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    Puppy Mills: What you need to know about online breeders

    in Pets

    Linda Watkins, President of ACDRI - Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc, shares her experience in the middle of rescue operation for over 70 Australian Cattle Dogs rescued from a puppy mill.  The owner/operator of the mill knew all the right things to say to people and on her website, to fool even established breeders.  Dogs were found standing in 2 inches of sludge made from feces and urine... the dogs who were alive.

    Also, host and expert in dog training and behavior, Julie Forbes shares her thoughts on a recent article about a dog attack, that happened when the aggressive dog was on leash, and the non-aggressive dog was off-leash.  Who is at fault?  

    As always, all of our shows are archived on iTunes and on www.dogradioshow.com.  Check the website next week for the complete re-design and addition of a blog written by Julie Forbes!





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    Living Astrology: Destiny Shift to Libra/Aries!

    in Spirituality

    2/20/2014 - Living Astrology:  Destiny Shift to Libra/Aries!

    This week on Living Astrology we'll take a look at the North Node (destiny) and the South Node (karma) as they are set to change signs from Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries on the 22nd.  

    The Nodes shift signs every 18 months or so, and bring up the next set of lessons and growth for each of us as we strive toward our personal destinies.  For the last 18 months, while they were transiting through Scorpio/Taurus, we've all been working through Saturn lessons, as Saturn was also in Scorpio, digging up the sludge from our very depths for eventual release into the light.  

    This next 18 months will be interesting because Mars is in Libra and Uranus in Aries so our lessons will take on a completely different feel. Relationships become the main emphasis; independence, bold moves and passion are the tasks we'll find at hand.  We'll also find ourselves looking at the places in our lives where we are way out of balance.  This ought to be fun... 

    I'll also be doing readings for individuals on their personal destiny/karma cycle and how this change will effect you.  Please email me your birth date, birth time, birth place for your reading - janethickox@hotmail.com.  Call in with questions or to get a reading to 1-347-205-9869.

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    Terralogix: Goobers and Cankers and what is Pyrolysis

    in Business

    The Terralogix Group, LLC is based in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.  Terralogix specializes in energy and biochar generation through management of biological waste.The BioChar created through their process of anaerobic pyrolysis is a significant means for sequestering large amounts of carbon and is an effective soil amendment when followed up with compost. Our show attempts to define the issues and solutions developed by Kurt, Alan, Alec and Scott while they recount what it means to play the role of entrepreneurs enacting global change. 
    Terralogix deploys scalable projects to convert sewage and sludge to biochar and energy, including a gas fuel, a form of diesel fuel, and electrical power generated using the gas fuels as well as waste heat.  Unlike much of the pyrolysis being developed in the US, the founders of Terralogix advocate for their technology as a sanitation solution for wastewater treatment, commercial agriculture and any circumstance where human waste, animal manure and other sludge wastes are an issue. 

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    The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    Cathy's Handy" Carpentry and Remodel Expert Cathy Fleury
    "On the Road with John Donnally - TBDA Bite Back for a CureCampaign - Almost a month into it.
    Why we resist clearing the inner sludge of past trauma and pain with Meg Benedicte of New Earth Central.

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    Gums of Steel - Dr. Kammer

    in Health

    Dr. Chris Kammer, developer of The Gums of Steel system, talks about this weeks’ meeting in Las Vegas of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, AAOSH. The speakers at the meeting are world caliber, and respected in their fields. Topics center around how removing the sludge from the moat around the teeth, helps make the whole system heal faster and remain healthy.
    Shirley Gutkowski talks to Dr. Kammer about the AAOSH meeting upcoming this week. And how to get video archives of the whole meeting through the www.aaosh.org website.

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    Episode 1

    in Rock Music

    Hello and thanks for listening to the show.  I’m your host Hemagoblin-The Shady Goon of Doom.  Here you will hear some Doom Metal, sludge, thrash, psychedelic, and anything and whatever.  You will also hear several voices.
    We will see how this goes in the future time-wise,  but for now we will be putting on shows that are about 30 minutes in length.  We encourage you to give us any recommendations to be added to the show.  If you are a band and you think you’d be a good fit, and want to get your name out there, send us some of your noise and we’ll try to get it out there.  In the mean time, enjoy the show!
    That was the show for this week.  We hope you enjoyed it.  What you heard was Mental Record by Electric Moon, Critical Mass Live by Nuclear Assault, Blizzard by Sourvein, C.O.C. By Wizard Eye, And taking us out we have some noise by Nebula Nomicon. I hope to get more time for the show but for now this will have to do.  Stay cool! Hemagoblin- The Shady Goon of Doom signing off until next time! 

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    Celebrity Chef Brandon Baltzley Dishes Working w/Paula Dean

    in Entertainment

    NWP welcomes chef Brandon Baltzley.  Brandon's new book "Nine Lives, a Chef's Journey From Chaos to Control" is making it way up the New York Times Best Seller List.
    I LOVE the way he dishes on top chef's like Paula Dean!  Raw, gritty and funny.  This was one of the best memoirs, I have read in ages!
    Brandon Baltzley is a Louisiana-born, low-country raised, nomadic chef, musician, writer, lover, fighter and part-time schitzo. After being raised in the kitchens of gay-bars and numerous bistros, he left to tour with the metal act, Kylesa. Upon leaving Savannah’s sludge-metal scene, he rekindled his love for food, and has been steadily making long-lasting impressions everywhere he decides to plate a dish.

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    Supermodel and Environmentalist Summer Rayne Oakes

    in Lifestyle

    Dropping in on Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys is supermodel Summer Rayne Oakes.
    From Environmental Scientist & Entomologist to EcoModel & Entrepreneur, Summer Rayne Oakes was rocking and rolling in rainforests, reclaiming mine sites and studying sewage sludge when she was struck with the idea that the fashion industry might be an interesting way to disseminate environmental awareness. Recognized as The World’s First Ecomodel, Oakes has created a career aligning her values to her work. 
    Diner of the Week: The Colonial Diner in Woodbury, New Jersey.
    Visit Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys website and follow Garrison and Ralph on Twitter.

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    Fighting Bob Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Today's guests: Michael Rosen, president of American Federation of Teachers Local 212, Milwaukee, to discuss school vouchers and Scott Walker's budget proposal; and

    John Stauber, independent writer, activist and author, to talk about the "Progressive Movement as a PR Front for Rich Democrats" as described in a piece he wrote for counterpunch. org. His books include Toxic Sludge Is good for You, Mad Cow USA, and Weapons of Mass Deception. Stauber founded the Center for Media and Democracy in 1993, and retired from the center in 2008.

    Fighting Bob Radio hosts are Eric Schubring, Ed Garvey, and David Giffey.

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    Welcome To The MaGein

    in Music

    ..Its been a minute since we pulled this off..But it is what it is...BBH Back Sludge Dirt And Grime...Keeping it Muth erfu king Real...

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    The Sounds of Hull and the Humber Part 2 with Diane Green

    in Music

    This is the second show in the Sounds of Hull and Humber series introducing the unsigned musicians of the UK region to the world!   All these artists can be found at Reverbnation  often with FREE downloads or a small donation, please go and check them out and support their journeys.     Astrid-Gwynedd, Throwing Words,StreamingLights, Battalions, Miss the Mark, Gunpowder Plot, Happy Endings,Outspoken Silence, Office Party, Graham Brady, RetroKid 1966, Servants of the gun, Doug Shepperd, The Cotton Gussets, The Upendo Crew, Mono Life   Jazz, Indie, Singer Songwriter, Electronica, Sludge, Blues   www.reverbnation.com                                                         www.streaminglights.com www.throwingwords.co.uk     www.soundcloud.com www.servantsofthegun.com