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    How To Value A Small Biz; Service Businesses Can Benefit From Small Biz Saturday

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    Tom Hurley talks about a new tool to value a small biz quickly, easily.

    Nicki Violetti of Front Desk shows how service companies can benefit from special holiday, small business events.

    Download, read the latest free issue of Small Business Digest magazine. Click Here To Download

    An insurance exchange offering the best possible healthcare insurance options to small businesses and individuals is now available.

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    112514 Support Local Small Businesses

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    In this edition of the show our guest Seth Piccirillo, Niagara Falls community development director, Tom Lowe of Niagara University and Chris Stoianoff of the Niagara Hub discuss the importance of supporting small businesses in our community. They also discuss the upcoming events of Saturday, November 29, 2014 to promote local small businesses. https://www.facebook.com/events/1595831400645677/?ref=25&sid_reminder=8200681521279926272

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    How Small Businesses Can Better Succeed In 2014

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    As we kick off the New Year we asked some very knowledgeable experts to join us in a round table discussion of the issues facing small businesses in 2014.

    We will talk about healthcare and what small businesses need to do in 2014.

    Also on the agenda, best financing options in the New Year.

    What are some of the practical solutions available to some of these challenges.

    How do small businesses grow in the New Year.

    Our panel includes William A. Cohen, author of the Practical Drucker, President of the Institute of Leader Arts; Ty Kiisel, of Forbes.com; Robyn McLeod of the Chatsworth Group, and Marc T. Liu, nationally known marketing exec.

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    Smart Accounting for Small Businesses

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    Join MGN Radio as we chat with Octavia Conner, CEO and Founder of Smart Accounting, LLC. Octavia will share the key aspects about accounting, taxes, profit and losses that every entrepreneur should know about when starting and growing their small business. With over 14 years of professional bookkeeping experience Octavia coaches and consults business owners on how to implement smart money management techniques that enable them to enjoy more money, more time and peace of mind. Octavia is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She has a certification of completion in Project Management and Business Management.  Join us as we chat about the numbers.  Saturday, Oct. 11th at 12:00 noon EST.

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    What Is the Businesses of the USA show?

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    Jody Pugh, host of the Businesses of the USA radio show, explains the launch of the new Businesses podcast. He is the founder and host of Doctors of the USA and the new shows, Churches of the USA and Businesses of the USA.  Listen in as he shares his thoughts regarding the new show, the concepts behind this show, why this show is very timely at this day and age, and the exciting topics and guests lined up.

    Visit our Businesses of the USA website.

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    Do Small Businesses Really Need Coaches?

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    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Cecile Bereal, your host of Serving Up Diversity, interviews Karie Kaufmann, Entrepreneur and Owner of ActionCoach.

    It often seems as if only medium to large businesses invest in hiring professional coaches to address issues in the workplace.  But what about small businesses?  They also have workplace issues where hiring a business coach would be helpful. Today we will ask Karie is there a difference between a small business coach and a coach who works with medium to large companies?  Why has she chosen to help small businesses?  What are the typical needs of a small business? Are they very different from larger businesses? 

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    Video Marketing for Small Businesses

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    One of the most affordable ways to market almost anything these days is via social networks. Your audience is out there using one or several of these networks; so how do you stand out from all of the “noise?" Video!


    R. Pamela Adams Alexander is a technology strategist, trainer, speaker, author and the owner of BizLynks Consulting Group, LLC, an Atlanta-based technology consulting firm.  Pamela is also the Executive Producer of BizLynks TV, an online network offering business internet TV shows streamed live & pre-recorded. With a career that spans over 20 years in Information Technology and Internet marketing strategies, explaining the technical to the “technically-challenged” is what she does best. Pam served as the GA Regional Development Director for Constant Contact from 2007 - 2011, and during that time, presented to over 14,000 seminar and conference attendees. She continues to provide email marketing workshops, speaks regularly at conferences. She has designed programs and trained numerous small businesses, entrepreneurs, associations and nonprofits on how to enhance and improve their businesses through innovative and affordable Internet marketing strategies.  In keeping with her tagline, Linking Technology to Business Growth, Pamela's mission is to help businesses increase their productivity and sales through the effective use of technology.


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    Public and Private Partnerships Positively Impacting Small Businesses

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    Economic development is essential to helping the American economy continue to expand and grow.  More and more corporations are turning to community colleges to utilize community resources to boost economic development and job growth.  Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a program dedicated to helping small businesses grow through practical business education at no cost.  This program is disrupting small business development practices and changing how nonprofits and public partnerships can collaborate to change the face of entrepreneurship in America.  Host, Cynthia Nevels, talks to Dallas/Fort Worth's new 10,000 Small Businesses' Executive Director, Rosalie Jefferson, to learn how this partnership is helping small businesses think big and strategically implement change to help boost the local economy.  Join us Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 11:30am CT for another informative episode.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @DisruptiveView.  For more information about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, visit 10KSBapply.com  Again, 10KSBapply.com

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Small Businesses with Guest Kevin Peck

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    We are honored to have Kevin Peck, Small Business Administrator join us as we talk about the importance and value of small businesses.

    The Life Blood of economy and communities is the small business.  There are many that believe the way to save our local economies is to support the small business, especially your local businesses.  When you do, you are supporting families who will more likely earn better wages as a result.  

    Small businesses drives the US economy, and are the largest retail employers in the U.S. economy.

    You cannot overlook the role of small businesses if you want to understand the current state of the U.S. economy. Never underestimate their power; small business owners are entrepreneurs and innovators, and, most importantly, support the vitality of our communities.   

    Shop local and support your local economy.  When you shop local, more money stays in your local economy.

    The Saturday after ‘Black Friday’ has become “Small Business Saturday”, November 29, 2014.

    Join us for an interesting conversation with Mr. Peck about why it is so important to support small businesses.

    Good links:

    Small Business Administration - www.sba.gov

    America's SBDC - www.americassbdc.org

    Arizona SBDC Network - www.azsbdc.net

    Eastern Arizona College SBDC - www.eac.edu/sbdc

    Kally & Mark find us at Indigo Mountain: Wellness, Toys & Gifts (a small business) or connect on Facebook with us.


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    Cybercrimes Hurt Small Businesses; Gillie Leader

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    McAfee's small business expert Monica Hamilton talks about ways of preventing cybercrimes. One in five businesses close after suffering a cybercrime event.  Here are ways of preventing the loss of cash, corporate secrets.
    Rocl Gaimtett turned America's love affair with cars into a profitable business. He talks about how to take an idea to a profitable business.

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    Facebook and Marketing Technology for Small Businesses

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    In this episode of The Marketing Mojo Show, Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist with Smallbiztechnology.com and best-selling author of The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing will share his experience on how to use technology, including social media such as Facebook, to grow your small business. Ray, a global speaker, has authored many articles on how businesses can thrive with technology and has writings have appeared in Entrepreneur, PCWorld, Black Enterprise and more.  

    Trying to keep up with the changing policies and alogorithms at Facebook?  Want to maxmize your marketing and event planning impact? Need to get up to speed on how technology relates to your marketing efforts?  You'll get resources, strategies and mojo here.  

    Ray's unique insight makes this a go-to listening event for entrepreneurs and small business owners across the world.  

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