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  • Jeff Niles Presents: SEEING RED - by Mark Slade

    in Entertainment

    Jeff Niles Presents:


    Written by Mark Slade

    Directed and Produced by Viktor Aurelius

    Synopsis: Tonight, Danny and his recently wedded wife, Helen, are leaving a concert. They had a great time and were really enjoying themselves. But it seems that their evening of fun might run into a snag.

    Featured in the Cast were:

    Viktor Aurelius as Danny

    Laura Nicole as Helen

    and Rachel Rumler as Susan

    Music by Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/ )

    Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

    © The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2015)

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk: Harriete Estel Berman talks SNAG PSD 2014

    in Art

    My Guests this Thursday, February 20th at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk will be artist Harriete Estel Berman and Betty Talbott, the Director of the Ohio Craft Museum and Artistic Director of the Ohio Designer Craftsmen.

    They will be discussing the idea of “grassroots collections" and the upcoming program “Collectors, Collection and You”  at the SNAG Professional Development Seminar. The 2014 SNAG conference Grains to Gold will be held in Minneapolis, MN in April 2014.

    This interview is a preview of the PDS but the information will not be repeated at the Conference. This is a unique opportunity ONLY on Metalsmith Bench Talk.

    Are you making your mark?
    What is the impact of the maker mark on value?
    Have you considered the importance of having your work in a collection?
    What about collections for your guild or academic institution.

    You can count on the PSD to cover this from the ground up and give you lots of information that you can readily put into action the next day.

    Our hot topics include:

    How to establish value for your artwork;
    How exactly does the secondary market work;
    Facts about collecting metalwork within an academic setting or guild; 
    What you can do to attract a collector's eye; and
    Essential background work all artists must take care of before attempting to place work into a museum collection.

    For more info, visit http://www.snagmetalsmith.org/conferences/from-grains-to-gold/educational-opportunities/professional-development-seminar/.

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    Snag the Job of your Dreams! New You City Chat w/Danielle Mercurio

    in Goals

    Ready for a career change however too overwhelmed with how busy your life is? And worried how you will stand out in this job market? Host Danielle brings on guests Jill Ozovek & Ashley Feinstein to discuss how you can make any major job transition without the lethargy, scatteredness, annoyances or fears that often come with it. You'll take away key strategies you can implement into your daily routine to for quick turnaround to meet your goals. Get ready to snag the job AND life of your dreams AND be happy in the process!

    Jill is a certified career coach at Jill Ozovek Career Coaching, where she works with her clients on finding the career they were born to do. She partners with Millennial and Mid-career women to help them step into a career that’s aligned with their passion and one that also opens them up to limitless career growth. www.jillozovek.com

    Ashley Feinstein is a certified money coach of Knowing Your Worth, where she works in partnership with her clients to demystify the world of personal finance. Together, they build self sustaining businesses and lives by taking courageous actions, living at the source of financial freedom and achieving their most coveted goals. She offers 1:1 coaching programs as well as her 30 Day Money Cleanse.

    Danielle is a highly passionate city lifestyle coach.  She inspires urban dwellers to find their own groove in the chaos and manifest their hopes and dreams into reality.  She uses her own life experience as well as light hearted spirit and wit to encourage people to stop worrying about what other people think, become bolder, and feel complete now.  She specializes in intuitive coaching, guided meditations, and astrological/tarot readings. www.newyoucitycoaching.com

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    Sacred Sunday~I Corinthians, Chapter 7/Talkin' About Sex Baby!

    in Christianity

    The Joy of Sex According to Paul.

    Now Paul starts to address some of the things the Corinthians wrote to him about. Apparently, they had a lot of questions about sex. Paul tells them that if people can't stop themselves from getting it on with each other, then they might as well get married. Once you're married, men and women shouldn't withhold sex from each other.  Of course, Paul isn't thrilled to have to give this advice. He's a bachelor and thinks everyone should be shrugging off sex like him. But he realizes that not everyone is going be able to live up to his level of awesomeness. Paul's advice is to stay that way. But if you can't keep it in your pants then, by all means, put a ring on it. Rules for Marriage. Christians who are married to unbelievers shouldn't divorce their spouses. As long as the non-believer of the pair is fine living with a Christian, they should be cool with it. Yes, in the last chapter, having sex with a prostitute made you a prostitute, but, don't worry: a Christian spouse actually makes their non-believing spouse holy. Paul thinks that Christians should just let it be. More advice,  this time for virgins! Thinking about getting married? Think again. Married people have all kinds of problems.  But unmarried people can just keep their eyes on the prize—life with God. That is, when they're not thinking about sex. The end of the world is coming soon, Paul explains. So soon, none of this stuff is going to matter. God is going to swoop in and wipe it all away, and give faithful Christians their reward. That's why it's better to keep your focus on the Big Guy instead of trying to snag Mr. Right. Remember, if you're just some sex fiend who can't control himself, go ahead and get married. You're more blessed when you stay single, Paul says. (Typical man. Won't commit.)

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    STR #210 04/14/2015 "Just The News Please"

    in Television

    The latest news and a few fun announcements.

    Hope you're able to download or snag a copy and are reading the book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaleo Hosseini which is our next STR Book Club selection we'll be discussing on June 2nd STR. 




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    When Trying to Snag a Man, Subtle Signals Don’t Cut It

    in Entertainment

    You gotta socialize to snag a man, but be sure to keep your posse to a minimum. So says Joe “Neck” Bone on a special “Mistakes that Single Women Make” episode of All Girl Talk Radio. “To start it out, do not go out with a group of girls. Go out with just one girlfriend. Don’t go out with a group of three or more,” he tells host Angie Smith. That’s the worst mistake you can make. Because when a guy approaches a group, there’s always that one friend that goes, ‘Girl, he don’t look right.’ And no matter what you say after that, it ain’t gonna happen. There’s always a hater.”

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    Bert Martinez joined by Mary King, Kate White, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Angela Sloan

    in Business

    Mary King IRS Problem Solving Attorney and co- author of the book Protect and Defend. Mary’s career as an attorney began in 1993 after graduating from Stetson University College of Law.   Her career in law has primarily focused in IRS problem solving as well as mortgage foreclosure defense

    Dr. Joan Borysenko distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine is a world-renowned expert in the mind/body connection. Her work has been foundational in an international health-care revolution that recognizes the role of meaning, and the spiritual dimensions of life, as an integral part of health and healing. Eloquent and inspiring in settings that range from hospitals to hospices, from theaters to conference venues, and from boardrooms to houses of worship, she is a credible bridge between faith and reason. Her brilliance, humor, and authenticity in combination with the latest research make her a compelling and inspiring speaker and writer

    Kate White the author of I Shouldn't Be Telling You This: How to Ask for the Money, Snag the Promotion, and Create the Career You Deserve, is the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan, where she increased circulation by 700,000 and took the magazine to #1 on the newsstand. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of ten suspense novels, including the upcoming The Wrong Man

    Angela Sloan CEO and founder of Sloan Financial Group, has dedicated herself to helping her clients secure their financial affairs.  Unfortunately at a young age, she was swindled out of her life savings by her “trusted” advisor.  This misfortune motivated Angela to make it her life’s work to keep bad things from happening to good people

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    How to Snag a Valentines' Day Date Countdown

    in Relationships

    Damona Hoffman hosts three different IDCA certified dating coaches—Arthur Malov, Israel Irenshtain, and Rich Hollman— to discuss what changes can be made TODAY to snag a date in time for Valentines' Day.


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    The Back Nine Report presented by eDraft.com

    in Sports

    Shane Ryan is interviewed on the Very Important Guest (VIG) of the Week section and co-hosts Fred Altvater and Carlos Torres take look at the recent allegations made about Patrick Reed on his upcoming book.

    On The Par-5 News presented by United Golf Network, they will cover the great starts of the year for Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka and Lydia Ko, the latest on Sang Moon Bae’s military duties, the facelift for Habrour Town Golf Links and Frank Nobilo’s new gig.

    Also, on The Practice Range, they’ll address the State of the Tiger Game, analyzing Tiger Wood’s recent struggles with his tournament results and game play overall, and what the future may hold for him in the short and long run.

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    Randy Ross Talks With Jennifer Perry About Performing Your Work.

    in Books

    Promote This host Jenifer Perry welcomes author Randy Ross to discuss promoting with live performances and video.

    I discovered Randy Ross via his tweet containing a link to a youtube video of him reading his Vicodin, Klonopin, or Heinekin. Join me as Randy discusses how he has been performing his writing to develop a platform to help him snag an agent when he start sending out queries. "For two years, I've been performing excerpts from my novel in progress, "The Loneliest Planet: a novel for the chronically single," Ross says. "I also paid a theater director to help me develop a one-man show "The Chronic Single's Handbook," which is a condensed version of the novel in progress. I've performed at comedy events, poetry slams, story slams, and one smut slam. I won a story slam in 2011 and have been performing the one-man show at venues in Boston and at theater festivals in the U.S. and in Edinburgh, Scotland."

    This is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.



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    Motherhood doesn't come with instructions for a reason! And here's why!

    in Entertainment

    Another great show tonight y'all!  I will share a little Facebook trick and my #AskMamaChar segment at the end of the show is about relationships and compromise!

    Our guest tonight is Vikki Spencer, aka The Mom Whisperer (themomwhisperer.com).  With a Masters of Education and a certified Life Coach in her arsenal she will share her story of how traditional motherhood just didn't  make sense when her son was diagnosed with OCD and Tourrets and how she learned "change" is not only wanted but needed in order to have a loving, peaceful home. She has a freebie for y'all that you will want to snag.

    Our musical guest is Marty of A Beautiful Tomorrow. His song "The Guide" is an electric lyric song with a fantastic message!  Catch his music at abeautifultomorrowmusic.com, youTube and facebook @ABeautifulTomorrow. Marty offers his tunes for free, so go get 'em!

    And as always, you can catch me at mamachar.com and on all social media @MamaCharBlessed.  Be sue to send your comments or questions for the #AskMamaChar segment. I just may answer your question on the air!