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    Snowed In with the Chicks

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    Come celebrate having cabin fever with Christian Comedy Chicks. We will pray for you, laugh with you and leave you feeling warm in this freezing weather. You can catch our show LIVE every Wednesday at 9am CST! Follow our flight on facebook/christiancomedychicks, twitter @ccchicks and www.christiancomedychicks.com.

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    How Miami snowed the Feds in the 1980s with "cocaine running round the bay"

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    Jon is flabberghasted by the fact that the drug war in Miami was so intense in the early 1980s that even Ronald Reagan was advised not to enter the city of Miami at ALL.  The early 1980s was brought on by a borderless situation where drug lords overran local civil authority in Mexico, Colombia and other Central American states.  1 in every 4 people who died in Colombia died by drug related offenses.  It didn't help that by the mid 1980s, Nicaragua and El Salvador was infiltrated by the CIA who were training rebels to fight the powers that be.  This probably irritated drug lords more that America had their hand in the cookie jar.  Jon goes into the dynamics of the drug trade in Florida, not necessarily the government underpinnings.

    There is a 10 minute vignette on the high school scene at McDonalds in Duluth.

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    The Ignorance Equation-Snowed In, Not Snowden!!!

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    Welcome to a special, super silly, snowed in, impromptu episode of The Ignroance Equation. Bored? Restless? Picking Flowers Off The Wallpaper? We want to hear about it, so join Saucey and Dee and many others as we talk about Life, Love, and Universe! Call 646.478.3554 and we can talk about ANYTHING thats on your mind.

    Disclaimer, anything does not include Horny Koala Bears, Drunken Mennonites, Antique Cheese, Prop 42, Venus Flytraps, Soap Flavored Bacon, or anything that will make me sad in my face!

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    Game Show Tonite 103--Snowed in...

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    We're snowed in for the most part, so get your fireplace crackling...sip some hot cocoa, and curl up next to your laptop because we're gonna heat things up.  (Have to so things can be kept warm.)

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    The weather outside is frightful, but year two of Guys We Fucked started out delightful! After the ab workout that was Vinnie's second poopie-filled visit to the show, the gals of Sorry About Last Night feel more than inspired enough to answer this week's fucker mail filled with conundrums like "What do you do when you're sexually bored in a relationship with a dude you KNOW is awesome?" and "How do you fuck when all you can think about is the one who got away?". Post fan therapy sesh, Corinne and Krystyna welcome this week's guest, MONROE MARTIN, comedian as seen on Last Comic Standing and ultimate distrust-er of women! The girls talk with Monroe about growing up in the foster care system of Philadelphia, what to do when you're snowed in with bae and how to successfully sabotage a threesome! PLUS: Casting couch porn, LIVE SHOWS! & our IndieGoGo has launched!!

    PLEASE DONATE + SHARE!! Here is the link:

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

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    If you're in Pennsylvania on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20th at 8PM, come see Krystyna headline in her hometown at The Montgomery Theater (124 N Main Street, Souderton, PA 18964) featuring Corinne Fisher, Dan Frigolette, and Corey Pace! Tix are $15 and we encourage everyone to buy them in advance, but you can also get them at the door for cash-money.
    FOR TIX:

    No plans for New Years Eve? Spend it with Corinne and a five hour open bar! How could that not be the best night ever? For more details, click here: www.corinnefisher.cravetickets.com

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    DC got a snowstorm are you getting snowed by DC? Tonite @6:30EDT

    in Politics

    Hear what Congress did before their St. Patty's Day recess and what's up when Congress returns. DC got a big snowstorm, but are you and I being snowed by Congress and DC. Hear this and more from the only woman ever elected by the U. S. Senate to serve as the Senate Sec. for the Majority for the GOP. All shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab.

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    It snowed here today.

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    It's Friday; so you get Mr. Fantasy and The Big Jack on Sports Time Radio today. By the way it did snow where we live today

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    snowed in pt2

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    Back at it..!!!@

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    snowed in talk!!

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    cuff season

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    All snowed in...

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    Snow day in the town !! Playlist repeat !

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    Snowed in with oldies 60s 70s 80 90s preparing for superbowl

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    Snowed in with oldies 60s 70s 80s 90s preparing for superbowl.
    Will She Lip-Sync?: Beyonce Superbowl Halftime Performance Rehearsals
    The question of the day is whether or not Beyonce will pull a repeat from her “Star-Spangled Banner” Inauguration performance and lip-sync at the Super Bowl halftime show
    “There was already a lot of pressure on Beyonce to deliver at this upcoming Super Bowl,” Brody Brown of Us Weekly magazine told ABC News.  “Now there is certainly even more pressure.

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