forces with graduate student Frank Tso and the mysterious Marjorie Carroll to uncover the truth behind this artifact. Hidden by Knights Templar hundreds of years in the past, it is now the object of shadowy groups bent on retrieving it at any cost. All these forces collide on the dangerous trail of The First Seal. Their actions may put the world a step closer to Armageddon….

    Dead of Winter

    Allysen Coles sees dead people…

    A clairvoyant can run away to Fairbanks, but cannot hide from sinister spirits lurking in the long, dark Alaska winter.

    When a young woman reaches out from beyond the grave, Allysen answers her pleas to solve a decades old murder.

    Vivid dreams ab