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    Buses and Dresses and Rudy, Oh My!

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    While "The Voice" has not been doing any regularly scheduled broadcasts lately due to lack of commitment, lack of opinion, lack of enthusiasm or a combination of any and all of these things at various times, occassionally something comes up in the news that he actually KNOWS a little about, such as the recent bus accidents in  New York City and how they are handled. And then on to topics that he merely has an opinion on such as the Rudy Giuliani comments about President Obama.  Then there was the missing Oscar dress that was about to get as much coverage as the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.


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    2014 Emmy Dresses - Weddings

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    Tonight's show is a very special look at last Monday night's Creative Arts - Emmys dresses that are NOT just bridesmaid fair. Obviously this is not a rush show, other than I thought after I journaled about it I thought you've been wondering about the dresses, too.

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    Ascended Masters Present: Shaman & Story Teller Ron Pinkham

    in Spirituality

     The Ascended Masters present Shaman & Story Teller Ron J  Pinkham. Ron is a member of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho, he is a decendent of Chief Joseph and Old Chief Looking Glass who were prominent historical figures of the Nez Perce tribe. He was taught by his Elders the tradtions of ceremonies of the Long House, Sweat Lodge, and Medicine Sings. Today he practices what he was taught from his fathers side of the family who are the Medicine people of his family. Ron also, is a priest and conducts weddings, intercessor at Sun Dances, conducts memorials, name giving ceremonies, dresses the dead, and all around good guy with a great sense of humor. 

    For the first hour we will be discussing ceremony and healing with Ron Pinkham. In the last hour Ron and I will be giving 5 min reading to random callers. See you there!

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    Divatosity: Re-Purposing Bridesmaids Dresses and Hi-Lo Cuisine

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    Join Alaina as she discusses Re-purposing Bridesmaids Dresses and Hi-Lo Cuisine.

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    Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body & Soul with #WiseSisters

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    Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body and Soul

    Hey #WiseSisters! In this episode, we'll talk about spring cleaning. Let's face it, we all have rooms of stuff that need to go out. Lori talks about her latest home DIY project. Spring is also a good time to clear up relationships. Why hang on to old feelings when you can forgive and make way for new growth?  

    Rejuvenation: Forgiveness 

    Spring Cleaning: Industrial Strength

    Fashion: Bill Murray dresses for SxSw - did you see this? 

    Food: Arsenic and Old Vines + Ceviche

    Tech: Selfie Sticks - Yes or No?

    Co-hosted by Barbara and Lori Rozgonyi, two Hungarian sisters.



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    Danielle Watson: Creator Of The Purse Process

    in Business

    Danielle Watson is a global provocateur, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®.

    As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, she’s an expert at demonstrating how to unite conflicting circumstances to create something uniquely your own.

    Danielle’s knack for distilling heaps of data into life-changing insights, along with her affinity for purses, dresses, red lipstick, and all things girly, have made this unlikely anthropologist a pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.

    Danielle’s Purse Process® is an evolutionary process that helps the smart highly-capable woman ditch the emotional baggage that has her spinning her wheels and deftly skirt the mental obstacles that have kept her boxed in so she can create fulfilling work, relationships, and a lifestyle way outside the ordinary.

    Website: www.purseprocess.com

    Twitter: @PurseProcess

    Instagram: @PurseProcess

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    My Behind does not define me?

    in Current Events

    Our obsession about what is behind us is ridiculous. The obsession with Kim K, J-Lo, and anyone else is also ridiculous. You may ask yourself then why am I talking about it and it is because of a picture that has his made it's round on the internet of a teacher with a too tight skirt on writing on the blackboard. The pic is on the Stephanie Speaks FB page wall. A student snapped the pic to show the parents how she dresses. A questions was posed was it appropriate dress and I answered no and that her dress spoke volumes. Well this was in a public forum and they came at me. I also stated that if she had to wear her skirt that tight then she should have on a jacket.  The Big Butt Sisters of America as I will call them had to tell me about when you have one it sticks out so it doesn't matter what you put on. Then you had some reminicsing about their glory days when they turned heads. My stance is take the focus off what know is going to get attention. I am built the way I am and I have to downplay certain areas because I work with the public and around men. I also have male students. There were alot of comments about being blessed with what GOD gave her and that we were haters. Simply not true God blessed you with it but he didn't mean for you to show it to the world. I have hips and do not wear things exceptionally tight. Even with my yoga pants my top covers my behind. It's not about being thick or voluptious. It's about having something  going for you other than your assets. Focus on what's ahead of you than what's behind you!

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    What Makes A Gentlewoman?

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode, SimplyNay is joined by DJ MIM, Cyd (Cydvolution Graphics) & Rev (Rev the Brand) to discuss exactly what makes a gentlewoman. Gentlewoman is a term that is used to describe a masculine-centered woman. We intend to look honestly at the realities of navigating the world with a gender non-conforming identity.

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    Sexy Or Nah??? My Wife's Dress-Style Is Too Provocative For A Christian!!!

    in Relationships

    What is "too sexy" for a Christian Lady to wear?? Are there any limits? Have we thrown modesty out the window? 

    Someone said Modesty is "relative", is that so? 

    I was speaking to a guy friend over the weekend and he spoke about wanting his wife to dress modestly and not share his goods with the world. Hmmm... Bear in mind this lady, in my humble opinion dresses "modestly" so I asked him what he meant. He said he's really not happy to see her in pants/trousers but he understands that being in this part of the world especially during winter, it's excusable. Also, he would like her to cover to head at least to church on service days even if she doesn't wear a scarf or head-gear daily. Furthermore, no skirts above the knees for her.....ahhhh!!!!

    Keep in mind, when he met his wife, she was a major fashionista!! 


    Come on over the show tonight let's discuss, "Are Our Christian Women Dressing Too Sexy" 8 pm Central Time folks! 

    Let's swap tales????

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    The Oscar Gowns 2015 march toward Wedding Aisles

    in Women

    Two experts  in the dress design and lingerie field for plus-sized women and I have a chat about what to expect in the coming months as wedding dresses and lingerie. You may remember Rose Jeffries as my dress designer for the 2011 Wedding Cake Taste-Off and Anina Young of Brazen Lingerie and who for the past 2 years I have had come on to talk about the best lingerie to wear under special occasion attire.

    You also know that Anina suggests you wear nothing, zip, GO NAKED throughout your honeymoon, so that is not what we're discussing here.

    by the 2nd show you'll have all three of our picks from the Oscar 2015 show for what coming up in the wedding aisles.

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    Momofuku Wedding Knowledge

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    Today we’re honoring Momofuku and translating it to instant wedding dresses with me and my guest favorite picks from the 2015 Oscar Red Carpet. Today’s broadcast is part 2 of my Oscar special show. My guests are Rose Jeffries-Dress Designer & Stylist and Anina Young-Brazen Lingerie. During the course of the show you will hear our favs and even Rose’s announcement of this year’s wedding trends and even what the groom may be wearing.

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