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    Chapter Four: Libel and Slander

    in Elections

    This podcast includes the lecture for Chapter Four: Libel and Slander.

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    Slander: More Dangerous Than You Think!

    in Christianity

    Fridays are extra special days on Following The Truth. In the first half of the program, Catholic Evangelist Gary Zimak looks at the "Hidden Power Of Kindness". Based on the book by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik (with some rare material from the out of print edition thrown in), Gary will offer advice on how we can learn to better love one another. While it can be one of the most difficult things we have to do as Christians, loving one another is necessary if we want to get to Heaven. In this episode, Gary will discuss the danger of slander. In the second half of the show, Gary will read and discuss the readings from the upcoming Sunday's Mass. This will be a jam packed show...be sure not to miss it!

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    Didn't Obama say not to slander the Prophet of Islam?

    in Politics Conservative

    Didn't Obama say not to slander the Prophet of Islam?

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    The Slander of A'isha (may Allah be pleased with her) with Imam Na'eem Abdullah

    in Islam

    The affair of the "ifk" or the great slander of the Mother of Believers, the wife of the Prophet - A'isha - may Allah be pleased with her, is of extreme importance in this age! The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, promised us that his Ummah will not be defeated by an external enemy. Thus, whenever we see the Muslims in a compromised position, know for a surety that this is due some individuals or groups within the Muslim community who are working against Islam from within. One of the tactics used by these people is to sow dissension among the Muslims by means of backbiting, lying, slander and scandal. Learn how to deal with this epidemic by examining what happened to the Prophet's family when they were slandered.

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    Lies and Slander

    in Self Help

    Brains want some sure fire tips on how to keep folks out of your business by reducing gossip and drama in your life. Then be sure to  tune into On the Edge with April mahoney this Sunday on Blog Talk Radio

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    Healing River: (042415) Protection and Healing from Hurts

    in Christianity


    How do you protect yourself from the hurts caused by others?  Protection is very important to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We can choose to hide behind a wall of unforgiveness and bitterness, isolate ourselves, immerse ourselves in an addiction, or even slander others to keep a focus off our own sin and avoid intimacy with others and God.   The flesh and Satan would have us fall for this pseudoprotection, not realizing the doors we are opening for the dark side to operate in our lives.  Come tonight to the Healing River and learn about how we need not fear when we embrace God's healing and seek His protection over our lives.

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  • YWCA, Talks CSKT, Social Justice & Racism????

    in Politics

    In case you missed the "lecture and discussion" (more one sided "lecture") that the Missoula YWCA presented March 27, you just may find this episode really interesting. The "Y" classified this little get together under their Community Social Justice Series – CSKT Water Compact. The event tags were CSKT Water Compact, Racial Justice. Yep you read that right! "Racial Justice"

    This is from their website:

    "For our March YWTalks, we will host Mary Stranahan of the organization Montana Water Stewards for a lecture and discussion about the proposed CSKT-Montana Compact. According to the Reserved Water Rights Compact Comission, the Compact “will make new water available for commercial and irrigation use, end the water administration void on the Flathead Reservation, allow for economic development under conditions of legal certainty on and off the Reservation, and facilitate the completion of the statewide general stream adjudication.” For more information, contact Organizer Amanda at aopitz@ywcaofmissoula.org. 406 543 6691

    TVFM did attend and what you will hear in this episode is the raw uncut, unedited audio clip of this "lecture", accompanied with TVFM's comments. After which you just might contact the "organizer", not for infromation but to give her a piece of your mind and some real CSKT compact data!

    BTW There was another suprise speaker. Tune in to find out.

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    TreLuv's P.O.V. w special guest Attorney Atyria Clark

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever been a victim of slander? Do you really know what slander is? When some of us are at the Beauty Salons and Barbershops GOSSIPING about who sleeping with who's baby momma, who's baby daddy, who stole money from who, and how this one treated this or that one. What seems to be playful and funny GOSSIP have broken up marriges, ruined reputations, and even gotten people HURT or worse! If you feel you have been a victim of slander tune in friday Jan. 30, 2015 @ 3:00 and let's get an attorney'sAtyria Clark perspective on the matter. Tune in on the netblogtalkradio.com/handsomelife or call from your phone (323) 861-2317

  • Vaccine Truth -What is Your Truth ?

    in Current Events

    All Calls Taken Tonight 646 716 7259 - How far can people take things ? How much slander, libel and outright physical threats can one take ? I ask you   I will be talking about how the Anti Vaccine movement turns on its own . In addition the dangerous atomsphere Spreaker a platform that where for now I have a account  allows. This is not a joke . Call in and tell your truth  - and your experience with internet crime. Have you been a victim ? Has anyone victimized you on a internet radio platform. We will talk solutions to end the abuse. It must end or the venues taken down 

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    SIDETRACKED Epidsode 79: Do Negative Reviews = Slander?

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Do Negative Reviews = Slander?

    Side Topics:  Naked man pulls woman from car at intersection in Orange County.  Drug cartel's recent threats in Texas border towns.  Naked man storms Obama press conference:  hilarity ensues.  12 y.o. students face charges for selling a weird drug.  The truth is beginning to be revealed as Climate Scientists are having to toe the line, more on this.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!