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    in Religion

    IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT..........DON'T DO IT!!!!


    FAVOR ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kleronomics comes from the GREEK word “kleronomos” which means one who receives by lot, an heir, heritage, genetics, a purpose or
    position for Messianic usage.


    What you say means nothing; what you believe means everything!

    HOW TO CHANGE WHAT YOU subconsciously BELIEVE!

    RECEIVE EVERY THING HE OWNS! (have access too)



    Vision is visual foretelling or prediction of what is to come. Vision is mental picture that is a divinely inspired prediction, instruction, or exhortation. Vision is a divinely inspired utterance, revelation or visual prophecies for your life. Vision is a sense of being taken over, possessed or moved out of one's self or one's normal state, POSITION, PURPOSE, PASSION, POWER, PRINCIPLE, etc.....and entering a state of intensified or heightened feeling of POWER!

    Kleronomics comes from the GREEK word “kleronomos” which means one who receives by lot, an heir, an heir in Messianic usage, one who receives his allotted possession by right of sonship, one who has acquired or obtained the portion allotted to him. We Serve NOT Sell!

    masterteacher33.com@gmail.com; for more info!

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    We Slay tbh

    in Social Networking

    we slay tbh

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    Get past the fear of talking to people about your mlm opportunity & products

    in Entrepreneur

    Fear is a killer of dreams. And, the crazy part is, the fear we allow to stop us from sharing something incredible is so silly when you break it down. Let's slay this dragon once and for all! Special guest Lisa Metzgar, PhD will be sharing her Best Practices Business Tips to stay healthy while working from home.

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    Well Armed Radio - Sunday April 26, 2015

    in Politics

    Join Wisconsin Carry, Inc. President and host of Well Armed Radio, Nik Clark for another LIVE broadcast of Wisconsin's premier 2nd Amendment/freedom minded/capitalism embracing radio program.  Where we don't just talk about guns, but capitalism and freedom.  We will run live from 7 to about 8:30 pm Central time.   Tune in, Call in, BE WELL ARMED!

    Well Armed Radio...  Because knowledge is your best defense, but a good back-up never hurts.

    Topics this week:

    We'll SLAY some more 2nd Amendment LITE
    AN EXCLUSIVE interview with a jewelery store owner who has a story to tell that all the open-carry foes need to hear.  
    Milwaukee TV manufactures phony outrage--- pro gun folks take the bait.
    Pro-Gun Milwaukee County Supervisor NEARLY falls into Ed Flynn and Tom Barrett's trap!
    Tommy "Choo Choo" Barrett says Milwaukee is a safe city... OOOOOK

    we'll fact check that

    and much much more....

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    KTL RADIO presents THE PEOPLE vs FERGUSON, INC. ft Sis Anaidah El

    in News

    Join Know The Ledge Radio for a SPECIAL BROADCAST.

    Our communities our under siege from foreign invasion. These invaders are disguising themselves as "government" but are in fact corporations that are using the "people" as means to make income. In every small municipality or so-call city these crimes are taking place. Due to the federal investigation into Ferguson, Missouri, this unlawful practice has been bust wide open for all to see in plain black and white.

    For the people who have been desparetly looking for some form of redress, or justice from the "system" we will walk the audience thru a step-by-step approach to bringing these municipalities to their knees. The only way the injustices are going to stop against the people, is if the people wake up and fight back. Because you are bound unlawfully, to unbind yourselves it is going to take you creating individual writs and collectively participating in class action suites to cut the cords of your opression.

    If nothing else, this approach is a start, and an effective one at that. In lieu of the 44 page CIVIL action the family of Mike Brown has decided to take against the municipality of Ferguson, MI Sista Anaidah El from the Moorish Heritage and History School will bring forward a tangible solution that you can implement where ever you are to ultimately "slay the dragon." Join us as she details, without a shadow of a doubt, where the crime is taking place and how you can checkmate the entire corporation, state to state, city to city if you would only LISTEN!! And learn some jurisprudence. The power is literally in your hands, and in the case the pen can be mightier than the sword if you use it wisely.

    So, as we always say...BRING your PAD & PEN because CLASS will definitely BE IN SESSION! Tonight the doors to KTL University will be open to the brightest amongst us.

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    TRUTH SERUM with Lone Wolf

    in Current Events

    Tonight’s topics:
    Black Cops, black C.O.s, day straw bosses. “Why blacks who work for the system are in many cases worse than whites.”
    The systematic “Culling” of black men continues. “Freddie Gray dies of his injuries inflicted by PIGS.”
    “Enemy Forces” “adversaries.” Document’s reveal covert war on blacks.
    Love and embrace the Caucasoid and slay their own. The worldwide KNEE-GROWISM. “Rash of black on black killings in South Africa.”
    The difference a headline makes. “The American media’s complicity with American foreign policy agenda.”
    The fallacies of the “New Black.”
    The white man: “The bain of planet earth’s existence.”

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    Top Star Hip Hop Radio presents Kings of King Radio with Grizzly Lil Cub

    in Hip Hop Music

    The only place where we slay demons and recieve eternal riches! love is all that matters man so anybody is welcomed! this week we will talk about cancer awareness and friendship! with 3 special guest from different parts of the nation!

    Call in 347-633-9588

    This is a Christian based radio show that spins positive uplifting music, talk about grace, and change hearts all in 2 hours each week!

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    * Take Not Thy Holy Spirit From Me-A Psalm 51 Prayer!*

    in Prayer

    Praise Jehovah-God in the name of Jesus Christ!

    Praying Psalms 51 Beloved gives us such hope.

    Our Heavenly Father is so Faithful, so Loving and so Kind.

    The Word says He does not do unto us as our sins deserve.

    "Create in me a Clean Heart O LORD and Renew a Right Spirit

    Within Me..."

    Is it safe to say.."it's the LORD only who can purify the heart?

    Father as we Pray together along with Psalm 51, I pray your Holy

    Spirit will lead us into ackowledging our transgessions and into

    Repentance and Turning away.

    We are encouraged to Pray with all kinds of Prayers and Supplications

    Beloved. And to Pray without Ceasing. It is with humility

    and lowness of heart we come into your presence Dear LORD acknowledging

    that You are Soverign LORD and you know the contents of our Hearts.

    "Cast us not away from your presence...please don't take your Holy Spirit from


    Beloved it is amazing how King David who lived years before Jesus's Birth,

    Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension, spoke concerning not losing the Holy

    Spirit of The Almighty God.

    Beloved this Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit that David received after Samuel the 

    Prophet anointed him King.

    This Holy Spirit of Jehovah-God Beloved is the one who gave David the abililty to

    Slay Giants, Reign Victoriously, Serve the LORD with wholeheartedness...and we

    know the Life of King David...He loved the LORD.

    Beloved, like King David we too have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of the Almighty.

    May this be our Prayer today...Psalm 51.

    * If these Prayers are being a Blessing Beloved, be so faithful to leave a token of Love

    below in the Form of a Comment.

    Thank You LORD!




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    No Huddle Radio: Packers Corral Cowboys, Look to Slay Seahawks

    in Football

    Your hosts for No Huddle radio tonight are Jason Perone and Mike Reuter, all of ALLGBP.com. They'll break down the Packers' Sunday playoff win, led by the quasi-one-legged Aaron Rodgers who recovered from a sluggish first half performance to lead the Packers to victory. The Packers were assisted by the now-famous Dez Bryant catch that really wasn't, which your hosts will analyzed from various perspectives. 

    Next, the guys will look ahead to the Packers' difficult matchup this weekend with the Seattle Seahawks. The winner advances to the Super Bowl and your hosts will analyze what the Packers will need to do to make that happen.


    Your hosts are all writers with AllGreenBayPackers.com, an independent blog devoted to YOUR GREEN BAY PACKERS.

    No Huddle Radio is a part of the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.

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    Divine Inspiration with your Hosted Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Soul Ties: Energetic Sexual Exchange

    We've thoroughly explored the depths of Sacred Sex and the Power it has to Heal the Earth, now let's dive into the the other end of the spectrum Lower Chakra Sex. Yesss! Let's get it in. My guest Andrew Molterni and I will discuss the consequences of the energetic exchange during lower level sexual intercourse. Sex is consummation. In other words once you have sex with a person you two enter into a marital contract spiritually and energetically Period. You agree to take on their demons {for lack of better terminology} and those of everyone they are sexing. You now have the responsibility to slay, not only your own, but your partner's DRAGONS as well. So be mindful of that!!!! Call in to listen 516-590-0975

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    Against All Odds.....One on One With Andre Slay

    in Religion

    Imagine you are in the prime of your life and everything is going your way.  You have the world right at your fingertips and nothing can stop you from the success that you have envivisioned for you life, then the unthinkable happens!!! Your life is altered by an incident that not only results in physical damage, but has the potential to leave you emotionally distraught for life.  
    Meet Andre Slay, who's life took an unexpected turn as the result of a motorcycle accident and lost one of his legs, but has not missed one beat in life.  Andre is a great example of one who didn't allow life's circumstances to dictate his response to it, but against all odds, sits on top of life with his hand raised in victory!