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    Leslie Sloane~Author/Auracle’s Color Therapy/Certified Color Metaphysician

    in Paranormal

    Leslie Sloane is the founder and developer of one of the only natural color therapy lines known worldwide called Auracle’s color Therapy. Author of the book Auracle's Colour Therapy - The Power of Love Through Colour. These high frequency colored water misters contain specially blessed waters, colors from the earth creating the rainbow spectrum, ancient oils, and essences of all Angels and Masters from every culture, and other archetypal energies, which play a great role in influencing our lives and the paths we choose. “I always work through and from my Heart, really ‘tuning in’ to the soul on the table. My levels of compassion for humans and life go extremely deep, as does my Love for mysticism and the wisdom of the ancients. Because of this my clients and students ‘feel’ the Love and passion I extend to them from the very depths of my soul. And for this, they know they are cared for and feel very safe to explore their shadow, or ‘dark night of the soul’, from which most people run and avoid facing out of fear. This is what healing and the healing arts are all about…unconditional Love. I absolutely Love what I do, and the gift of the universe allowing me to see the miracles each time they occur…it’s magick.” Leslie is a native Californian, born in Los Angeles. Leslie began her color therapy training nineteen years ago, became certified as a color metaphysician, through a system called Aura-Soma developed by Vicky Wall, and has been administering color energy treatments for eleven years. Leslie has done extensive studies regarding mystic teachings incorporating color therapy, and their ancient roots, which lie in Egypt and Greece. Leslie has been teaching color therapy classes to professional healers, showing how deep, profound and mystical the effects can be. Go to her site at www.auraclescolour.com

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    Eric Sloane

    in Current Events

    Tonight Scott will give an introduction to the works of Eric Sloane.  Sloane's books are a valuable resource for those who want to learn about American agrarian history and the customs of our ancestors.  Great for children as well as adults, find out why you should have his books in your library.

  • American Sovereignty Radio: Special Guest Dr. JP Sloane

    in Politics

    Today we welcome special guest Dr. JP Sloane. Author of the new book, WHAT EVERY BIBLE BELIEVER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM.

    Comparing the Bible and the Koran Side by Side

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to create a book with the Bible and the Koran side by side in it so we could easily compare them?

    Dr. Sloane has studied Middle Eastern religions in the M.E. and will discuss the mysteries, facts and history of Islam from a biblical perspective. Award Winning Television & Radio Producer, Recording Artist/Actor; Writer, Biblical Scholar.

    JP has a fascinating life story and an incredible book. This is an interview you do not want to miss!


    Join us as we discuss saving America's Liberty. 7pm PT / 9pm Texas Time / 10pm ET. This show is about sovereignty. Sovereignty in the home, in our local communities, and in our States as well as our Nation. CommonCore, CSCOPE, ObamaCare, the EPA, BLM, and a plethora of other schemes and government agencies are trying hard to take away our rights and freedoms.

    Join Jennifer L Montrose (AL), Dan Wilson (FL), and Scott Osborn (TX) as we discuss the latest happenings and open up a free speech dialogue around the nation. We welcome you to call in and join the discussion! Guest call in: 347.205.9620

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    in Self Help

    Angels,Leslie Sloane will be back with us as we dive deeper into her Magical Auracle Healing Cards.

    She will give us a deeper insight on how best to use them and how, if we allow, they can help mold and shape our lives for the better!

    I AM working with them right now and it is powerful to become aware of the insight within myself. TRUST, TRUST, TRUST, Angels that is key!

    Join us rght here at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO for an inspiring conversation on taking YOURSELF to the next level!

    May 26th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST right here @www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love 


    bringing people back to themselves


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    Out of the Fog: Healing the Spiritual Wounds of Abuse with Susan Sloane

    in Spirituality

    If you have been mistreated, manipulated, betrayed, beaten or hit, told you were worthless ... those things are in your subconscious mind. The energy of them is in your field, your heart, affecting every decision you make. They can even manifest as physical illness. The wounds of abuse go deep, and can block you from the life you came here for. Susan Sloane will discuss how to heal the spiritual pain of abuse and take back your personal power. Don't be stopped by the lies and negativity of others, past or present. You can live the life of your dreams! This interview originally aired on Empower Radio.

    Master Intuitive Susan Sloane walks with a foot in both worlds. She is a clairvoyant, spiritual counselor, and gifted healing facilitator specializing in personal healing sessions, in which Susan communicates with your angelic guides, relaying important information to quicken your healing; pinpoint the primal cause of illness, blocks, and imbalances; and pull them out of your energy. Susan is the creator of the audio class Healing The Spiritual Wounds Of Abuse. She's the author of two books: The Voice Of Inspiration for children, and Angels & Masters Speak: Answers To A Seeker’s Quest For Knowledge & How To Apply It. To learn more about Sloane's work, and for complimentary downloads, please visit IAMSusanSloane.com.

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    James Sloane - Herbal Formulator

    in Health

    James Sloane, herbal formulator, started in conventional medicine at the age of 14, spent 13 years working in that field, became disillusioned by the fact that conventional medicine generally treats the symptoms rather than the cause, began his journey into the study of alternative modalities.

    He also is NOT a fan of Alkaline Ionized Water, which we discussed and debated. 

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    ***Special Guest Leslie Sloane will be with BUZZARDSKORENR OF LOVE RADIO Tuesday May 12th.***

    Angels We are blessed and grateful to have Leslie Sloane come onto our show as she will talk about her new Healing Cards and how they can help YOU claim parts of yourself that may have been left behind in other lifetimes and even NOW! Prepare yourself for an exciting talk, and a powerful energy boost with Leslie's Energy! Let her Auracle Healing Cards take YOU to the NEXT LEVEL!***

    Tuesday May12th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST

    SEE YOU THEN! right here @www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love


    bringing people back to themselves

    Modern Day Auracle Healing Through Multi-Dimensional Frequencies

    Of Color Light And Sound : About Leslie Sloane Of Colour, Light and Sound

    Leslie Sloane is a Master Healer who uses multi-dimensional frequencies of Colour and Sound to inspire higher quality of life and personal balance through Loving states of consciousness, thoughts, words and actions. Her unique gift has helped thousands of people Awaken to their Truest Divine Nature.

    As an Auracle, she has been offering private healing sessions and conducting workshops since 1994 using Colour Therapy. In 2005, Leslie founded Auracle's Colour Therapy.

    Tuesday May 12th Angels right here @ 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmESTwww.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love


    bringing people back to themselves




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    The Color Calendar

    in Self Help

    (SHOW NOTE: Pre-recorded syndicated show. Sorry, no chatroom.) 


    Today’s guest:  Leslie Sloane

    Discussion topics: Auracle Healing Cards, color healing for animals, Dr. Wayne Dyer



    Leslie Sloane is a Master Healer who uses multi-dimensional frequencies of Colour and Sound to inspire higher quality of life and personal balance through Loving states of consciousness, thoughts, words and actions. 

    As an Auracle, she has been offering private healing sessions and conducting workshops since 1994 using Colour Therapy.  In 2005, Leslie founded Auracle’s Colour Therapy and created twenty-eight liquid healing Colours, which later evolved into the foundational work for what is now the Auracle Healing Deck.  She is the author of The Power of Love Through Colour. www.auraclehealingcards.com


    About the host:  Eleyne-Mari is a Color Luminary, certified color therapist and the director of Aura House School of Color and Light.  She is the founder of Color Healing Radio, Color Therapy Month and the “Rainbow Writing” method.  www.colortherapyschool.com


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    Inside The New York Times Book Review: Niall Ferguson’s ‘Kissinger’

    in Books

    This week, Niall Ferguson discusses his biography of Henry Kissinger; Alexandra Alter has news from the publishing world; Sloane Crosley talks about “The Clasp”; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

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    Interview with Rick Sloane

    in Entertainment

    Interview with Blood Theatre writer/director Rick Sloane

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    Steph & Pete Review This Week's Action in Toronto and Last Week in Stanford/DC

    in Sports

    Stephanie Neppl and Pete Ziebron take a closer look at several of the WTA upsets so far in Toronto.  High seeds and  potential favorites have been eliminated, creating opportunities for several unseed players to make a deep run.  Last week, Sloane Stephens celebrated her first career WTA title in Washington, while Angelique Kerber won her 4th title of the year in Stanford.  Join Steph and Pete tonight on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.