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    Executive Director of The Urban Teacher Center, Jacqueline Greer is our guest. I always enjoy having UTC on the show. You will too.

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    Try Not To Slump-Gain Confidence in Christ

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    Sometimes life is best lived when we can depend on some one.  That someone should be in God alone the one who knows everything about our lives.  We do not like to wait but we know its best to wait for the better things.  Living our lives as "Saints" we will not notice time.  Living as a saint is sometimes just understand that we have no power and all the power comes from another sourse--Christ Jesus.  Remembering Jesus went through way too much in His life to ever let our lives down.

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX # 163: NXT Takeover Respect Preview, WWE RAW Slump, & More

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    We headline today with four mega previews from four different promotions with the WWE in Madison Square Garden show, we preview TNA Bound For Glory 2015, we do a NXT Takeover Respect Preview, and we also touch on AAA’s Immortal Heroes IX near the end too. We also discuss this ratings slump for WWE and if it means anything for the future of the program. Has WWE become one of those shows you watch out of habit? Or can they turn it around? Either way the WWE RAW Ratings Slump is in full effect.

    However, we start with Quick Hits (7:00-35:00) discussing some ROH talent heading to New Japan for the World Tag League, Go Shiozaki leaving All Japan to be a free agent, John Cena going on personal leave and how it could affect WWE, and more.We are trying something different with WWE RAW (35:00-74:00) this week, we are going to have five questions that discuss the main points of RAW and we still talk about the matches and what not, but we are trying to cover the show with the same breadth, but trying to find a new way to do it, because taking one hour or sometimes longer to cover RAW is just too long. We do our segment on the reality of WWE's RAW Ratings slump (74:00-79:15)

    After that, we hit our first preview discussing the card on the WWE MSG show (79:15-87:00) and then we move on to discussing the go-home episode of NXT (87:20-108:00) and then do a NXT Takeover Respect Preview (108:00-123:00) as well. Next, we hit this week’s ROH TV (123:00-130:00) episode and then go right into this week’s go-home episode of TNA Impact 130:20-151:15), which is their final show before their biggest show of the year TNA Bound For Glory 2015 (151:15-160:15). We preview BFG 2015 here too.

    Finally, we end the show previewing AAA’s newest I-PPV, Heroes Inmmortales (Immortal Heroes IX) (160:15-170:00), and then we do our Top 5 W2M Power Rankings. (170:00- End)

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    TSD 11/17 - HOU/CIN Recap, Peyton Manning's Slump, Midseason NFL Awards

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    Hello humps welcome to Episode Number 6 of The Sports Drive with Sean Mahon & Josh Lopez. 

    Josh Lopez, Sean Mahon and Frank Sprankle will go over the following topics 

    - Houston Texans upset the Cincinnati Bengals on MNF & Josh RANT on MNF being on ESPN 

    - Peyton Manning fall from grace 

    - RANT on Lamar Odom 

    - Skippy Bayless Bash Hour 

    - On this day in Sports History 

    - Midseason NFL Awards 

    We'll also take your phone calls! If you want to RANT or RAVE on your favorite sports teams give us a call throughout the show at 602-753-1743. 

    Follow us on Twitter @DaSportsDrive @WZJoshLopez @SeanMahonSWR @ISBN_Frank! 

    LIKE us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/The-Sports-Drive-with-Josh-Lopez-and-Sean-Mahon-430119503769511/

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    The Sports Drive is LIVE every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30-12:30 pm CT 

    The fastest rising sports talk radio show in the world!


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    Helping Women Transition From Slump To Fab

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    It can happen to the best of us—sometimes things just don't work the way we want them to be in our business, family life, or even in our moments alone.  

    We rack our brains trying to pinpoint what exactly is missing, only to be confronted with a mountain of  tasks that steer us away from our goal. 

    For some, we may be speaking in riddles. But for others who've been there, you know exactly how that feels. 

    Our guest for today knows all too well how it is to be stuck and deciding to make a radical change in her life. She was a pharmacist for more than a decade when, four years ago, she hits the "refresh" button and made a big shift in her life. She started a personal development and events company called Refresh with Ekene and it is infused with her faith in God and Jesus Christ. 

    She is now a certified coach, speaker and author of two books. In this episode Ekene Onu will give us refreshing ideas on how to transition from being stuck to fab. 

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    Is Dan in a slump

    in Sports

    Tuesday rolls along with Dan the Man and The Big Jack on Sports Time Radio covering all of the sports news that real fans want to talk about. How's your fantasy team doing? Is it time to start looking at your NFL fantasy draft? The NBA and NHL seasons are in the conference finals; so they'll have champions soon. Follow us all on Twitter @Sportstimeradio @Danzeeeman @Burketime and @Mrfanofsports also check out www.Sportstimeradio.com

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    The Morning After

    in Sports

    Topics to be discussed in the call:

    1.) Ohio State upset by Michigan State in Columbus

    2.) Was Ezekiel Elliot wrong for airing out the coaching staff on his lack of carries?

    3.) Georgia squeaks by Georgia Southern in OT?

    4.) Do recruits still want to come to Georgia given how bad the offense has looked this year?

    5.) Ok State loses to Baylor while Oklahoma slips by TCU

    6.) LSU in free fall having lost 3 in a row and talks of Les being bought out

    7.) Beamer loses final home game, how will his legacy be remembered?

    8.) Projecting the new Top 4 in the CFP

    9.) What college games are you looking forward to this weekend

    10.) Is Matt Ryan to blame for the Falcons slump?

    11.) Another prime time game another loss for the Bengals

    12.) What NFL Games are you looking forward to this weekend?

    13.) If time remains we can mention the MLB awards

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    Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis, Matz Debut, Mets Slump

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    Mike Silva and Joe Buono discuss the Knicks drafting of Kristaps Porzingis and other NBA draft related news with Tommy Dee of Charged FM. Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal discusses the Mets struggles and the debut of Steven Matz

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    Slump buster Friday

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    Get your weekend started with the Sports Time Radio podcast hosted by Dan the Man and The Big Jack. Need help getting that fantasy baseball line up set for the weekend; you can get the help you need right here. Is your team still alive in the NBA or NHL playoffs? The NFL is right around the corner and there's a NASCAR race this weekend as well. That's a lot of sports ground to cover in and hour, but they'll get it done. All sports, all the time. Follow us all on Twitter @Sportstimeradio @Burketime @Danzeeeman and @Mrfanofsports also check out www.Sportstimeradio.com


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    Tatyana Warrick of P21 has invited  the new CEO of The American Camp Association to tlk about 21st Century Learning at summer camp 1.e., avoiding the summer slump

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    Overcoming Procrastination and Resistance to Get the Life You Want

    in Current Events

    Are you comfortable with the life you have but dream of something different?  Is your bucket list growing by the day and time ticking off by the second?  What or who has control of your life?  When did you give it up?  Do you need a guru to dig you out of the slump you are in or can you learn to listen to the voice inside you?  Is it that hard or that easy?

    Bill Cortright, international speaker and author of Truth The Ten Minute Life Plan:  ending procrastination and creating the life you want will be sharing his plan.  Bill speaks about the challenges we all have in life and how to get through them, break them down and create a new story for your life.  It is an ever changing path and important to recognize where you are in the moment.

    For more information visit:  www.BillCortright.com