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    Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and Getting enough sleep

    in Health

    Joyce and Mike speak with Edward Grandi about Sleep Apnea, snoring, and getting enough sleep.

    Grandi, the former executive director of the American Sleep Apnea Association, is a nationally and internationally invited speaker in the field of sleep medicine to patient and professional groups.  He has been praised in particular for his work raising awareness of the importance of sleep among drivers in the transportation industry, and highlighting the particular importance of sleep for women.

    For more information on getting a diagnosis and on treatment options, see http://sleepapnea.org/

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    Dentist In Beaufort SC Stops Husbands From Snoring

    in Health

    Is snoring ruining your relationships?  Tune in and learn about snoring.  What causes snoring? Where to get help to stop snoring. Get to know the Dentist In Beaufort, SC at the Snoring Solution Center, who can help you Stop Snoring and Get Some Sleep. 

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    The Best of You presents: How to deal with your partner that has Sleep Apnea

    in Entertainment

    Do you know what Sleep Apnea is? Do you or your partner snore horribly? Is your  snoring keep you or partner awake at night and rest broken? Is your partner concerned about your snoring while sleeping at night? Does your partner have apnea and it concerns you? Well Sunday at 12pm est/9am pst  The Best of You will tell you what apena is and how you can help yourself or someone that you love!

    We'll tell how to get the ball rolling and what to ask your Dr's and even go into detail about the overnight sleep study! We'll tell you what to expect when you go too the sleep center that night...YES that's right you will stay overnight. We will help you on this journey of sleep apnea to help you or your loved one have a GREAT night's sleep!

    Key words we will discuss are

    Stat rate

    We will also give you other alternatives besides CPAP or BIPAP. There are medical procedures that if ONEmeets the criteria can help with Sleep Apnea.  To hear the show LIVE, Call in at (616) 668-8275 or log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/thebestofyou to hear the show on your PC,Tablet, or phone. Call in and give your testimony on what YOUR sleep study was like and how long you have been on CPAP or BIPAP. If you had a surgical procedure done to help with your apnea, we'd LOVE to hear from you also!


  • The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    The Dr. Pat Show: What's New in Dentistry with Dr. James Rosenwald. There are two exciting areas where dentists can help patients that were not available before. The first is the area of additive dentistry where dentists can add to teeth to change their shape, filling in spaces between the teeth or spaces near the gum line. The second area is addressing snoring and sleep apnea issues.

    The Dr. Pat Show: Part 2 of The Only Little Prayer You Need - The Shortest Route to a Life of Joy, Abundance and Peace of Mind with Author Debra Engle.  Part 2 of The Only Little Prayer You Need - The Shortest Route to a Life of Joy, Abundance and Peace of Mind with Author Debra Engle

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    On Air with Essential Oils

    in Health

    This week we discuss sleeping disorders. Join us and learn how you can find relief using essential oils.

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    in Self Help

    Snoring is not just a noise problem.... it is a breathing problem, it is a heart problem, and it is a health problem.
    Dr. Scot Bennick, a former rocket scientist, has developed a unique, effective approach to address the root cause of snoring called NoSnore Therapy.
    Also, learn about medical and dental approaches and lifestyle changes that can reduce snoring.


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    Yawning and snoring your way to illness, not kidding.

    in Health

    Remember the yellow pages? That's how we used to find people to collaborate with. Now we go to networking events known as meetings. Two new groups have filled a necessary hole in dentistry and medicine. 

    The Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry

    Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences

    Listen in as I bring you up to date on how and why sleep is the hottest thing going. Why suddenly are things so focused on sleep and why is there an epidemic of sleep apnea? Soft food, removing teeth for orthdontic reasons and allergies are contributing to smaller faces.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

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    Eyelid Surgery: It's Not Only Cosmetic

    in Health


     September 19 at 4:00PM PDT and 7:00 PM ET

    What's all the buzz about Eyelid surgery? 

    San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Macdonald joins Michele Garber to discuss various topics about the popularity of Eyelid Surgery as well as new study about treating migraines. We'll cover what it means to be double board certified and 3-D Eyelid Surgery.

    Dr. Michael Macdonald is a specialist in Cosmetic and Facial Plastic Surgery. He is Board Certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and a Diplomat of the American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.  Dr.Macdonald is the medical director of The Aesthetic Surgery Center of San Francisco and The Snoring Center of San Francisco. 




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    LIVE! with Cathi-Together Forever

    in Fitness


    Mention separate beds today and most people assume marital troubles, NOT SO.

    TRUE STORY...Making a case for separate beds...MOM slept in the guest room of the house she shares with her husband and two kids.  In the master bedroom is a comfortable king size bed.  Her husband was sick and gross, so she decided to quietly slip-down the hallway and sleep on a twin bed in the guest room.  QOUTE,'IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT'S SLEEP SHES HAD IN YEARS!'  For once, she was able to sleep in her preferred position, on her stomach, there was no tug of wars over the covers, no pokes in the back to alert me to my snoring...SOUND FAMILIAR!


    SOLO SLEEPING...etc.

    Humans are surprisingly...etc.

    Separate beds means better...etc.

    Chronic BAD SLEEP...etc.

    The importance of SLEEP...etc.

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    The Ride of the Zombies and other stories of sleep deprived children.

    in Family

    The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry meeting was a real game changer for me. I look at every patient differently, I look at every health history differently. I know now what a life changing observation I can make for children who have sleep shiners, who won't behave, who have high vaulted arches and those who suck their thumb at night. That change happend mainly due to our guest today, Valerie Deegan. 

    Valarie is the mother of Connor of the compelling video I shared on the America's Dental Hygienist facebook page. At age 10 he was wishing he was dead and threatened suicide. She ignored the psychiatric advice because they ignored the findings of the allergists and sleep study. Listen to her story and post what you think about it on America’s Dental Hygienist on Facebook.  

    The ride to raise money for childhood sleep disorders is in the Chicago area in September. Click the link to find out more.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

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    When Boring Leaves You Snoring

    in Entertainment

    We've all experienced it. People who are perfectly nice, respectful, courteous . . . and BORING beyond description. When such boring individuals enter your orbit, what do you do? They haven't given you any reason to be mean, but if you don't get away from them soon, you're going to put a bullet through your head. Join us as we chat about how to behave in such a situation without being a complete a-hole.

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