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    The Haven Snitch Test Run

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    A test run of the newest, hottest, freshest, Harry Potter related Radio Show called The Haven Snitch, exclusively for and made by members of Harry Potter Haven RP site.

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    Author Chit Chat with Sunny Giovanni of The Girls in Tha Hood and Snitch Series

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    In southern Dallas, Texas, Sunny Giovanni-- or "Gio" as she likes to be called-- was born on the fifth day of June in 1989. Born to a mother who was a teacher and a graduate from Texas A&M University you couldn't so much as watch a Disney movie if you hadn't read the book beforehand. Gio has had a very strong history with literature, diversifying from poetry (winning placements in oratorical contests), to thriller short stories as a way to vent her frustrations.

    The pen was handed down to her from an older sibling as a means to focus her negative energy and anger into something different but was used as a way to alter her own situations.
    As a preteen Gio witnessed how much her writing could touch someone when she left one of her prized spirals in a classroom without knowing. Two weeks after it went missing someone brought it back to her asking for more, letting the young author know that almost everyone she knew read the story, but without knowing it was her in the story she had written.
    Sunny Giovanni is an advocate for gay and transgender rights, and says: "You can't help who you are and you damn sure can't help who you love. You should be true to who are rather than to conform and live the ultimate lie and live miserably until the day you die." Credited from the poem she penned "Titanium", modeled after her novel.
    Gio is a mother of three children, the founder of Lucid Legends Publishing/ Photography, Kno Joke Entertainment, the host of "We Talk TOO Much Radio" on BlogTalk Radio and blogs on Tumblr under the name "KnoJokeGio". She is a friend to many and prides herself on making a smile out of an extremely horrible day. "It doesn't matter if you're having a bad day... a smile could make everything else seem so small. Crack a joke when someone is hurt and see how fast they cheer up. 

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    Not A Snitch Unless You Make Me Mad. Daily Gogetemism #392

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    There are so many problems with this phenomenon but it's really simple: You're either a snitch or you ain't a snitch. You're either loyal or you ain't loyal.

    Some people get selective with their loyalty like i'll keep your secrets safe as long as you don't push me too far. Some have actually bullied, blackmailed  and extorted others behind this crap. Hey, it happens.

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    Not A Snitch But Will Tell On You. Daily Gogetemism #345

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    Some people tell on you by mistake and some people will tell on you on purpose. Telling on someone in order to save their life can't be snitching. Or can it be? People get angry about being told on from the time that they are children but the relationship of the person usually decides whether they'll be called a snitch or not.

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    1DimitriRadio: #Obama using #Obamacare for #GunControl Will your doctor snitch?

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    President Obama just authrorized violating your prvacy. He wants doctors to pull the plug on the Second Amendment, one patient at a time. Call it medical malpractice. (But I thought more people are killed by doctors than guns?!)

    I also have a great interview with David Boaz, vice president of the Cato Institutue (libertarian think tank) and author of "The Libertarian Mind" (part of the interview was very awkward because I mistakenly thought he had issues with French tourism regarding the Paris sites. Moi bad!

    DimitriGraffiti™ final few minutes of the live show.

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    Why Do Black Women ? - (516) 418-5541

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    Produced by Vauban S

    Tonight on Black Men Talk Radio we are asking the question:  "Why Do Black Women "Snitch" On Black Men ?"

    Taddle tales are one thing, but SNITCHING is another kettle of fish............Snitching is defined as telling on others for PERSONAL GAIN.

    Thus..........Do black women snitch on black men and if so WHY ?

    Call in tonight with your questions, comments, suggestions, and examples. If you have a personal story to share......then call into our LIVE STREAM and share it. The number is 516-41805541.

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    America: The Realest Nigga in the Room

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    If someone were to define, or give you examples of what makes a real nigga a real nigga, here are some of the things you would hear:  "A real nigga gets money."  "A real nigga represents for his hood."  "A real nigga doesn't snitch."  Many people view those that slang dope (sell drugs), tote pistols, rob, and even kill, as "real niggas."  When you listen to some rap music, and particular rappers rap about violence, drugs, guns, women, or as they would say, bitches, and they live the life that they are trying to sell to you, they're viewed as "real niggas."  For example:  Deceased New Orleans rapper, Soulja Slim, lived his life just as his lyrics suggested.

     Therefore, he is a certified "real nigga" in the eyes of many.

    If these descriptions match what a nigga is than you America are the biggest nigga/thug/goon on the planet. 

    "A real nigga gets money." How much public funds are being funneled into privatization? How many under-privileged minorities have been sold into the prison industrial complex system? Who benefitted financially from the so-called War on drugs? Who  is benefiting from treating the sick instead of curing them? What happened to the CEO of Turing after increasing the price of the AIDS pill from $1 a pill to $750? What about oil? The goon called American foreign politics strong arms African nations into petroleum and other mineral contracts crippling the autonomy of those countries. Uncle Sam gets money while living day to day in debt.... just like niggas right? Horrible credit? Check. Massive debt? check. Selling dope? Check. Spending large sums of cash on unnecessary things? Check. Sounds like a nigga to me!

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    1DimitriRadio: Donald Trump says Hillary Got Schlonged; Mocks her bowel-movement

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    Program Schedule 

    Date: Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    Time zone: (Eastern USA)

    Studio phone: 213-943-3733

    Noon -12:30 p.m. Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton “got schlonged.” And Donald Trump dumps on Hillary’s belated bathroom break

    12:30 to 1 p.m Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America says every teacher should have a gun, and know how to use it. And then, Van Hipp says we need a terrorist hotline to snitch on suspicious neighbors 

    1:15 to 1:50 p.m. Is “White Christmas” racist, and should the song be banned from radio? 


    1:50 to 2 p.m. DimitriGraffiti™ Callers say or do anything legal, but do NOT interact with host.


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    Live noon to 2 p.m. (ET) weekdays to talk with me (The Lovable Libertarian™)
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    Callers say or do anything legal, but do NOT interact with host! (Seriously.)

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    Movie Reviews: Dark Skies, Snitch

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review two new films: Dark Skies and Snitch.