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    Movie Reviews: 2 Guns, Smurfs 2, Spectacular Now

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films: 2 Guns, Smurfs 2, and Spectacular Now.

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    It's A Brand New Day! Washington Turns A New ~ albeit brown ~Leaf

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    I am encouraged by what I am seeing in Washington. Debates on the senate floor. Minority Party Amendments. Some glitches already in the GOP (Elmo) controlled House, but what cha gunna do ..... Nothing is perfect.

    Can the Republicans keep this up for two years? Will they grow veto weary? Will the right wing be a constant thorn in Boehner's and McConnell's side. The Democrats certainly hope so.

    And on the other side of our Blue and Red coin, the Democrats (Smurfs) exercise the filibuster like the Elmos had to? Or will they give just enough support to pass legislation while still helping the president sustain his certain onslaught of vetoes? Will Blue Dogs be a constant thorn in their Liberal sides? The Republicans certainly hope so.

    All good question the answers for which we will have to wait ..... but that doesn't stop us from talking about it .... and talk about it we shall!

    My pond is open ...... Swim at your own risk!

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    Super Bowl, Super Party, Not So Super Politics By Facts

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    The Super Bowl is the SECOND BIGGEST eating day of the year. ..... On tonight's show, I have some suggestions to save you from yourselves.

    Also, The Smurfs struck down their own president again, for reasons that add up to the grand total of 2016

    This week the Elmos Senate hopes to wrap up passage of the XL Pipeline bill and the president stands firm in his intent to veto it. The public also stands firm in their support of XL construction so we will revisit some of the facts and misrepresentation in this highly heated debate.

    And while the Global Economy is peering at trouble down the road, America stands resilient with its future looking up ..... Thanks again to OIL! Oh my! Fortune Magazine says one company is the economic indicator of this fact. We'll discuss it.'

    And, for fun we will talk about how the Smurfs are suddenly the party of obstruction .... How recently was it that the Smurfs said obstruction was a bad thing? What a difference one election makes, no?

    All this tonight, and more on tonight's episode of Jump Right In!

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    Eenie Meanie Miney .... Drone.

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    You just landed a drone on the White House Lawn .... what are you gunna do next? Didn't they just clean house at the Secret Service? We cannot be less impressed with the new Men In Black. Calling Agent K, Dick Tracy, Dudley Do-Right, Somebody! Anybody! Who amongst you can protect our president?

    Tonight I will also finish up what I didn't get to on that Warrior for the people, Elizabeth Warren.

    We are also going to jump into Senate Political Theatre. The media is now focusing on fissures in the new Elmo Senate. Is it cause for concern or much ado about nothing.

    Queen Pelosi is making her own 2016 wish list. This ought to be good.

    And Obama is drawn into defending the United State's alliance with the Saudi Arabi. Didn't the Smurfs constantly question George W Bush's insistence that Saudi Arabia was our friend?

    Thangs that make ya go hmmmmmm.

    All this and more, tonight!

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    Obama The Globe Trotter ..... All The World's A Stage

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    This past Wednesday I focused on Obama's Domestic Division Speech ... as you know, I was less than kind.

    Last Thursday, I focused on the Inspiration that was the ONLY speech Obama should have given .... it practically choked me up. .... The man has this ability; the ability to inspire.

    And then there is his foreign affairs approach. That occupied the middle third of Obama's 5th SOTU. Monday nightt, that is our focus .... among other things.

    We will also talk about the new Senate. McConnell is doing what he promised ..... and the Smurfs are pissed.

    Elizabeth Warren has set her crosshairs on yet some more big game ..... Big Pharma .... I am telling you, I LOVE this woman.

    All this and more Monday night! Jump Right In, wade carefully if you must, but remember .... In my pond EVERYONE swims at their own risk.

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    President Obama's Purchase Of The Union Address

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    Obama Hood strikes again! Our president told his fellow Democrats (Smurfs) that he is going on offense. While the veto is defensive to its core, we got a pretty good glimpse last night of what the president meant by offense. What is he doing other than goaltending under the basket?

    Picture Obama trying to steal 3rd base, caught in a pickle. McConnell is plaing 2rd; Boehner is playing 3rd. McConnell is telling Obama  to stay on 2nd where it is safe; negotiate with us; compromise with us. But Obama's third base coach (pick any progressive) is waving him in telling him not just to steal third, but go for home, so Obama takes off. Boehner shakes his head as if to say, "I knew he was going to do that."

    Now Obama is caught ..... running back and forth to avoid being tagged out by the glove of irrelevance.He throws this goodie at the people then that. ... this then that .... all the while saying he will take it away from the people in the sky boxes in order to pay for them. "FREE hot dogs and ice cold beer for everyone!" he yells to the people in the stands. The people cheer, but they know he is just shouting. They know he can't deliver. They know that he is out.

    No one will get a free hot dog. No one will get a free beer. No one will get anything. Why? Because that is what happens BETWEEN 2nd and 3rd base. You're trapped, with no chance to get home. The pickle you get caught in serves up some short term excitement until the runner is tagged out, hanging his head for the walk of shame back to the dug out.

    THIS was Obama's speech last night. An exciting pickle that will end with Obama .... AND his fellow Smurfs ..... called out in 2016.

    We will talk more about this Purchase of the Union Address tonight especially in terms of how it keeps the people divided against themselves which, as I said last night, may be the point.



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    The Ominous Omnibus Bill Take Two .... The Senate! ... What Have We Learned?

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    The Ominous Omnibus bill needed help from Democrats to pass the House .... and it got that help. The Ominous Omnibus bill needed help from the Smurfs again to pass the Senate ..... and it got that help. Now that the Crime-nibus bill has passed what did the battle tell us about the political landscape over the next two years? Why did the Smurfs work SO hared to pass a bill that so many Smurfs say was "heavily tilted" towards the Elmos? ~~~

    Also .... there is more on the toruture front as Dick Cheney has chimed in as only Dick Cheney can. ~~~ 

    We will also talk more about oil. As the price of oil plummets below $60/bbl the benefits are obvious, but what of the consequences? ~~~ 

    We will talk about all this and take your phone calls tonight!

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    My Pond Is Open ... And So Is DC .... Swim At Your Own Risk!

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    Splash talks about the news of the day, the happenings in Washington and what it all means to us ..... in Splash's opinion, of course.

    The scales of power have tilted to the GOP (Elmos) for now .... what will they do with that power? What will the Democrats (Smurfs) do to stop them? Can they do anything to stop them? What will Obama do to stop them? Can he do anything?

    And Obama will be busy, busy, BUSY! How will the Elmos respond to his Esecutive Actions and Regulations run amok? What can they do to stop him? Should they stop him?

    The Pond is open. Jump right in. Wade carefully if you must ..... Swim at your won risk!

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    Who's The King Of Oil Now?

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    Back in the 70s, Jimmy Carter warned that the oil  of the Middle East would dry up in no more than 20 years and that America had better develope alternative energy sources and end our dependence on oil. Of course, Jimmy's prediction was wrong. It has been 4 1/2 decade and the Middle East is no where near drying up. Moreover, Carter was completely unaware of America's own furture potential to meet its own oil needs.

    For the first time in my life, America produces more oil than She needs and it seemed to happen without anyone realizing it. As America starts to reap the benefits of being a major oil player the price of oil plummets and quite possibly the dangers of a new industry ~ fracking ~ may be lurking.

    On tonight's show we will look at oil production in the United States and the industry that put us over the hump ~ fracking.

    Looking to the future it is hard to imagin a world without oil. Australia recently discovered a shale oil field that could make them the next Saudi Arabia 

    We will touch on alternatives to oil, the dangers of oil and the dangers of alternatives.

    Of course we will talk politics, Hillary, Obamacare, Elmos and Smurfs AND the news of the day.

    Tune in tonight for America, The NEW King Of Oil.


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    The Smurfs - The Story Behind the Cute Blue Characters

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    If you were a child growing up in America in the 1980s, there is a good chance you spent some of your idle time watching the Smurfs on television. And if you were a parent or grandparent in that era, you may have been thankful that the adorable little characters occupied the kids for a while so you could take care of other duties or just relax.
    But was there a hidden agenda behind the Smurfs? Were the kids actually being brainwashed while the adults were sipping coffee, doing the laundry or washing the car?
    We'll ask that question of a person with intimate knowledge of what the Smurfs were really all about. Rena Winters is the author of Smurfs: The Inside Story Of The Little Blue Characters. She was a key executive at the company that created the Smurfs for TV and movies.
    Rena will tell us whether the Smurfs were providing innocent entertainment, or teaching America's children the benefits of communism.  

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    Show 41: Viking Women, Smurfs and More!

    in Comedy

    Tonight the Boys discuss the upside of a Viking-like woman, Smurfs (the movie) and the loss of Kim Jong Il.  All of which will be integrated with humor and plugs for everything we do!

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