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    Lost Arts Radio Show #10 - Special Guests Harold Sexson & Paul Harding

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    Harold Sexson and Paul Harding:
    Essential Oil Healing Tools, Healing and Harmful Frequencies Explored

    Harold Sexson (www.naturesoils.net) is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Aroma Therapist, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach as well as a Diplomat and Fellow of the College of Energy Medicine. His background in engineering and aerospace has given him a unique perspective on energy and its many effects on body energetics. He owns Natures Oils, LLC, a company which provides energized organic essential oils and custom oil blends.

    Paul Harding started Total EMF Solutions (www.totalemfsolutions.com) as a fight for his life. He experienced "microwave sickness" after a smart meter was installed on his bedroom wall in the beginning of 2011. The effects vanished once he started sleeping in an area that was in a natural setting. He got rid of his TV, and researched some of the thousands of studies showing the biological effects electromagnetic or EMF has on the cell.

    After purchasing the proper scientific equipment, he was able to help others to solve their EMF-related problems in their homes or workplace. As word of mouth spread, he decided to offer his services as a professional consultant. He does not heal people, but their bodies have often done that on their own, once his clients have chosen to protect themselves and take proper defensive measures.

    Saturday’s show will be an inside look at two types of frequencies, one beneficial and the other harmful to the human body, as well as a presentation of one class of natural therapies that most of us know little about, the world of essential oils. In the weeks to come, in addition to our educational shows on health hazards, we will continue to highlight various natural approaches to health that can be used by anyone to improve their own condition without the risk of harm that many invasive and drug-centered therapies involve.

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    Yute Vybz - March 13

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    On Yute Vybz this week we are talking CHAMPS, that’s right, Boys and Girls Championships to we thing tonight.

    We are focusing on KC's track team we will have class one, 100 meters track star Chadayne Walker along with the Coach of KC team.

    And in Yute Trendz this week we are asking ‘What’s appropriate for champs fashion and who you think will win champs?” We also have True Street Chic with Ms. Hoyoung.


    Then at 8:50pm we have Yute Spotlight, we will shine the light on the Peace for Champs campaign, we will be joined by Anthony Williams current President and Kadeem Mundy immediate President…so you cyan afford to miss it.

    Yute Vybz comes your way at 8pm EST on www.talkjamaicaradio.com and also on datzhitsradio.com

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    National & International Roundtable

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    The ’68 Olympics is most remembered by the bowed heads and raised fists of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Afterwards, the United States team swept the individual 400 meter dash. Ron and his teammates stood on the podium during the medal ceremony wearing emblematic black berets. Ron’s second trip to the victory stand, with his gold medal winning 4x400m relay teammates, also included a silent stance against racial discrimination in the United States. These protests not only represent some of the most memorable moments in Olympic history but an important milestone in America's civil rights movement as well. The 4x400m relay event provided not only an exciting race, but a historic event.  Ron’s time of 43.2 seconds was the fastest 400-meter relay split in track and field history and stood for more than 20 years! 

    His time was ultimately responsible for the United States’ world record setting time of 2:56.16, which shattered the world record by over three seconds and was unbroken for 25 years.  In addition to the collective gold, Ron captured the bronze in the individual 400-meter race where the United States swept the medal stand at the ’68 Olympics, in doing so Ron ran the fastest 400 meters ever run in lane #1 at 44.4. Although Ron’s Olympic achievements are stellar, and his performance in the 4x400 meter relay proved to be phenomenal, his story of triumph in the face of adversity began long before the ‘68 Olympics.

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Researching UFO Sightings

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    Coming up on Paranormal Frequencies, we will continue our Top 10 with Oklahoma on the bill.  Also in Jons Tech Corner, Jon will compare the different EMF meters out there to give you a little information.  Then we look into the process of researching UFO sightings.  How is it done and what does it consist of? Let's not forget about the contest to investigate at a haunted tuberculosis sanitarium starts on this episode! All that and more this Sunday at 6m Central..

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    We Hope Dream & Believe. America we must save Inkster, Michigan

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    Why must we save Inkster,Michigan? Because what is happening to Inkster, Michigan is part of all small town America. We must save the small town America.

    The Motown era group The Marvelettes was formed by two women from Inkster: Gladys Horton and Georgia Dobbins. The group's "Please Mr. Postman" went number one.

    During the 1950s, Inkster was the home of Malcolm X, revolutionary leader.
    It has been the home of Don Barden, the only African American owner of a gaming hotel in Las Vegas.
    It is the birthplace of former Oakland Raiders running back, Tyrone Wheatley.
    It was the home of Earl Jones (athlete), 1984 Olympic bronze medalist in the 800 meters.
    It is the birthplace of former Arkansas State University football standout, Joseph Fears.

    Population (year 2000): 30,115. Estimated population in July 2006: 28,443 (-5.6% change)

    Males: 14,369 (47.7%)
    Females: 15,746 (52.3%)

    Wayne County

    Median resident age: 31.8 years
    Michigan median age: 35.5 years

    Zip codes: 48141

    Land area: 6.26 square miles. Population density: 4593 people per square mile (average).

    Nearest city with pop. 50,000+: Dearborn Heights, MI (2.2 miles, pop. 58,264).

    Nearest city with pop. 200,000+: Detroit, MI (15.9 miles, pop. 951,270).

    Nearest city with pop. 1,000,000+: Chicago, IL (301.5 miles, pop. 2,896,016).

    Nearest cities: Dearborn Heights, MI (2.2 miles), Garden City, MI (2.7 miles), Westland, MI (4.5 miles), Wayne, MI (4.5 miles), Taylor, MI (5.4 miles), Romulus, MI (5.7 miles), Dearborn, MI (6.9 miles), Redford, MI (7.2 miles).

    Full-time Law Enforcement Employees in 2006: 67 (57 officers).
    Officers per 1,000 residents here: 1.98

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    American Daily Review: Welcome To The ObamaNet

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    Constitution Corner: Patricia Arquette accuses the Constitution of "male convexity"; He lived long and we prospered: Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83; American Sniper was snubbed because it was directed by Clint Eastwood instead of Michael Moore; Chris Kyle's murderer not quite brought to justice; "Here we are in 2015 looking at another potential mortgage crisis"; Democrat witchhunt forces scientist out of global warming research; Big Obrother is watching your kids; The question about "smart meters"; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects Democrat summons to closed-door woodshed; Obama's domestic enemies remain under withering siege; Man kills families in their homes in Missouri shooting rampage; Outspoken anti-Putin opposition leader slain within sight of the Kremlin; Obama Regime banned Muslim apostates from "Stand With Mohammed" summit while ISIS's spring blitzkrieg continues; Scott Walker tackles Right-To- Work; and Obama’s illegal ammo ban decree targets popular AR-15.

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    021715 The Vince Anello Show - Open Mic

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    021715 Coffee Shop Report

    Well, what most people are talking about at the coffee shops is the long stretch of cold weather we have had and with no end in sight.

    In the publication Buffalo Rising, there is an article about development in downtown Niagara Falls.

    At the same time The Investigative Post had an article by Charlotte Keith titled Falls Hotel Subsidies Defied Recommendations.

    The article discusses recommendations made by consultants who produced a 2011 study regarding IDA subsidies for low budget hotels downtown

    Niagara Falls City Council is having a Council meeting tonight .Let me give you some of the highlightsBesides change orders to the skating rink will eventually cost the city $11 million, the city Council is considering some self improvement efforts

    A measure from Council chair Andy Touma that would move the time of council meetings back and hour, meaning that the administrative session would start at 6 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. and the legislative session would begin at 7 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.

    the city Council is taking a poll that has a list of six questions regarding city government's performance on various issues. The poll is listed on the Niagara Falls city Council Facebook page and copies of it can also be found at the clerk's office as well as the billing and collections office.The City Council's Financial Advisory Panel has been announced. The names listed on the agenda item are: Janet Baker Scott, Francis Soda, Dr. Jay Walker, Doreen O’Connor, Carmen Granto, Samuel Granieri and Lawrence Cook II.

    My listeners know that I've been very critical of the budget process as long as I've been on the radio. As a private citizen I've been critical of the budget process for the last seven years. The city Council should draft legislation that would establish a spending policy for Casino Revenues and legislation that would establish a rainy day fund.

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    The Dangers of Smart Meters

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    Over the past two years, there has been mounting medical and scientific evidence of the grave biological dangers to humans from so-called “Smart” Meters exposure that are being installed by the hundreds of thousands all over North America and Europe. Scientists have been documenting the EMF/RF exposure effects for decades. However, it is only in the last two years, with the constant wireless electromagnetic radiation exposure to these new meters, that other medical evidence (down to the cellular level) has been reported. In the US, there has never been a mandate to force these utility meters on millions of unsuspecting people. There has been no Precautionary Principle used, while corporate greed has abounded. Various utility companies have not told their customers of the dangers. What they told their customers about these new meters was that it would update the grid and help them control individual usage. Customers have not been told about the serious health problems that these RF pulsing meters cause. We have been given no informed consent to this dangerous but invisible exposure. ~ Dr. Illya Sandra Perlingieri

    Our Guest tonight on the "Know Thyself Radio Show" is Sis. Rose-Bey of Philadelphia, PA,, Dan & Terri Keller of "Stop Smart Meters Georgia," and L.A. Davis of "It's My House Radio.

    Let's Get Ready To Evolve Into Higher Consciousness...

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    First Contact Radio 2/9/15 Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Gospel of Phillip pt1

    in News

    First Contact Radio 2/9/15 Show #1312 hosted by Joshua Poet


    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 6 – 14

    UFO News
    Hexagon UFO Matches Speed With Space Station, Feb 8, 2015

    Phoenix Lights Event Happens Again! UFO Lights Over Arizona Feb 3, 2015

    Ancient Drone Found 40 meters Below Ground, Siberia Feb 2015

    UFO Cases May Be More Active In Australian Skies Than Many Have Thought

    Mysterious Green Beam Lights Up Sky Over Cuba

    Bright Colorful UFO Witnessed Over Colorado Amphitheater

    A Different Type Of UFO Sighting, Lincoln Had Just Become President - 1861

    The Arrival of Extraterrestrials Would Change Everything

    Daily Stories
    The Nag Hammadi Library

    The Gospel of Philip

    How to Receive Intuitive Guidance From Your Spirit Guides

    Hilarion February 8-15, 2015

    Warrior of the Light

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    Contact Report 31 Billy's Trip in Great Spacer Ship

    in Spirituality

    We head to the ship and let ourselves be lifted by the transport beam. After a few seconds the ship is already hovering high, and from an altitude of about 50 meters I take some photos of the surroundings of the ship‘s departure point below. I take some straight from above, and others at an angle. I take them through the still open transport beam hatch, while we slowly rise. After I finish Semjase closes the hatch, and within seconds the ship shoots up several kilometers higher, without me being able to feel any acceleration or other external forces. It's just as if I was standing on solid ground somewhere on Earth.

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    O ye Drybones : World War 3 ( Fact or fiction) it has already started .

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    At the heart of the American economy and the Petrodollar is energy and Russia and China just cemented an agreement where they do not need the dollar. The Russia –China  $400 billion energy deal, signed in May this year will by 2018 have some 38 billion cubic meters of gas flow through the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ pipeline from the largest gas producer, Russia, to the largest energy user, China. This deal  is many things at once: It is, of course a symbolic step in the process of decoupling hydrocarbon trading from the dollar, as it foresees payments in local currencies, rubles and yuan. It sidesteps the  Petrodollar for hydrocarbon trading. Over one-third of the planet just moved away from the dollar when this recent deal was cemented.
    As if the Russian-Chinese energy deal is not bad enough, the BRICS are driving a stake into the American economy as they have set up a  new development and investment bank for all of the BRICS countries. The banks  will be headquartered in Shanghai, China, with the first president of the bank will be from India. The BRICS nations, of course, are a group of emerging economies and draws its name from the five member countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS is also considering starting a joint infrastructure fund with an initial capital infusion of around $100 billion to begin investing in each other’s transportation, water and sewage systems.Turkey’s Gas Deal

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