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  • The Voice - Advancing Singers (PART 3)

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we chat with the next round of advancing singers from The Voice:

    Our guests will be: Viktor Kiraly, Blaine Mitchell, Chance Pena, Riley Biederer, Evan McKeel, and Blind Joe,

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    Advancing Singers from The Voice (Season 9) PART 1

    in Entertainment

    it's that time of years again, when our show chats with some of the new contestants from NBC's The Voice as they advance on to the next rounds of competition. Part one will air on this  show and we'll talk with a new set of singers on our next show.

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    Ladies Night w/ singers Kayla Joy, Jessica Jolia, and Chinah Blac

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    This beauty has one hell of a voice, talent, and following. She blogs, writes music, and can sang....we mean SANG! Tonight, Da Kool Kids talk LIVE with Jessica Jolia to know more about her music, background, blogging, and the influences she has encountered that are in her corner rooting for her success after every note she sings!

    We talk live to the Grammy Amplifier 2015 Award winner - singer and songwriter, Chinah Blac. She talks about winning such an awesome award, her music, background, and more to get you on the Chinah Blac bandwagon.

    Our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" is a beautiful singing artist and talent out of the Richmond, VA area bringing you soft, sweet melodies from her soul to yours. Kayla Joy introduces herself to BlackTop Nation discussing her journey, where she is headed, and why you should hop along the Kayla Joy bandwagon!

  • "The VJWhatEVERShow" Oct,9th 2015 The top 10 greatest Modern Female Singers!!

    in Comedy

    We do it by the skin of our teeth. No rehearsing, no scripts, or none of that. LOL. You never know what we are going to say or talk about. Tune in and listen and find out who VJ"s top 10 greatest modern female singers are. 

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T and Donald Malloy and The Williams Singers

    in Religion

    The Williams Singers -DEZNELL MUSIC GROUP llc was founded in 2000 by brothers Darnell, Dezmien, & Dezrale Williams. At the time the brothers had been looking for record label deals for their own individual projects they were working on with no success.  A friend of theirs informed older brother Darnell of the possibility of paying for the pressing of his project instead of relying on a record label to do it. This concept intrigued Darnell to the point of calling his brothers to ask them about possibly putting their spare money aside to combine together to cover the cost of at least one project.  The first release on the label would be a cassette release entitled “Min. Darnell Williams and The Quad City Metro Ensemble” in 2000. Proceeds from that project would go on to cover the pressing costs of the next; and so on and so on. 

    DONALD MALLOY   Vocalist/Minister of Music/Executive Producer  Every once in a while a highly anointed individual comes along who God has downloaded super sized gifts and talents. One such anointed individual is “vocalist extraordinaire” Donald Malloy. What a gift God has given to the industry! He simultaneously propels his uncompromising vocal talents to an unprecedented level of artistic achievement. His gifts and talents continue to revolutionize the gospel music industry. As a veteran in the gospel industry, Malloy has provided indisputable proof of his great talent and an even greater future! 

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    For The Love Of Corona And Other Short Stories On ITNS Radio!!!

    in Music

    "ITNS Radio" In The Neon Spotlight, the show “By Musicians For Musicians”, bringing you the best Songwriters, Artists and Music Professionals from all over the world! This is the place for great music, interviews by professionals in the music field and a whole lot more!!! Come into the Neon Lights, ITNS Radio!!! DISCLAIMER: Receiving airplay on ITNS Radio is free. All the artist's that we feature or play their music have rights to the music submitted to us. We have various promotions that include our newsletter, website, and social media sites; check them out at www.samwatkinscountry.com.

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    Old Men Stories 11-23-2015

    in Entertainment

    First Hour: Old Men Stories Episode 204: Parks

    Your Hosts: Roland Willits and Jeff Young

    In this hour you'll hear some FUN stories from a couple of master storytellers who will teach you how to bring out that master storyteller within you that waits to be unleashed. All of us have a story to tell, and we all are Master Storytellers at heart.

    Second Hour: Old Men Stories "Opry"

    Your Hosts: Angie Senger, Ron Honrud, Roland Willits

    Featured Singer / Songwriter Interviews and Their Music:

    1. Sandy Hardin: "Cellular Phone"
    2. Jamie Wayz  "Cold Stone Sober"
    3. Charlie Sandage: "What Then" (Intermission)
    4. Cozy Hemen: " Johnny"
    5. Becky Rae Dalton: "A Little Longer"

    In this hour you'll hear old-time country (plus a few modern) singers/songwriters share their stories and wonderful music.

    Listen live and join the chat at:  http://oldmenstories.wq4dradio.com

    Visit "Old Men Stories online at:  http://oldmenstories.org

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    Authoress Tonya Wilson of, "The Time Is Now", sheds light on Issues of Addictions, Recovery, & Deliverance. On Sunday, November 22, 2015 @ 7:00 PM EST. If you need Inspiration, Answers, or Support, The Time Is Now!! Her guest panelist this week is, JEN LO ASSASSIN........Jen Lo Assassin, born Jenise Albritton, Terika, is a Model, Actress, Singer, Writer, Hair Hat Customizer. Licensed Life Agent, and Social Media Specialist. Jen Lo is a true survivor who has overcome many obstacles through her Faith in God.  Join us as she shares her story of why she is a TRUE SURVIVOR. The call in number for the show is 1-347-884-8924. You can also listen on your computer and chat with us at this link > http://tobtr.com/s/8085939

    The Recovery Corner is proudly brought to you by, The Literary Corner, we also provide a diverse platform to bring awareness to socioeconomic issues within our Community, Christian Values, promotion of Small Businesses & Support of Non-Profit organizations. Our Partnering NOP, The Theodore House, provides invaluable services for people who suffer with addictions, mental health, homelessness, and HIV. For information, please contact Ms. Tamikia Randall at www.theodorehouse.org

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    Let's Do Lunch! with Kate Baldwin

    in Entertainment

    Broadway star Kate Baldwin joins host Robin Milling for Let's Do Lunch! at Village Prime in New York City. On stage at 59 E. 59, Kate gets her honky tonk on as Tammy Trip, a former Nashville Grand Ole Opry queen in Songbird; music and lyrics by Lauren Pritchard. She tells Robin she has never been to Music City but studied Robert Atlman's film 'Nashville' to prepare for the role and read up on famous female country artists like Wynona Judd and being a woman in the world of country music. She reveals her ultimate inspiration for the character looking sinewy and fit was inspired by a pop star. Her country twang came from listening to a playlist of several country singers, and one in particular became her model.

    At Village Prime, the fresh baked bread on the table was tempting, but Kate abstained as she is keeping her strict carb-free diet that she began with her husband; fellow actor, Graham Rowat, who also got in shape to play a gladiator in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. A foodie herself, she jokes that they may look great but they're 'exhausted and starving!' She tells Robin how they met during a run of 1776 at the Fords Theater in Washington, D.C. playing Richard Henry Lee and Martha Jefferson. Kate says their four and a half year-old son Colin is an equalizer between career and motherhood.

    Kate tells Robin her Broadway debut was as a swing in The Full Monty, and then as a dancer in the ensemble of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Learning the line dance in Songbird was plenty for Kate who jokes that she is a 'recovering dancer.'

    The menu at Village Prime consisted of Pumpkin Bisque soup, Roasted Salmon with Hudson Valley spaghetti squash and artichoke puree, Vegetable Flatbread with grilled seasonal veggies and mozzarella cheese, and Tuna Nicoise with bonito tuna, hard-boiled egg, haricot vert, potato over mixed greens.

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    The Underground Chop Shop

    in Lifestyle

    8PM Est.

    I will be sitting down with the one and only Erik Smallwood in The Underground Chop Shop! I have been looking forward to this interview and opportunity to sit down and chop it it with a fellow Alabamian! I have had multiple opportunities to listen to him live and I'm sure that tonight's interview will be a great one. Along with that we have another power punch from a poetic stand point, in the presence of Derek Berry. This is a show that you definitely don't want to miss.

    call in: 323-693-3313
    login: www.blogtalkradio.com/the-nxt-level

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