• Xiro Xone Entertainment News: British Director John Henry Owens

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    11:30AM-PST, 2:30PM-EST, 7:30PM British Filmmaker John Henry Owens will enter the Xone to talk about his latest movies and why it deserves an academy awards.  John Henry Owen is a phenomenal Short Film writer, director, and producer. His work on several projects have garnered applause and acclaim by many in the industry. Goodbye Winter, Crushing Butterflies, and Left Buried, are just a few of the more notable Film Shorts written and directed by, John Henry Owen.

    For those who enjoy folk music, he directed the music video for Mountains "Message to."Bears

    John Henry Owen can be reached at Slate 7 Films.  S7F is a film production company based East London represents the work of innumerable colleagues, collaborators, distinguished individuals and eminent practitioners of the cinematic arts.




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